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Nutritional Info and Member Submitted Foods

I made a couple of small feature updates today: first, you can now view the nutritional information of any food item just before you enter it into your diary.

After you've selected the food you want to enter, just click on the "nutritional info" link below the description and a pop-up window will appear which will show you the nutrition facts for that item.  Hopefully this will be a lot more convenient for folks to see what nutrients the food you're going to eat contains.

I also have created a system to help ensure that the nutritional information in our database is accurate.  One of my primary goals is to vastly expand the food database so that you won't have to enter so many foods yourself.  A few weeks ago, I added an option where you can share the food you've entered with other MyFitnessPal members, and there's been an overwhelming response: we've already had over 8,000 foods submitted!

The only issue is that I can't keep up with checking all of the items submitted to ensure they are accurate.  So, instead, I'd like to ask for everyone's help.  

Foods submitted by members are now shown with an asterix(*) in your search results.  When you select one of these items, you can also get a sense of how accurate the information is because we'll show you how many times the nutrition facts for that item has been confirmed by another member.  A confirmation simply means that another member has compared an actual nutrition facts label to what has been entered into the MyFitnessPal database and has verified that the information is accurate. 

If there have not been any confirmations yet, you can help us make sure the data is accurate by viewing the nutritional information yourself and comparing it to the information on the label.  If you can confirm that the data is correct, just click the "Yes" button in the pop-up window.  

If, on the other hand, it's not accurate, click "No".  I'll review all foods that get No votes and correct the information.

Hopefully, this new system will let me add foods much faster to the database while also making sure that the info we have is always accurate.  

Thanks, and hope everyone is enjoying the site! 

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kesl57 wrote 121 months ago:

This is awesome and you are doing a great job! This site just keeps getting better and better. Many thanks.
Anonymous wrote 121 months ago:
Mike. You've done a nice job with this site-I am finding it useful. I wonder if you could alphabetically list the items I've added to meals (the list of common personal foods. I think they are just in order of what was recently input. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
mike wrote 121 months ago:
That's a good suggestion, I'll add that to my list of features to build.
raeokay wrote 121 months ago:
That is a fantastic idea. Thanks!
katenh50 wrote 116 months ago:
I was wondering how many items you can put under Add Food. I made a mistake on one of my entrees but can't seem to delete it. Is there a way? Thanks.
Starr wrote 115 months ago:
Mike ... I entered nutrition facts for Mozzarella cheese (low-moisture, part skim) and put the calories from fat (50) instead of the grams (6). How do I change that?
Anonymous wrote 113 months ago:
Anonymous wrote 112 months ago:
Hi Guys!

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And you have people to chat with and you can find local excersize freinds too. I love the site. You enter yourself as your current weight and your goal weight and as you track yourself your little character moves down the sizes. I just want to help you all. When I used the site I was 140 and wanted to be 125. Now that I havent used it for 7 months, I am 152 and I just want to be 140agin. Good Luck Folks.
Anonymous wrote 111 months ago:
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