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Starbucks and Amy's Kitchen Added To Database

Our food database continues to grow!  Last night, I was able to add nutritional information for the entire Starbucks menu and all Amy's Kitchen products to the food database.  My goal is to more than triple the size of the current food database by the end of the year.

Currently, I'm working on adding nutriional information for many more brands and restaurants including:

  • Healthy Choice
  • Subway
  • Kashi
  • Starkist
  • Uncle Ben's
  • Newman's Own
  • M&M's
  • Land O' Lakes
  • Powerbar
  • JIF
  • 8th continent
  • Hunt's
  • Boston Market
  • Klondike
  • Breyers
  • Wendy's
  • Life Cereal
  • Quaker Oatmeal


If you have any requests for specific brand names or restaurants, just let me know in the comments below.


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littlekimmyishy wrote 102 months ago:
GREAT! I love starbucks, so it will be helpful to know what thats giving me once I start working again. I am going to need that coffee in the mornings to get em going!
sanlin20 wrote 102 months ago:
Hi Mike:
I don't have steaks often, but occasionally do. I'd like to see the menus from Outback and Black Angus steakhouses. Thanks.
LadyZoe wrote 102 months ago:
Quizno's would be a good one. My hubby likes to get stuff their a lot.
We eat at White Spot and Orange Julius occasionally, those would be cool too. (Although I think White Spot is exclusive to British Columbia? *shrugs*)
Anonymous wrote 102 months ago:
Hi new to this and pleased as most of the food items for today appeared on the food diary unlike many of the other websites i have looked at and easier to use. I live in South west France so most of the restaurants shown won`t be of help to me but would like to see the nutritional values for courgettes, rocket and creme fraiche full fat as use that alot and is great for the low carb diet i am following - hope you can help as i know they are standard itmes. Thanks
litehalo wrote 102 months ago:
Hi Mike! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this website. What a great help it has been to me. I've done low carb in the past, and tried to start that up again with no progress. When I starting using your website after my brother told me about it, I realized I was consuming too many calories! I have lost 8 lbs in a little over 2 weeks! Anyway, I take frozen dinners to work with me for lunch so I'm glad to see Healthy Choice on your list. Would you please consider adding South Beach Diet foods, Lean Cuisine, and Smart Ones? Thanks again for all you are helping so many people!
sistersscn wrote 101 months ago:
Mike Thanks so much for all your hard work but mostly your time you dedicate for all of us. I am a new user (4 days) and I am doing great so far (5lbs.already)So far when I want something that is not in your database I go ahead and click on the area that asks me if I want to add it to the database If everyone would take a few minutes to do that you would not have so much research and typing to do and we would very much appreciate it. SO come on guys get typing!!!
baday wrote 101 months ago:
I'm a newcomer to the site, but I have to say I'm very impressed. Great use of AJAX! As a fellow developer, I'm curious to know what languages/frameworks you are using. I'm assuming you are using PHP for the site, but since you don't have any extensions, I'm not positive.

Anyhow, keep up the great work!

I look forward to keeping tabs of my eating here :)


you know what would be great, a mobile app or web page that you can use to fill in your meals on the go, with your smartphone...what are your thoughts on that?
jmlane1981 wrote 100 months ago:
I know it is gross and greasy, but sometimes I go to waffle house for lunch because it is the closest place to go in my hour, could we see some of that on here? Oh yeah and Cracker Barrel
tcanon wrote 100 months ago:
Most of my foods come from Trader Joes. I have been adding them so that everyone can share. They have a lot of foods. Their foods are low in saturated fat and high in fiber. Their dairy comes from happy chickens and cows. This is a big undertaking, so my expectations are low.

thank you for allowing the request.

InaBluMoon wrote 95 months ago:
I eat at Ted's Montana Grill once a week and would like to know calories! Thanks.
Anonymous wrote 95 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 94 months ago:
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If you want to check out other benefits of purple you can visit and try it and let me know if you liked it or not! All celebrities are having it while their weight loss so why not we?
Why don't you find oyt about it and then if you are satisfied can put it on your blog.
Anonymous wrote 93 months ago:

I went out and visited and I must say that I was impressed with what I saw. I went down the local GNC store and bought a bottle of purple the stuff is awesome. I went back and tried to buy some more but they have sold out. :o( So I ordered a case.

Thanks for the tip
Don Best
deniceheim wrote 91 months ago:
My whole family is now using My Fitness Pal. I want to add them as friends, but I don't see how to do that. Everytime I click on Friends I just see a blank way to add.
Anonymous wrote 90 months ago:
Where can we buy Grandessa Caribbean frozen fruit bars?
Anonymous wrote 90 months ago:
First I just want to let you know I love My fitness Pal. It has helped me so many times get back on track when I get behind. The improvements are also amazing, everything I can think of is here to to help me stay healthy and keep track of my diet goals ! I have recently purchased an IPHONE and for some silly reason I am unable to add a food. Is there anything I can do to Help My fitness pal work when adding food to my meals using this device?
RoseBee wrote 90 months ago:
Fitness Pal has been a big help and the site continues to improve. Many of us shop at Whole Foods and I don't see many of their prepared items here. It would be great if you could add items from this store.

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