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Our New Partner: Saga

An app to help you track your habits and write your digital autobiography!

Today we want to introduce you to our newest partner, Saga. Saga is an intelligent phone companion app for the iPhone that keeps track of the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done without ever having to check in! Saga captures data about your life from a variety of sources to build a unique profile of your habits and preferences, allowing you to set meaningful goals.

So how does Saga do all this? The app uses the sensors on your phone to determine your current location, then stores that location and the duration of your visit, creating a rich lifelog of your activities. Additionally, Saga allows you to connect other services like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Fitbit to provide more data insights about your day. With MyFitnessPal’s new integration with Saga, as you enter items into your Food and Exercise Diary the information will automatically sync with Saga and send data to their lifelog.

Your Saga’s lifelog captures a history of the places you’ve been, trips you’ve taken, events you’ve attended, and more. With this data Saga is able to offer you relevant content precisely when you need it. For example, if it’s lunchtime, Saga will remember your past choices and suggest a nearby restaurant. Or if you usually go to the gym on Wednesdays, Saga will prompt you when you miss the trip.

Interested in learning more about Saga and getting started tracking your habits? Check out their website. To sync your accounts, just visit the app gallery!

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SherryR1971 wrote 52 months ago:
My saga would be very boring: Sherry went to work, Sherry came home. Sherry went to work, Sherry came home...LOL But it does look interesting, and I will give it a try! :)
LJGettinSexy wrote 52 months ago:
Who needs to worry about Big Brother watching, when we have Saga logging and storing our every move.
_HeartsOnFire_ wrote 52 months ago:
Yeah, not sure how much I like the idea of Saga...I mean reminding me to go to the gym, I could use my calendar/reminders for that...
adam1885282 wrote 52 months ago:
This sounds like one of the worst ideas ever.
Cheeky_0102 wrote 52 months ago:
sounds like i'm selling my whereabouts and habits for marketing purposes... a little too stalker-ish for me
lhiatt wrote 52 months ago:
I'm not one of those people that freaks out over everyone knowing what I'm doing...I'm a huge FBer. But I POST it myself when I WANT to, this doing it for me, does seem a little too much like Big Brother or stalkerish as previously mentioned above. I think I'll pass on this.
Pandorian wrote 52 months ago:
The social media site "manual posts" revealing when you're on vacation have already been used for thieves targeting homes they knew to be empty because the residents posted it themselves. This tracks where you are and how long giving them a potentially great expectation / routine to work around... wait is tomorrow April 1st?
goron59 wrote 52 months ago:
Another company using your personal data and habits to make money.
Great for stalkers and burglars and the name "Saga" is totally linked to a holiday company for old people, so, erm, no thanks.
TheRealParisLove wrote 52 months ago:
Sounds interesting. It would be nice to have a log of what I've done over the past weeks/days. I'll give it a try. Hopefully the synching works better than it did with endomondo.
Oh2BeMaintaining wrote 52 months ago:
Sounds Creepy! Why would I want anything to stalk me and then harass me when I change my schedule.
rayr1964 wrote 52 months ago:
All I can say is, thanks for helping the NSA with spying on us. Very bad idea. Very bad indeed.
glowgirl14 wrote 52 months ago:

Not much to say that hasn't been said. Why on earth would anyone need that? Forget Big Brother, this is more like Skynet. I am the first one to jump on the bandwagon for all the cool apps that make life easier, but this is just silly.

I track my diet and exercise. Because I gained weight, and didn't like it. This is a problem area for me, and tracking it helps me fix the problem - hopefully in a way that I don't gain it back. I could do this on paper. It's just easier with my phone/computer. I don't need something that records anything else. What's next? We write in what we were wearing that day, how many times we've gone to the restroom? I can see the alert now. "Hey - are you feeling a little full? You had four glasses of water, you usually tinkle after three. Don't want to get a UTI!" (Complete with a banner ad about urgent care clinics in my area, of course...)

I don't get why people think the general public is so stupid we need things to track every aspect of our lives. If I need this, I'm going to say I'm a tad bit too dependent on technology. And should put it all away for a bit and use my brain. There's a novel idea.
Heather_A wrote 52 months ago:
I think this app sounds interesting. I set it up and decided to have no friends. We'll see how it pans out. Nice and easy to delete account and app if it's too much.

I already use so many apps that track where I am, what's one more. It's not like the NSA doesn't already know every boring move I make.
ryry_ wrote 52 months ago:
Seems like this would paint too clearly the boring and depressing picture of my life.
kakrebs7 wrote 52 months ago:
mfrances82 wrote 52 months ago:
No thanks, a tad too Big Brother for me. I can track a lot of my own stuff on the apps (including My Fitness Pal) that I have already
michellechawner wrote 52 months ago:
and as always , only on iphone. But Foursquare is similar, at least in the checking in, get special deal, keeps a log of where you go, but only if you use the app, not automatically like this does.

If the NSA wants to know what I'm doing, here it is - Work, home, hospital, doctor, home, home for days, back to hospital, work half day... pretty boring life I lead, I know.
Lld320 wrote 52 months ago:
That has to be the creepiest thing I've ever heard of.
wheels5894 wrote 52 months ago:
very creepy sort of app and a very lazy one not to support the major phone OS, Android.
rosbodi wrote 52 months ago:
Er no thanks - for all the reasons above.

Also, Saga is an association for the over 50s, insurance and holidays and that sort of thing - are they happy with their name being used like this?
andyhickl10 wrote 52 months ago:
Hi, everyone --

I'm Andy Hickl, CEO of A.R.O., the company that makes Saga. We're really excited about partnering with MyFitnessPal.

We think that understanding your past activity can have a real impact on your overall health, well-being, and fitness level. If you're like me, you use a whole host of services to track your progress towards your fitness goals. I use a Jawbone UP to learn about my sleep patterns, MFP to stay on top of what I eat, an iPhone app to track my steps -- and Saga to understand where I've gone and what I've done.

Saga gives me an important perspective that no other service really does. Over the past year, I've learned that my weight goes up when I work more than 50 hours / week -- or when I average more than 4 meetings a day for a given week. Saga helps me understand when I'm working too much -- so I can remind myself to get a workout in (or at least watch my nervous eating).

Saga's told me that I'm more likely to go for a run when I'm traveling -- so I should definitely find space for my running shoes in my luggage (and scout out a good route before I leave).

No, Saga may not be for everyone. But we've got an unbeatable privacy policy which I can summarize as follows: we will never ever ever ever sell your personal data. Really.

Your data is yours. Want us to delete it? Hit the button in our app, and we'll do it. Want to download all the data we've recorded? Contact us, and we'll give it to you in any format you'd like.

We have no designs on being big brother. Or even little brother. Just like MFP, we want to be another service that you can use to help you understand what makes you awesome.

Any questions? Hit me up at I'm happy to help.

P.S. Just like a couple of popular games (Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga), we have no affiliation with the Saga association in Europe. :-)

andyhickl10 wrote 52 months ago:
Also -- we do have an Android app that's absolutely great.
MzOnree wrote 52 months ago:
I may check into this. Thanks MFP and Andy Hickl. ;o)
Jason3589 wrote 52 months ago:
i downloaded the android app - too draining on the battery - removed
Da_Big_Kahuna wrote 52 months ago:
Hey Andy, does the Saga android app support connecting to MFP? I can't seem to get it to work.
andyhickl10 wrote 52 months ago:
Sorry to hear that, Jason.

We actually drain less than 1% of your battery per hour on Android. That's a lot less than popular apps like Twitter or Gmail -- and way less than any of other location services that are out there.

You should expect to get around 22-25 hours of battery life on a phone like a Galaxy S3 or a Nexus 4. iPhone battery life is even better.
andyhickl10 wrote 52 months ago:
Kahuna, we definitely do.

You'll have to go into our Settings to authenticate MFP with Saga. Just click over to the "Me" tab, and then click the Settings icon in the upper right.

You'll see a "Available Partners" link on the top of the Settings screen -- just scroll down to MFP, and away you go!
Da_Big_Kahuna wrote 52 months ago:
Thanks Andy! Got it working with your directions.
jaimrlx wrote 52 months ago:
Man, we're not even letting the government try to find us anymore. People are willingly doing this. :|
Dr_Waffles wrote 52 months ago:
the NSA already has all this data, so we could just file a freedom of information act request and walla 12 years of records.
BlisterLamb wrote 52 months ago:
Well that's just creepy.
tammi_t wrote 52 months ago:
I'm afraid of Saga...very afraid.
stefjc wrote 52 months ago:
Also remember that Saga is for the over 50s - well known travel, insurance and lifestyle magazine across Europe.

Lots of confusion could result, and lots of giggling too!
stone_jason wrote 52 months ago:
I second all the votes of "Creepy." - both for the idea that someone needs to share all of that info and for the idea that someone else will be tracking and recording it.
PDXHollyD wrote 52 months ago:
I've been using it, and it's pretty interesting. I am with the people who think that the government can track everything they want, so I don't see the harm in this one. As long as it doesn't post to Facebook or Twitter without my permission, we're good.

That said, it's verrrry slow to update sometimes, it does have a noticeable effect on my battery life (iPhone 4), and it isn't too smart about things like when I ride in a car and then go for a run. It just lumps all that together under "travel" even though I have it syncing with RunKeeper. I'd like it to separate that out and figure out that a particular location is a running trail or what have you.
anaconda469 wrote 52 months ago:
Stone Jason shared:

I second all the votes of "Creepy." - both for the idea that someone needs to share all of that info and for the idea that someone else will be tracking and recording it.

I agree with this. There is nothing Saga can say that will ever make me comfortable enough to use an app that tracks your entire life, where you live, where you vacation, what you do etc. Sorry thanks but no thanks....
PDXHollyD wrote 52 months ago:
Meh. All this data is out there already. All this app does is gather it up and put it in a form you can look at. To me it's helpful as a diary of where I went and when. If I could edit things like separating the 5K I ran from the drive to get there, I'd be pretty happy with it.
andy_geek wrote 52 months ago:
Will there be Windows Phone support in the future? I'm on WP8.
MinMin97 wrote 52 months ago:
@PDXHollyD Yeah, true, it's already out there, we're watched and categorized already.
zikolov wrote 52 months ago:
Will there be GALAXI-4 support in the future?
MRSHHJONES wrote 52 months ago:
Am deeply disturbed by the data gathering of this application.
colinh1949 wrote 52 months ago:
Won't be using it as I can't get it either on my iphone (too old) or my tablet (too new)
YvonneCT wrote 52 months ago:
Tried it for 2 days. Hated it. Weird. I know I can be electronically tracked. But watching it being done in real time? Not for me. Plus it serves no purpose on my fitness needs.
glheureux56 wrote 52 months ago:
Need apps to also work on DROID platform as well.
Vivian06703188 wrote 52 months ago:
This is a big brother app that will make me quit using MFP. I have loved being a part of this site until now. This is an app that can be used against our freedom and can not see one reason why MFP would endorse this application. I for one am very upset and wondering if the direction of this site is something I want to pursue.
pinkraynedropjacki wrote 52 months ago:
I actually have it on my phone & love it. It's no different to Foursquare at all & big deal if you are are constantly by having a phone at all. I love knowing how long I spent at home when I could have been out doing other stuff (not that I was not working out though). If people have so much 'fear' of an app then perhaps a mobile phone or hell even a computer is not for you. Not being forced to install it.
jilliangetsit wrote 52 months ago:
I was really interested in SAGA when I first read this article about a week ago. I even went to the length of updating my IOS (I haven't bothered to do that in over a year and a half) just to be able to download this app. I appreciate the idea of this app and the benefits it could possess...and normally I'm not paranoid about things like "big brother" but some of the information provided from Andy Hick (CEO of A.R.O., the company that makes Saga) is either unintentionally/intentionally confusing, misleading in terms of verbiage, or conflicting with what the app displays when establishing your profile. Example: Above (in comments), Andy says, "Your data is yours. Want us to delete it? Hit the button in our app, and we'll do it. Want to download all the data we've recorded? Contact us, and we'll give it to you in any format you'd like. "

I had set the app up to incorporate date from MFP - no problem, but when I went to do the same for my RunKeeper app - I was taken to a permissions screen that said, "Saga by A.R.O, INC would like the ability to:
*Access and update your profile and settings
*Access and update your friends
*Post new activities and measurements
*Read your activity and measurement history
*Edit existing activities and measurements

It's the last *point in CAPS that, to me is, misleading/confusing/conflicting. After disconnection?
I understand that retaining my information could be beneficial for the purpose of study etc. and because of the way this is phrased, I can consider that it means - permission to retain my activity history after I close the app in multi-tasking, log out of the app, or delete my account completely. I just don't feel comfortable with the idea because the verbiage is so vague. Again, I like the idea but I'd rather not continue with Saga until this information is clarified/more personal reviews of the app and it's functions become available. Yadda yadda - that is all. :)
Blossom59 wrote 51 months ago:
I have looked everwhere on my IPhone and I cannot find the app?
Anonymous wrote 22 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 19 months ago:
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