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Share your MyFitnessPal updates on Facebook

We implemented Facebook connect last night so that you can automatically post all of your MyFitnessPal status updates to Facebook.  Now all of your Facebook friends can stay updated on your progress and offer you support and motivation.  When you lose weight, they can congratulate you, and if you lose momentum and stop logging, MyFitnessPal can let them know so they can encourage you to get back on track.

To turn sharing with Facebook on, go to "My Home", and click on the "Connect with Facebook" link in the right-hand column, or go to:

and click the "Autopost updates to Facebook" checkbox.  

One important thing to note is that you can adjust what types of updates you share on Facebook.  So, if you only want your Facebook friends to get notified when you lose weight, you can configure your sharing options to ONLY share weight loss posts.  Just go to and turn off any options you don't want to share.  Everything is 100% configurable by you, so if you don't want to share something, you don't have to.

We hope this will provide everyone with another way to get the support and motivation they need to succeed.  So start sharing everyone, and get motivated!

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

P.S. Sharing on Twitter is coming soon! 

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ChellieIrish wrote 94 months ago:
Thanks absolutely love this option already got my cous interested in joining up :)))

clheide wrote 94 months ago:
hey, thanks! i totally love this!

I am having a problem though. both my husband and i are on mfp and facebook. when he logs in an exercise now in mfp, facebook posts it as my exercise.

mellers1313 wrote 94 months ago:
Cool, I'll wait for Twitter one thanks :0)
BeBoppinAlong wrote 94 months ago:
mine isnt transfering my info to facebook even though i adjusted the share settings. any suggestions
Dom_m wrote 94 months ago:
Nice to see some neat updates, but I really hope this sort of thing isn't turned on by default. I definitely don't want to find out that MFP is posting to my facebook or something like that without my prior awareness. Most people on MFP use an alias and may not want all their real world friends seeing their diet status!
mike wrote 94 months ago:
Dom_m -it is NOT turned on by default. You need to specifically tell MFP that you want to share your updates on Facebook, and grant us permission to do so. If you don't do that, your updates will not be shared.
trice wrote 94 months ago:
It's a great idea but it keeps telling me I need to log in (and that I haven't) while I've got FB open. Look into that and I'll use it for sure.
kbhobbs wrote 94 months ago:
I have to agree with Dom_m! i don't know that I want this on Facebook! So I am happy that I have to sign up for this service. I LOVE MFP and have it on my desktop on home and work computer! Thanks, Mike, for trying to reach all people with different venues...
CraigFoster wrote 94 months ago:
mine isn't updating Facebook either.
It's not remembering my choice to have MFP Autopost updates to Facebook. I've checked it 3 times already.. and clicked update - but the next day when I log in.. it's unchecked again. This has happened for the last 3 days.
mA2rml wrote 94 months ago:
Mine is not updating on Facebook at all.
CraigFoster wrote 94 months ago:
again today.. noticed it didn't update to facebook..went in a checked the settings and the Autopost Updates to Facebook checkbox was unchecked again.
mike wrote 94 months ago:
Craig - any chance you disabled our application in Facebook? In Facebook, under "Account", choose "Application Settings" and make sure you see "MyFitnessPal" in your list of apps.
TiffMax wrote 93 months ago:
is there a way to get the tickers on our facebook page (Like you have for myspace)- id rather have that then the ypdates- seems a bit more subtle...thanks!
mama2twins2000 wrote 93 months ago:
mine is enabled, but I can't get it to autopost either. ?
mtnbikermdo wrote 64 months ago:
Is it possible to share myfitnesspal Updates only to a closed group on Facebook? Thanks.
ChristineCherry20 wrote 49 months ago:
Laura Jo Cherry
ChristineCherry20 wrote 49 months ago:
Heather Cherry
ChristineCherry20 wrote 49 months ago:
Stephen Cherry
ChristineCherry20 wrote 49 months ago:
Amanda Cherry
ChristineCherry20 wrote 49 months ago:
Melissa Cherry
ChristineCherry20 wrote 49 months ago:
Jessica Cherry
ChristineCherry20 wrote 49 months ago:
Stephanie Cherry
ChristineCherry20 wrote 49 months ago:
Mom Cherry
ChristineCherry20 wrote 49 months ago:
Dad Cherry
omegaflare wrote 43 months ago:
It's not working: unable to post on FB via, thanks.
Anonymous wrote 42 months ago:
It should be an option to turn themON... I DONT WANT EVRYONE KNOWING MY BUSINESS. STUPID APP

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