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Printable Full Version Of Diary

I've gotten a lot of requests for a way to see more of the nutrients that we track in your food diary, as well as an easier way to print your diary so it can be shared with a nutritionist or doctor.

Well, at long last, you can now do both!

Tonight, I added a new "View Full Report (Printable)" button at the bottom of both the Food and Exercise diaries.  Click on it, and you'll see a view of your Food Diary which contains almost all of the nutrients we track on one page.  And best of all, it's all displayed in a nice printable view that you can easily print out and show to whomever you'd like.

You can also change the date range you are viewing so that you can, for example, see a week's worth of diaries at once and print them all easily.  You can even customize your view to not show your Food Notes or Exercise Diary if you prefer.

Hopefully this will make it much easier to see a more complete view of your nutritional intake and exercise history and share it with whomever you like.

If you experience any problems with the new report, just let me know.

Hope you're all enjoying the site! 

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sherielf wrote 106 months ago:
What a great tool!! Thanks so much, Mike for all your work on this amazing site!
pgrace wrote 105 months ago:
Thanks Mike! I'm trying to make a change & hope this will keep me focused and well aware of my habits!

Anonymous wrote 105 months ago:
Mike, I just joined yesterday. I found the other free online calorie counters difficult to use and navigate. Yours works well. I'll be telling Joe Russell, my nephew at Yahoo, who buys websites for them, about you. I use it to record my medications as well as exercise and diet. I have chronic high blood pressure, and I've got to lose weight to save my kidneys. Keeping track this way really helps.
Shreela wrote 105 months ago:
Just joined today, and it's not too hard to figure out; I've already recorded todays meals and activities. I looked at the settings and found the areas where we could change what nutrients we're watching. I did not see sub-choices for carbs such as complex, simple, and starches, or high/med/low glycemic.

If I personally had my choice, I'd like to watch:
carbs (including the various carbs)

normanty wrote 104 months ago:
This site is the tops, excellent work. Now I won't have to write my own program to track vital information and maintain health. I would suggest that you try to track the items that are required to be listed by the FDA. Then make the report comprehensive to cover all items tracked. Lastly, and perhaps more important, have the report show the MDR for each item, and flag potentially dangerous overdoses, or healthful limits where known.

You are soooo close to perfection you're at risk of sainthood.
greenbaum9 wrote 95 months ago:
Thanks Mike for this site. It has changed mine and many others lives. It's a Godsend.

My comment: When viewing my own personal food lists which are listed by meals, I have noticed if I log a food for lunch, I have to log it again if I want to add it to a different meal. Is that necessary? or am I doing it wrong?
kyleperez1408 wrote 23 months ago:

I would appreciate if, on the full printable report, the nutrition is broken down even further, like it is on the app.

On the app I can view the different kinds of fat, and calcium, Vit A&C, Iron, potassium..

Can this please be updated? I would like to print out a report that includes these vitamins and minerals, and the breakdown of different fats.

Thank you.
marianpease2 wrote 22 months ago:
I was able to print out the full report - notes, food, exercise and all last month. Today, even though I put in a range of dates, it is only doing 1 day. Help!
LaurenKEvans wrote 15 months ago:
Is there a feature that enables users to obtain and print a daily overview of solely the nutrition data for monitoring and sharing macronutrient information?

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