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Please welcome our newest volunteer forum moderators

I'm very happy to announce the addition of two new members to our volunteer moderation team!

  • PSULemon
  • LeeKetty1176
...will be joining our current group of amazing volunteer mods:

  • _Sally_
  • T0M0
  • wenders123
  • _Ben
  • arewethereyet
  • catcrazy
  • MCDerin
  • stormieweather
and our staff moderators:

  • Scott
  • josh
  • julie
  • Steven

The forums are busier than ever. Adding two more volunteers helps us to keep the things flowing smoothly on the boards.

Please join me in welcoming  PSULemon and LeeKetty1176 to the team! And thank you to all of our moderators for the amazing work you do to ensure the forums remain such a vital support resource for all of our members.

See you around the forums!

Mike, Al & the MFP team

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JoolieW68 wrote over 2 years:
Welcome to the new mods!!
LovesAngels wrote over 2 years:
Welcome to the Forums! I hope you enjoy being here helping out!
felice03 wrote over 2 years:
can I be a mod please?? I think all my MFP friends would vote for me...
carolemack wrote over 2 years:
A big WELCOME to both of you! The Forums are such an important part of the whole MFP experience and it is volunteers like the both of you that make it possible and FREE. I'm sure you will experience some rough times with some less than appreciative people, just remember that 99.9% of the people on MFP appreciate what you do even though they might not express it often. Thanks!!

Cheers, Carole
SwannySez wrote over 2 years:
I am deeply hurt and offended that I have never been approached about being a mod. I defy you to find anyone who knows more about what should not be posted on these forums than me! *grumbling and kicking dirt*
LeeKetty1176 wrote over 2 years:
Thanks, I'm looking forward to helping out and giving something back to a great site and app that has given me so much
slimmergalpal wrote over 2 years:
Good Luck to both of you ! Appreciate all that MFP stands for =)
llpleslie wrote over 2 years:
psulemon wrote over 2 years:
Thanka for the opportunity and i hope i can continue to improve the community
stormieweather wrote over 2 years:
Welcome, you two!
splashangel wrote over 2 years:
Hey and welcome. Thanks for being willing to help.
LemonSnap wrote over 2 years:
Welcome. And thanks for volunteering your time.
Crochetluvr wrote over 2 years:
Welcome and thanks for helping out. As a mod on a board of my own, I know its a great responsibility. Good luck!
Lipstickcherry wrote over 2 years:
trinitrate wrote over 2 years:
Wow, welcome aboard. Don't envy your task...
cmriverside wrote over 2 years:
Welcome! See you around.
leken04 wrote over 2 years:
Welcome and thanks to all of you for what you do! It's a huge undertaking
Copperycat wrote over 2 years:
Thanks to both of you for giving up your time. It makes a huge difference to us all.
wightrose wrote over 2 years:
Thanks for volunteering your time!!
Robin_Bin wrote over 2 years:
Welcome! Thanks for volunteering your time to make this site better!
futuresize8 wrote over 2 years:
Congratulations and thanks for helping to make MFP an even better place to be!
mamamc03 wrote over 2 years:
Y'all are awesome!!
CruellaWV wrote over 2 years:
Hi and Thanks for sharing your time with us!
beebee0925 wrote over 2 years:
Welcome. welcome. Thank you for everything that you do.
amnsetie wrote over 2 years:
thanks peeps
katieacor wrote over 2 years:
Thank you for your time and dedication!
FITnFIRM4LIFE wrote over 2 years:
Thanks 2 you all for making this a great information spot ! Hats off 2 you!
NoahandPresleysMom wrote over 2 years:
How does one become a volunteer????
nannynet2 wrote over 2 years:

LeeKetty1176 Your brilliant, thanks for all your help with RTW challange.I'm having the most fun and keeping fit with it, You rock!!
jillebean60 wrote over 2 years:
Welcome, good luck and many thanks for helping to make MFP such a great tool!!!
feyfaye wrote over 2 years:
Welcome and thank you all in advance for your dedication and service!
tomomatic wrote over 2 years:
Welcome! I beg for mercy in advance. Thank you.
MaraDiaz wrote over 2 years:
Welcome, and thank you for doing the work that keeps this site a pleasant, happy place to spend time on!
fatboypup wrote over 2 years:
lee?!?! muahahah yay! we've infiltrated and conquered
Debbiefit45 wrote over 2 years:
Welcome newbies!! And, thank you for helping out with this amazing site. I love it!
GDPH wrote over 2 years:
Hey that's great news : ) A huge friendly welcome to the 2 new volunteers. And thank you so much to all of you for your time and dedication to such a brilliant app/website :D
l'm guessing this new change will enable MFP to reach its full potential by freeing up some time to make the features offered to weight loosers be avalible to weight gainners too :D Three cheers for equality!!!! Wooooo hooooo!!!! \o/ xxx
Dragonldy69 wrote over 2 years:
Welcome to MFP as a Moderator.. I know what it is and how much work it will be .So Good Luck and enjoy the site..Thanks for such a GREAT website for us to use..
RomeMaple wrote over 2 years:
Really appreciate ll you do for us It's a wonderful site and such a great help Good on you for all you do
toriaenator wrote over 2 years:
spyfromcairo wrote over 2 years:
welcome to the team!
LauraSS wrote over 2 years:
Sorry I didn't see this until today. Welcome and thank you PSULemon and LeeKetty1176 and all the moderators.
BigCed77024 wrote over 2 years:
When are you going to add "like" dislike" buttons?
HiKaren wrote over 2 years:
Thanks for your free babysitting services... : )
djbuckrodger wrote over 2 years:
do you know if this app is available on Blackberry Playbook ?
MassiveDelta wrote over 2 years:
Wait do they know Ketty? I think someone typoed a name or something!
MisterTEZ wrote over 2 years:
well done PSULemon and LeeKetty1176
all the best in your new role, I have been an administrator and forum moderators on previous forums
and know it isn't always an easy job, so good luck to you both :)
Hearts_2015 wrote over 2 years:
You all do such a great job, it's very appreciated! Welcome to our newest Mods. :)
littlekuntz wrote over 2 years:
Pepsi-Diet 24oz
Chipolte-steak burrito bowl, rice, beans, cheese, Pico
Chipolte-1/2 bag of chips, 1/2 container of salsa
Blackthorne99 wrote over 2 years:
Someone in this thread is asking for moderator input:
dshgna wrote over 2 years:
Welcome to our new mods! I love this site<3! It keeps me motivated!
Momonamission53 wrote over 2 years:
Thank you for this site. Appreciate you being here for us.
dexter_tiffany wrote over 2 years:
I absolutely love this application and quite frankly, I've become heavily dependant on it to help me reach my fitness goals. This new update does have some cool features, but it's hard for me to search the general database for items now. I'm not often on the computer and usually use my phone app for this program. Any tips or suggestions?
katie81smith wrote over 2 years:
I did the update today and have since had to uninstall because of a constant force close error that I was getting. I updated, got force close error, uninstalled, and tried agai. With the same result. please email me as I no longer have the app on my phone and it is my only internet.
emeka896 wrote about 2 years:
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