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Over 20 million pounds lost!

Wow.  We just ran a calculation on the site, and the results completely blew us away - MyFitnessPal members have lost over 20 million pounds.  To put that in perspective, 20 million pounds is:

  • 250 fully loaded 18-wheel trucks
  • 200 herds of African elephants
  • The weight of the water needed to fill 40,000 bathtubs
  • More than the weight of all the taxi cabs in San Francisco
  • The weight of the entire population of Ann Arbor, Michigan
That is an absolutely staggering amount of weight.  MFP members rock!  You guys are amazing - thanks for being our inspiration!
Hope you're all enjoying the site.
Mike & Al

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justleeanne wrote 79 months ago:
Well done to everyone who has contributed to a little piece of that weight lost!
Becky1971 wrote 79 months ago:
computersandyou wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you for such a great site! It's truely a great tool that has helped in so many ways!
flausa wrote 79 months ago:
Let's just hope nobody else out there finds it!
gillygogs wrote 79 months ago:
this site is the first thing that has helped me, it was just what I needed and I have lost 10lb just by adjusting my diet, not dieting. thanks guys.
starr68 wrote 79 months ago:
I am happy to say that in one week 3.4 of those pounds are mine!!!!!! I hope to never find them again!!
mymelody_78 wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you for making this site and the app possibly. MFP is a big part of my life now and I LOVE IT!!!

Mike & Al ROCK because they care about us and listen to us!
sbperry72 wrote 79 months ago:
I love the image of 200 herds of elephants!
adellepuppy wrote 79 months ago:
I'm so grateful for this site and all the wonderful people I've been blessed with getting to know and care about. This is an amazing gathering of caring and supportive people. I hit my goal weight in April and I'm not going anywhere. This is as much a part of maintenance as it was part of my diet.

Thanks to you both Mike and Al.
Phoenix_Rising wrote 79 months ago:
But how many members are there??
emmaleigh47 wrote 79 months ago:
I agree the herds of elephants is a great visual. We are changing the world, one pound at a time. I love this website both for its features, but also for the great friends that I have made and the support that I have received and given. Not sure what motivates me more, receiving support, or knowing that I need to be an example to others!
Elizabeth_C34 wrote 79 months ago:
That is awesome! GO US!
tinalatina wrote 79 months ago:
This is Awesome!!
adellepuppy wrote 79 months ago:
Now I'm wondering how many total calories burned from exercise. That may overflow a calculator! LOL
Pseudocyber wrote 79 months ago:
This site is fantastic - thank you for all you're doing - Thank you for helping me. Keep it up!
emcclincey wrote 79 months ago:
I LOVE this site and have been recommending it to all my friends!!! Thanks for helping me keep track of my foods and exercise!!
rharris86dc wrote 79 months ago:
My favourite is "the entire population of Ann Arbor, MI," because I used to live out there, lol. Too funny!
Way to go everyone, and thanks to you guys for creating the site and keeping it running!
Cmccracken1 wrote 79 months ago:
cmriverside wrote 79 months ago:
Someone once asked the question here: "Where does the weight go when I lose it?"...there's something to ponder with 20 million pounds!
Lissajoy08 wrote 79 months ago:
Well let's hope that the 20 million lbs is like basket of lonely socks that we can never find when we do laundry... I have about a dozen socks that I have yet to ever find a match for...
mageepilot wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you SO much for this awesome site!
IsMollyReallyHungry wrote 79 months ago:
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS AWESOME SITE. It has helped me to really believe that I can and will reach my goals!! You rock!
Trautvetter wrote 79 months ago:
I can not thank my sister-in-law enough for recom-mending this site and for Mike and Al for making the site. I just hit my halfway point for my weightloss and I wouldn't be able to keep track of everything for my success. I plan to keep up with the site even after I hit my goal to help maintain my weight in a healthy way. Thank you so much guys and the chat line of support has been a bonus to my weightloss.
mandr97 wrote 79 months ago:
Thank YOU for providing such a wonderful site for us. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to use such a's the first thing that's ever really worked for me! Thank you for making a positive difference in so many people's lives!
HollyLLillis wrote 79 months ago:
Yes, as all are saying thank you for this FREE site! I will probably be here for the rest of my life, logging what I eat on a almost every day to keep myself at the weight I want to be!! Yay MFP!!
Hopeinanguish wrote 79 months ago:
We are pretty damn amazing! Go us! *high fives everyone* :) :)
ltaylore wrote 79 months ago:
we rock!
Phera wrote 79 months ago:
Someone asked where all those pounds go and with 20 million that's a lot of energy burned off.
sbrown6 wrote 79 months ago:
You are my hero! Thanks so much for starting this site and helping change so many lives!
stressd1mom wrote 79 months ago:
I'm not sure I could have done it without this wonderful site & the close MFP family that I have come to know & love!
MeliciousMelis wrote 79 months ago:
Clearly proving that this site is making a huge difference is people's lives!! Love that I was able to contribute 22 lbs to this total. AMAZING!!!
dmoses wrote 79 months ago:
I owe it all to MFP. I had tried several other methods, but this one is the ONLY one that has worked for me and continues to work! Thank you for this site!!!!
hjy319 wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you for this site!! Mostly thank you for keeping it free!!!!
legmotor wrote 79 months ago:
I owe it all to MFP. Thanks for creating the site, and like a lot will attest to for keeping it free!
hgellings wrote 79 months ago:
WOOHOO! Love this site. Thank you so much for keeping it going!! :)
cessnaholly wrote 79 months ago:
That's great encouragement.
MB_Positif wrote 79 months ago:
Thanks so much for this awesome tool! Nothing clicked for me until I joined MFP, the site is so user friendly...much better than the one other site I signed up for...and never used! I don't need any more complicatons in my life! Thanks for making this part of my life easier!
rmsrws wrote 79 months ago:
Ann Arbor Michigan Too Funny!! I live in Michigan so I can really visualize that!

Hey how many gallons of Milk would that be? I always translate my weight lose into gallons so I can visualize it better!!!
AmberBarrios wrote 79 months ago:
NICE!!! This is incredible!!!
Sourpusscandy wrote 79 months ago:
thanks for getting the statistics! wow!
MFP makes it fun!
AmberLiscous wrote 79 months ago:
as of yesterday i have lost 50 pounds....thank you for all you do!!!!
SiouxPrincess wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you for the wonderful site it has helped so much more than another program, you guys did an awesome job!
cdngirl71 wrote 79 months ago:
That is amazing. I love this site, has helped me so much!!!
CYNARIA wrote 79 months ago:
Thanks MPF - At last i'm in control. This site is obviously helping so many people - give youselves a pat on the back x
kimeister wrote 79 months ago:
And as long as I keep losing, the weight of Ann Arbor, MI decreases. A two-fer!

Thanks for such a great site.
cartern1 wrote 79 months ago:
Think of all the lives you guys have helped change!
jEnNiFeR_1983 wrote 79 months ago:
That is AMAZING!!!!!
And to think that 5.8 pounds of it is mine in just the first week of being on this site :~) AWESOME!!!!!!
SarahJaneDeschamp wrote 79 months ago:
wow just wow
CorinthiaB wrote 79 months ago:
Freakin Awesome!
nitamo wrote 79 months ago:
36 lbs of that is mine and I thank MFP for being so easy to use and so very motivating. This website has allowed me to make the changes I needed to make in order to get healthy and lose weight.
Just1forMe wrote 79 months ago:
That is so amazing!!! YOU guys ROCK!!!! Thanks for all your hard work and creating this site...I don't know what I'd do without MFP!
ickybella wrote 79 months ago:
I love this website! Thank you so much, Mike.
kvr414 wrote 79 months ago:
working our way up to 30 million!!! woo hoo!
unhinge wrote 79 months ago:
We are all champions of the world!!!!!
princess4mimi wrote 79 months ago:
goron59 wrote 79 months ago:
What's the average loss per member per month? Would be nice to see some more stats.
lingading wrote 79 months ago:
This site has been the one weight loss tool that truly made a change for me - the food availability in the database is unlike any I've ever seen.. such as easy app to use on my phone, its like the key to my weight loss success is in the palm of my hand.. I've lost 29 pounds in the last 2&a half months thanks to mfp.. I don't know what I'd do without this site!!
anniebnannie wrote 79 months ago:
THIS IS FIT-FABULOUS TO HEAR MIKE!! Great job having the vision to get this going and all the work you have put into it. I LOVE it and all the incredible people I have come to know on this journey to fitness!! BRAVO!
myboysmomx2 wrote 79 months ago:
This is AWESOME news!!!!!! Thank you for creating this has been a life saver for me!!!!
jenny79ann wrote 79 months ago:
I love the app on my phone, it makes it so easy to keep track of everything. I even use it when we go to restaurants to see calorie amount in food choices, so I can stay within my limit. Started using this app May 9th and already down 20 lbs . Thank you for this amazing app and website.
SugarRose wrote 79 months ago:
Thank You Mike! You Rock!
seniorfaye wrote 79 months ago:
It is amazing what MFP has done for so many people. How can we ever thank you enough?? I didn't have an enormous amt. of wt to lose, but it has always been hard for me to lose, but this system and all of the friends encouraging me has made it almost easy!!! I hope you both will be blessed for all you do and the fact that you make it free!! Blessings to you..
skinnymeinaz wrote 79 months ago:
I love MFP!!!! Since 5/3/11 I have lost 18lbs and I owe it all you MFP. I have met some (online) pals that are very motivating and some that I motivate
(I am told). I am telling everyone about MFP!!! You guys are wonderful!!!!!
Dellonious1 wrote 79 months ago:
CONGRATS to all of us who have lost weight here on MFP....I want to thank the makers of MFP for this site..You ROCK MFP....
NikkisNewStart wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you for this site! I've been maintaining since April with 88 pounds lost! This site gave me my life back!
erzille wrote 79 months ago:
Wow...amazing but not surprising! This is such an awesome sight! I am grateful that I was introduced to MFP. I have made more progress on MFP than anything else that I have tried in the past. WHOO HOO!
charliebird wrote 79 months ago:
Your success is our success! I have been member with other online diet programs and this is by far the most supportive and helpful and I am being really succesful on it! So THANK YOU!
Aesop101 wrote 79 months ago:
I can hear the fast food industry groaning.

That is amazing! Honestly I do not what to see those 18 wheel tankers. That can't be pretty.
Noodlespoon wrote 79 months ago:
This site is a gift!!

I have lost very close to 40 lbs since discovering this site in March. The tools, the facts, the challenges, the (at times very lively) debates, the friends and especially the support all all here to help me meet my weight and fitness goals.

I love this site and a huge thank you to Mike and Al for putting it our there.

mizfrankie wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you for this site!!
rdunke wrote 79 months ago:
Great site - just think how many life years you have contributed to the folks using this site by helping improve their health!!
Andrea_Alexis_1980 wrote 79 months ago:
WTG !!!

We Rock Keep Up The Good Work Everyone =)
allenpearcy wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you MFP, you've really help to enable my success so far!
kkmark wrote 79 months ago:
Congratulations to everyone
T hankyou mike for this wonderful site
mdspierce1 wrote 79 months ago:
I just started using MFP 3 weeks ago and I've already lost 6 lbs. Before that, when I dieted, I could not lose more than a pound or two before I'd give up. But now I'm on my way to my goal weight and feeling happy and healthy! Thank you for this site/app and for helping to make the world a happier and healthier place!
hroush wrote 79 months ago:
so when can we expect a running ticker on the homepage of our total loss. =)
eed_bookworm wrote 79 months ago:
You are awesome for running this app so we can be successful. You rock!
msbanana wrote 79 months ago:
111 of thos are mine!! I could not have lost them without the love and support of my MFPee-ers. Oh and the ability to track and monitor what I was shoving in my face. :) Thank you for building such an amazing tool!! You have changed my life forever.
ifiwasurvampire wrote 79 months ago:
No, thank you for creating a fantastic website which is free! I've seen better results with mfp than I did with weight watchers! You have truly made my life healthier and more fun. I now enjoy the things I hated doing when I was 30lbs heavier. I used to have to use myy inhaler twice a day. I haven't used my inhaler in 2 months now thanks to the weightloss. I feel amazing. Everyone keep up the awesome job. Mfp thank you once again.
thefishers4 wrote 79 months ago:
That you soooo much for creating such a wonderful and fantastic site that is free. Without this site I know in my heart that I wouldn't of been able to do this. I have seen such a difference in myself and how I look at the world now. I tried it on my own before but just gained it back. I know enjoy spending time with the family going on walks that I wouldn't of wanted to do when I was 33lbs heavier. MFP is the BEST!!!!!!!!
MrsGriffin67 wrote 79 months ago:
Nice to know that 36 of those pounds were mine! Thanks for such a user friendly site! You have changed my life. :D
happybunnysbabe57 wrote 79 months ago:
thank u so much for making this site. it is one of the first thing i look at in the morning, and one of the last i look at before bed. it is the only thing that i have found that works for me. btw i still have some lbs that i cant wait to add to that..
LikeNoOneElse84 wrote 79 months ago:
That's awesome!
DMoore7950 wrote 79 months ago:
I'm new. First week I lost 6.5 pounds. I love this site. I have also recommended to friends and family. This makes calorie counting easy. I have never experienced weight loss like this ever. I have tried all the diets, but never counted calories because it was too cumbersome. I believe I'm on my way to a tremendous weight loss. Also, having friends to support you is another great feature in this website.

Thanks a bunch.
mialsya wrote 79 months ago:
Out of curiosity, how many members are there and what does that average out to for pounds/member?
Bella1hud wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you so much for MFP! The success I am experiencing today in my weight loss is totally because of this site and its members. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
david83ec wrote 79 months ago:
Thanks a lot MFP!!!!
UsedToBeHusky wrote 79 months ago:
I told you. You are saving lives! I know I personally couldn't be more grateful.
SMarie10 wrote 79 months ago:
I'd love to see some stats on how many people use the site and from how many different countries. Anyplace you don't have a member? Also, so you have other languages?
paulasuscas01 wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you so much for everything! I thought that I would have to go on a diet but instead this has helped me to look at food differently. I'm on the road to completely changing my life.
sesecat wrote 79 months ago:
Pretty awesome considering Richard Simmons only has 3 million pounds in his history. According to his own website that is. :-)
savvystephy wrote 79 months ago:
This is amazing! :) Thank you so much for this website, it really is how I have been able to have so much success in getting healthier!
fitnhealthyccthatsme wrote 79 months ago:
Ditto on the AMAZING!!!
63Vair wrote 79 months ago:
20 million pounds lost--will that make the earth spin faster? I don't want to be accused of contributing to some global climate fiasco. 15 of those pounds are mine!
vajones21 wrote 79 months ago:
My daughter, my sister, my friend, and I have all joined MyFitnessPal and have seen fabulous results. The only piece of advice I can give to anyone struggling is to be patient and work hard. It is the easiest weight loss program I have ever used. Way to go, MyFitnessPal!
Fitness412 wrote 79 months ago:
Truly the greatest food awareness site out there. What a great motivator. I couldn't have lost 25 lbs without you! It is the catalyst that has helped me makes so many good changes in my life. I have come to terms with: 'I am a food addict ---And I cheat!' Now I can forgive myself and move toward a healthier lifestyle. Thanks MFP and Mike and Al. True genius!
DodgeCJ wrote 79 months ago:
YES! We are all pretty awesome =P Congrats everyone, keep up the hard work!
Majunta wrote 79 months ago:
A testament to a wonderful tool! Thanks to your creative mind and tenacity, I hvae better eating habits.

Thank you for creating the tool.
MJKing2 wrote 79 months ago:
Amazing! This site has truly helped me to change my life. I will never be the same again thanks to MFP and all of my wonderful friends here. I tried another site before my SIL told me about MFP and you literally blow them out of the water. Thank you just is not enough for how grateful I am to have this support system.
mbgalarneau wrote 79 months ago:
Great tool + great people == awesome results!

I can say proudly that I contributed 0.00008% of the 20,000,000lbs in just the last 24 days (16 lbs).
MissBoodles wrote 79 months ago:
As a former San Francisco resident, I can assure you-- there are like four taxi cabs in that city.
TazzytheMotivator wrote 79 months ago:
I can believe that and i'm so proud of evryone. Speaking for myself i believe this site is God send. Thank you Mike & Al YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!
12bthin wrote 79 months ago:
This site has helped me lose almost 40 pounds. The Android app is a God-send. Thanks Mike and Al!!!!
HaleyAlli wrote 79 months ago:
AWESOME!!!!! Love MFP!
bjalter wrote 79 months ago:
Congrats! Thanks so much for this outstanding tool. It is changing my life!
CommittohealthCHANGED wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you Mike for the fabulous site. This site has help me learn to control my bad eating habits. I have made some wonderful friends/family on this site. I love the app on my phone beacuse it makes it so easy to track my calories. MFP IS AMAZING SITE,
freerange wrote 79 months ago:
Can you break that down? What months have the most weight loss, men v women, age groups, etc?
song2sing wrote 79 months ago:
How very cool is that?!!!
Way to go all you My Fitness Peeps!

I am so thankful that this amazing website was brought to my attention! It has been THE easiest way to lose weight and have fun doing it!!

Thanks to all who made it possible for so many people to shed tons and tons and millions of lbs!!

Doing a happy dance for us all, as we are, together, on the journey of a lifetime!

Joyful in the Journey!
IMYarnCraz33 wrote 79 months ago:
Keep up the GREAT WORK everyone!!!
It just goes to show...

We CAN Do It!!!!
LucieBear wrote 79 months ago:
I agree with many of the above comments, this is the best site and I am now addicted to check on everyone every day.... thanks to Mike and Al.... great work and this shows that you don't have to pay the big bucks to be healthy... everyone deserve a big pat on the back.. and CHEERS to all...
KarenBorter wrote 79 months ago:
This site LITERALLY saved my life. I was in a downward spiral of drinking and depression due to my weight. While it was a mere 41 lbs that I lost, your site gave me the tools to be successful. Thank YOU for designing this site and THANK YOU for making it available for free for us to utilize.
vickigee wrote 79 months ago:
And who said we are a national that is getting bigger. Congrats to all who have lost those pounds! Let's keep them going. And thanks for this site absolutely wonderful!
BellySoonGone wrote 79 months ago:
wow - that's a mountain of blubber... disgusting - LOL.
On a different note - awesome job with the site.
traceybett wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you for this awesome site Mike!!! I can't say enough about how it is changing my life! HUGZ!
jacksamjack wrote 79 months ago:
I can see that I agree with everyone, I would like to add my own thank you - I have now lost 10lbs in 3 weeks and I am eating so healthily, not getting hungry and my skin is glowing from all the water I am now drinking. Thank you so much for such an amazing and user friendly site!!! xxx
briantod wrote 79 months ago:
This site has changed my life. I have lost 20 lbs in 60 days!! I'm eating healthier and knowing that I can treat myself if I work a little harder has given me incentive to better my physical fitness. I'm at the weight I want to maintain and now I just want to build on my lean muscle. So far so good. Thanks a lot MFP!!!
wonnder1 wrote 79 months ago:
13 of those are mine! And I just want to thank you guys--you guys ROCK. The only thing that ever held me back was money for ww and knowledge. That you did this for free is possibly the greatest humanitarian moment ever. I think of your karma and you guys must just float around on clouds 6 inches in the air.
mazza2marilyn wrote 79 months ago:
i started my diet one week ago and i have lost 7lb, i cannot thank you enough for making counting calories so easy. i feel excited every morning i get up because i know this time i'm going to do it.thank you very much for this fantastic site.
babynurse123 wrote 79 months ago:
This is a great site! It has helped my daughter and myself lose weight, and make Christian friends! AWESOME!
lynnwithane wrote 79 months ago:
That is a phenomenal amount of weight. Congratulations to everyone who contributed some pounds to the 20,000,000!
medrfs wrote 79 months ago:
Just unbelievable! Best website ever!! Great job, all! :)
paubanda wrote 79 months ago:
awesome job to everyone!!!
SommerJo wrote 79 months ago:
Beyond flippin awesome!!! The number makes my head spin and brings an instant smile -- great job everyone!!!
steadyeddie2 wrote 79 months ago:
Congratulations, Mike! Keep up the good work.--Jim
sars_68 wrote 79 months ago:
AMAZING!!!!!!! We rock!!! And thank you for such a fantastic site!!
joecagley wrote 79 months ago:
Sumo813 wrote 79 months ago:
Thanks for creating and maintaining such a great site, Mike! Without it, and the associated app for the iPod & Droid, I would probably have fallen back into old habits pretty quickly. So THANK YOU!
theMightyAnt wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you so much for this site, you have made a true difference to so many peoples lives.
Nessiep wrote 79 months ago:
wow that is so amazing..i love this site..its a thumbs up from me..:-))
NianMaya wrote 79 months ago:
That is an unbelievable accomplishment and I happy to be a part it! Thank you for all you have done for me:)
bubbalene wrote 78 months ago:
I happened upon this site while looking for free apps on my ipod. To date I have lost 36 pounds and I could not COULD NOT have done it without your site! Thank you so much for putting together stuff I already knew in a way I could comprehend and utilize on a daily basis.
AuditDir wrote 78 months ago:
Thanks so much for developing this tool. I've lost 15 so far and am just getting started. This is the only thing that works. I recommend this over Obamacare mandates!
momtozmc wrote 78 months ago:
Yeah!!! It's great!!!! Love the scanner!!!!!
and the reminders!!!!

Keep it coming!!!

NdeaRayne wrote 78 months ago:
Awesome!! I love the updates. This is the best site/app EVER!!
arewethereyet wrote 78 months ago:
Mike did you count the 5 I have lost 3 times??? LOL. I am so happy to read this! You and Al are doing a great job my friend!.

judejudyjudy wrote 77 months ago:
Thank you God and MyFitness for not letting me be alone...I never realized there are sooo many wonderful people that actually want to do something to help each other and themselves...and to think I found you trying to look up information about licorice candy...another addiction of mine.
missyyclaire wrote 76 months ago:
Wah! I found this too late!
I wish you the very best on the magazine article. Maybe next time I'll be able to submit myself.
Thank you for MFP, it's fantastic!
realme56 wrote 76 months ago:
I am happy to be contributing toward the weight loss numbers. When I came home from Scotland I started looking for a calorie counting site and found MFP. You have helped me add years to my life. I can focus and stick to weight loss planning with this site.
I did not look for friends when I started but people found me, responded to posts I was on and now I have a small but very supportive group.
I also started with a "private" diary but have opened it for all to see and hopefully learn from my success. Your program works and is easy to follow. I can't believe it is free as well.... I don't care what is advertised here as I am not weak anymore. Bring on the candy bar ads!!
CJK1959 wrote 73 months ago:
This is the greatest site EVER! Thank you for making it available to everyone and to all the great people that make it what it is!
BlissQuest wrote 68 months ago:
I'm new here, but really LOVE the clarity and honesty I am feeling with my food issues. MFP is a DENIAL BUSTER! I just can't lie to myself anymore -- 9 chips = 140 calories, so when I see this in black and white, it somehow drills down thru my vagueness and denial and voila, I don't eat the damn chips...thank you!

Yes, I've shed 6.5 pounds since I began a few weeks ago...what a blessing! (100+ more to go...)
Anonymous wrote 1 month ago:
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