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Show favorites for all meals

One of the most requested features on the site has been the ability to show your favorite foods from all meals, not just the meal you are logging.  For example, if you often eat the same food for dinner that you ate for lunch, you might find it frustrating that your favorites for "Lunch" are completely separate from your favorites for "Dinner" - you'd prefer to just have one list for all your meals.  So tonight, we added the ability to do just that.

After you click on "Add Food" from your Food Diary page, next to the "Or, quickly add your favorite items for:" title, you'll now see a small link that says "Show favorites for all meals".  If you click on it, you will switch to a mode where you will now see your most used foods for ALL meals, not just the meal you are adding to.  This mode will also be retained for the "Recent" tab, i.e. you will be shown your most recently eaten foods for ALL meals.  Click that link again and you will switch back to only seeing your favorites by individual meals.

Hope this helps.  If you have any questions, just let us know.

Hope you're all enjoying the site!

Mike & Al 

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hmmmm wrote almost 5 years:
Sweet that helps out a lot Thanks Mike!
DebbieW wrote almost 5 years:
Awesome! That's exactly what we need. Thanks Mike & Al, this is such a helpful and user friendly site.
CafeGirl wrote almost 5 years:
Thank you so much! This new feature is a HUGE help -- and thank you for listening to us!
Wolfena wrote almost 5 years:
:o) That's great!
thenailgirl wrote almost 5 years:
Thats great thank you!! This is a great site to teach you about what are carbs & protiens. I really never knew what they were. I didn't know what foods had what. So it is a learning thing for sure. I have been watching what I eat for a long time now , but now I figured out what I was doing wrong!! Thank you!!!
SaraWo24 wrote almost 5 years:
Thank you!!!!!
joturbin wrote almost 5 years:
Thank you, I've been wishing for that for a long time.
mainch wrote almost 5 years:
Would it be possible in the future to be able to share foods between friends? For instance, my wife makes a dinner with a bunch of different ingredients and then puts it all together as a meal and creates servings based off that. Instead of her saving that to the public database (and adding to the clutter), it would be nice for me to be able to view her foods and then add it to one of my meals.
MMLong3996 wrote almost 5 years:
Thank you very much!! Keep up the fabulous work on this wonderful site!!!
pmjsmom wrote almost 5 years:
This will be such a help! I often have leftovers for lunch and this will make logging them so much easier! Thanks!
Alita2011 wrote almost 5 years:
Thanks Mike!! I am loving this site.
GoingToLoseIt wrote almost 5 years:
savvystephy wrote almost 5 years:
Thanks Mike!
jillybeanruns wrote almost 5 years:
Thanks for adding the feature and listening to user feedback!!
sportsqueen32 wrote almost 5 years: was a pain to keep before looking at dinner for your lunch, especially as I eat a lot of leftovers.
drvvork wrote almost 5 years:
metroace wrote almost 5 years:
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
cacharra wrote almost 5 years:
Big Thanks Mike, You're Awesome! Your contribution to the better health of all of us is greatly appreciated! What a great improvement, it'll be faster now to add meals, which is something I feel sometimes lazy about, BUT when I don't do it...Guess What..!! My Scale Screams at me...GOING UP AGAIN !!!!!
maurierose wrote almost 5 years:
Fantastic, thank you guys!!!! :o)
lt_mrcook wrote almost 5 years:
You guys Rock! This is the BEST site I have ever been on, worked with, or used. EVER! I can't believe how incredible everything about this site is, and to see the level of ownership and feedback response you supply is refreshing and highly enjoyable. Keep up the GREAT work!
whyflysouth wrote almost 5 years:
perfect! Thanks Mike this one is definitely something that I've wanted.
wwells777 wrote almost 5 years:
that is great but I need it to also show up on my Iphone app. By the way the Iphone is where I found this great website!!!!! Thanks for helping me take control!!!
rtmama wrote almost 5 years:
thanks! This is great. It's also great that it can be toggled on and off so easily!
CrystalT wrote almost 5 years:
Thanks a bunch!! I'm glad you didn't just change it to one way or the other. I have my food diary set up for food groups instead of meals. The old way is perfect for that. I would hate having all the food show up.
djgoveia wrote almost 5 years:
Terrific! I was a bit frustrated with this and now you've fixed it. KUDOS!
cmriverside wrote almost 5 years:
woo hoo :bigsmile: thanks Mike and Al! Awesome addition to your already great site. ~Cheryl
jbuffan218 wrote almost 5 years:
Thank You !
I have been waiting for this feature.
This makes logging my food sooo much quicker and when it's so easy you are more likely to log in every day and keep accurate & honest diarys.
Thanks for listening to our suggestions.
Love MFP!
cmw72 wrote almost 5 years:
Awesome! Thanks!
dietingsucks wrote almost 5 years:
Brilliant. Thank you :-)
chefcc wrote almost 5 years:
This is awesome!! What a timesaver, I love this site. You guys rock!!!!
Shannon4J wrote almost 5 years:
LOVE it!!! So Much better!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
mcanix wrote almost 5 years:
Thanks so much for doing this! I am a leftover-eater so this will save me lots of time! Thanks for all you do. I really appreciate this site!
ivanmoss wrote almost 5 years:
thanks from me too, great fix.
can we have it on the iphone app too.
(and is it possible to create your own meals on the iphone? I think not but may be missing something)
broganpamela wrote almost 5 years:
WOW.... all we had to do was ask???? THANK YOU SO MUCH...It is a HUGE help!!! Love this site!!!
angelwings2000 wrote almost 5 years:
Awesome! This will make logging my food so much easier since today's lunch is usually yesterday's dinner! THANKS!
mackisax wrote almost 5 years:
Thanks for listening to us!! This makes life so much easier. I appreciate the improvement!! (and the extra effort!!)
Shabangadino wrote almost 5 years:
Can we get this on the iPhone application as well?
This is a great application!!
Brenna wrote almost 5 years:
awesome opossom!
mgodby86 wrote almost 5 years:
Woooohooo!! Thanks so much! :)
fancyladyJeri wrote almost 5 years:
Great site. Thanks a lot.
Rebecca__Lynn wrote almost 5 years:
Sweeeeet!!!! Yes, this is WONDERFUL!!!! Thanks so much..... I LOVE this site as well....I'm totally addicted!! how about that Blackberry app??? ha ha ha Too soon to ask for another favor ??? lolol
CarolMic wrote almost 5 years:
thanks for the new link, that sure makes things easier !! May I make a suggestion? I was thinking, and I don't know if it can be done, but it would be neat if our "ticker" could be seen on our "blog" page ?? what do u think?
zippy45 wrote almost 5 years:
Just wanted to drop by and say I love this site. My sister found it and sent the link on to me. I have been working on losing weight since January 2010. This will be another great tool to add to my new way of eating.

Love how you know how many calories you have left.

Thanks so much
Anonymous wrote almost 5 years:
Also, it would be neat to have a link that adds a food to your food tab, after you find it on the database.
TanRobins wrote almost 5 years:
jwarford wrote almost 5 years:
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
It's really cool that you listen and respond. This is an awesome site. I never thought counting calories would be so helpful- too much of a pain, but with this website it's a breeze. It's made a huge difference in how I eat.
mdeguzman wrote almost 5 years:
Thank You. You guys ROCK!!!
weaklink109 wrote almost 5 years:
The listing option for favorites is great, but I would like to see it go one better. I wish we could designate what goes in our favorites and in what order. It is maddening to have to go in and delete things just so something that you don't use that often isn't popping up as a favorite. The recently used list partly solves the problem, but then you have to go hunting for things.

Another good thing would be if the favorites had multiple "pages" like the recent items.

Still a big improvement as far as you have gone. Thanks.
pperry0625 wrote almost 5 years:
Please tell me how to add my own foods, with my own serving size and subsequent nutritional facts, instead of having to use the preset items found in search??
RebelRenny wrote almost 5 years:
Excellent feature!!! Thanks
My45Chelle wrote almost 5 years:
I love it! I just started using the site and this really helps new folks learn how to log food correctly. It's a very user friendly change, thank you.
drkatz wrote almost 5 years:
My friends and I never add food from the website because it's so much more convenient to add it through the iphone app. I would LOVE to have these new food changes show up on the iphone as well. BTW, searching the iphone apps is how I found myfitnesspal.
Everything else is good stuff, thanks : )!!!
Claudina wrote almost 5 years:
Great addition/improvement to the site! Thanks tons Mike. :)
missysmoore wrote almost 5 years:
I can't seem to delete foods from my food list - I check the box next to one, click on "Delete Food", and nothing happens - the food item is still there, hasn't been deleted. Am I doing something wrong (I'm new to this program), or what do I do to delete foods from the list?
michael60 wrote almost 5 years:
Missysmoore.. I hope Im understanding you correctly, If you are using an iphone to do delete food then touch the MORE icon at bottom right of home page, then touch edit food & excerises which will give you options to remove foods completely.. hope this helps
melreed wrote over 4 years:
Im part of the iPhone group that would love for all of the foods to show up all the time or at least give the option to add more to the favorites view. It seems like on the iPhone, if you havent used it lately and/or frequently, it doesn't show up on your list and you have to search/add again. Thanks.

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