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Sharing on Twitter now available

As promised, sharing on Twitter is now also available.   To share your MFP updates on Twitter, go to:

Check the "Autopost updates on Twitter" box to start sharing. 

As with Facebook, sharing on Twitter is entirely optional.  Nothing will be shared on Twitter unless you request it.  You can also configure what types of updates you share, so if you prefer to only share your weight loss, for example, you can do so.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or on the message boards. 

Hope you're all enjoying the site. 

Mike & Al 

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LostTeen wrote 87 months ago:

Since Twitter and Facebook updates have been set up.. I get no updates from any of my friends on MFP. My friends MFP updates dont show up on my MFP homepage.. :S
SteveE2 wrote 67 months ago:
started using MFP recently.
selected the a"autopost to twitter" but I was using a computer I share with my wife and it picked up her twitter account details.
So I deselected the sharing, went to another computer that she's never used and selected the twitter autopost again.
BUT, it still picked up her account details.
How do I fix that??

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