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Sort Your Favorites Lists

We added a small new feature today - you can now sort your favorites lists alphabetically! Just click "Add Food" from your diary page and just above your favorites lists on the right, the current sorting method will be shown.  Click on it, and the option to sort by name will be shown.

We also changed the UI to choose "All Meals" for your favorites lists slightly. Instead of a "Show favorites from all meals" link, the meal name itself is now a drop down.  Click on it, and the option to show favorites from all meals will be shown.

Hope that helps!  And hope you're all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

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chipper15173 wrote 89 months ago:
Thank you so much. it is going to make it much easier to sort.
Love this site.
briboudreau wrote 89 months ago:
Great feature! You guys have helped me lose close to 15 pounds since February and I'm easily keeping it off by continuing to monitor what I do. Thank you SO much!
SoliQ wrote 89 months ago:
Cool, Thank you so much, You are the BEST my life along with my family has changed to a healthy way! Lov U
elmct57 wrote 89 months ago:
this is great--thank you very much!
sleitner wrote 89 months ago:
This is very helpful. However note, if you have more than one page, each page items are alphabetized not a continuous running list. For example if you are searching for apple but haven't entered that item for a while it may show on page 3.

I do love this site...
rtmama wrote 89 months ago:
Thanks! You guys keep getting better and better!
baggins706 wrote 89 months ago:
Awesome! Thanks!!
mictur wrote 89 months ago:
Wow that is great! Now I don't have to search for my food items over and over again. It is so much easier.:)
megamom wrote 89 months ago:
Wonderful, and I am loving the site.

Thanks for all the work you do on it.
NanaAtaa wrote 89 months ago:
Much, much easier. Thank you!
jquintinjr wrote 89 months ago:
Can we do it in the app?
BbNuke wrote 89 months ago:
This is great -- I appreciate the ways you are making this site better & better!
tcam70455 wrote 89 months ago:
Thanks. It's a great site,and I appreciate the improvements.
succeedin2 wrote 89 months ago:
Thanks that is a great improvement.
april522 wrote 89 months ago:
This will make things SOOOOOO much easier now!
pmjsmom wrote 89 months ago:
Just logged my lunch and a snack--SO much easier to find things now! Thanks so much!
debwilson wrote 89 months ago:
Thanks for all you do!! But you know us women always wanting more!! Any idea when an app for Blackberry will happen??
Rebecca__Lynn wrote 89 months ago:
LOVE IT LOVE just keep making it better and better!!! Did I tell you lately.... "I LOVE IT" lol Thanks for all your hard work!!
bonnienm wrote 89 months ago:
Great! I always wished that was an option because it would be so much easier. Thanks! and thanks for a great site. It has helped me lose over 50 pounds!!!
obifatkanobi wrote 89 months ago:
We, my wife and I, love the site and thanks for the constant improvements. It just keeps getting better, and above all else, it's working. We are both losing weight and learning to eat healthier. Thanks
MrsT732015 wrote 89 months ago:
This is a great feature - thanks..... any chance you'll let us delete from the "Recent" list anytime soon :D?
maynard46 wrote 89 months ago:
Thank you! Makes things alot easier! Keep up the good work. Yes being able to delete from the "recent" list would be great too. Love this site and telling everyone about it.
IsMollyReallyHungry wrote 89 months ago:
THANKS!!! Glad to know you all are listening. Thanks again, this is very very helpful. MFP ROCKS!!
evanwallace wrote 89 months ago:
Thank you so much for adding the alphabetization feature! This is a HUGE HELP!
fitandhealthy wrote 89 months ago:
Thanks Mike! I LOVE this feature!
judy6 wrote 89 months ago:
I have been walking 5 to 6 miles a day and I have only loss 10lbs. I started the second week in June but I need to loss 40 lbs. What can I to increase my weight loss. I suffer from a thyroid condition and is is so hard to loss the weithg.

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