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Our apologies for the downtime this morning

Some of you may have noticed that the site experienced an extended downtime this morning.  For about an hour and a half this morning, most users were either unable to access the site or saw a "Site down for maintenance" notice.  Unfortunately, we had a key server crash, and it took us much longer than we liked to recover from the crash.  The good news is that everything on the site should be working properly now.  If you are still experiencing any issues, please let us know and we'll look into them ASAP.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the downtime caused, and we're planning on making some modifications to our infrastructure to try to avoid similar downtime in the future, or at the very least, minimize the amount of time necessary to recover from a crash. Our top priority has always been to make sure the site stays up and loads as quickly as possible, so it was disappointing to us to have experienced downtime like we did this morning.  We will do our best to ensure that such downtime happens as rarely as possible.

So sorry again for the inconvenience.  We hope you're all enjoying the site otherwise.

Mike & Al 

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lindsay1982 wrote 90 months ago:
That's cool, you can't control evrything, I thought it was my computer at work, I was scared and kept asking my coworkers, "Is your internet ok?" "Are you able to check your email?", and so on. Just glad to have it back, withdrawals are all gone!! Keep up the great work Mike & Al, and love this site!!
Phoenix_Rising wrote 90 months ago:
Crap outta our control happens. Thanks and kudos to you guys for getting it back up and running so quickly! I did panic a little when the maintenance screen I saw said MFP was down until 10pm PST - that is 1am EST!!! lol :)
mvl1014 wrote 90 months ago:
I immediately went to your Twitter page, but there was no news. Maybe something to consider in the future.
chefcc wrote 90 months ago:
Love the site!!! Keep up the great work!
get_fit2009 wrote 90 months ago:
Can you tell we are all addicted to this site? We are lost without it! :-)
broganpamela wrote 90 months ago:
I agree with all the comments above... I love this site. I am grateful to you for all that you do to keep it up and running... It is awesome!!!
Pieater wrote 90 months ago:
Thanks for the awesome site. <clicks on an advertisement so Mike & Al can get paid>
TanRobins wrote 90 months ago:
I agree..just started using it and I love it. I use it everyday.
LindaHGreen wrote 90 months ago:
Every site has some downtime - I really appreciated the notice saying you were doing maintenance. I love the site -- I am so grateful for the support in my journey. Keep up the good work!
ANGELAWHALEY wrote 90 months ago:
i have a weight tracker thing doesnt work. i have lost 2lbs and it still shows do i fix that?
Momma2four wrote 90 months ago:
Thank you so much for fixing the problem. I know I really appreciate everything that you all do for this site. You are doing a wonderful job!!!!!!
maurierose wrote 90 months ago:
I was just glad to see it up again - even the biggest sites with the most financial backing and hundreds of highly-paid gurus onboard are down now and then. Thanks for fixing it so we can get our MFP "fix"! :smile:
davismcdavis wrote 90 months ago:
I started with the iPhone app and now I use the website also. Both are fantastic - thanks so much!
tonyherk wrote 90 months ago:
This site is awesome!! Some downtime is some downtime we're just thankful it's here - and it's working for us!!
pipinana wrote 90 months ago:
No problem whatsoever Mike! It happens... =)
KimberlyKurtz wrote 90 months ago:
I noticed that I can't log my food for today it skips right to yesterday date and puts it there.
mellers1313 wrote 90 months ago:
I cant change the ticker thing, I lost one lb and its not tracking ?

Love the site otherwise. My savour.
Anonymous wrote 90 months ago:
I joined about a week ago and when I tried to get on the site it said I had wrong sign in information so I had it sent to my e-mail address and it was the same as I had and I cannot get on...I guess I do not want a system that is that weird...
mandymunchies wrote 90 months ago:
I love this site, it holds me accountable for my food choices! This site is a big part of helping me lose my weight! Thank you for the support!!!
jadebraganza wrote 90 months ago:
I want to thank you for this awesome site. I've been doing great with it and been telling everyone about it. Keep up the great work. Thanks.
ANGELAWHALEY wrote 89 months ago:
i love this site! the only problem is now it has started kicking me off when i try to log food!!! i have lost 8.5lbs by logging on here PLEASE HELP!!!! i need to be able to log my food!!! =]

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