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News Feed Improvements and Privacy Controls

Last night, we launched several improvements and bug fixes to the news feed.  Specifically:

  • The bug where deleting a friend would not remove them from your news feed has been fixed

  • You can now "Hide" friends.  Hidden friends are still your friend, but you won't see their updates in your news feed anymore.  Just hover your mouse over one of their entries in your feed, and then click on the "Hide" link that appears in the upper right.

  • You can now delete your own statuses.  Just hover your mouse over the entry you'd like to remove, and a "Remove" link should appear in the upper right.  Click on it, and that entry will be deleted and will no longer appear in your news feed or your friends'.

  • We found that the News Feed often was getting cluttered with updates that weren't that interesting like new friendships, status comments, etc.  So we added a "Summary" view which appears by default and shows only the entries we think are the most interesting.  If you want to see ALL of the updates in your news feed, just click on the "View All Updates" link.

  • We've added privacy controls that allow you to control which automatic news feed updates get created for your account.  Just go to "My Home", then click on "Settings", then "News Feed Update Settings".  Uncheck the updates that you want to stop and click "Save Changes", and those automatic updates will no longer be created for your account.

We're really excited about the News Feed and the potential it has to help support all of us and keep us motivated to stay on track.  But we know that it's not a finished product, and we're still looking at additional ways to improve it.  We'll continue to tweak it, and hopefully these improvements are a step in the right direction.

Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al

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Anonymous wrote 91 months ago:
Thanks Mike!! It's just getting better and better here!
yodacho wrote 91 months ago:
Awesome! Thank you very much.
Livi_Loves_Pink wrote 91 months ago:
That's great! I officially love the news feed now. And as always MFP is awesome! Thanks for all your work. =)
barbarella wrote 91 months ago:
Good job! Thanks for continuing to improve this great website! :-)
sunshine26 wrote 91 months ago:
Thank you Mike, I love this site! Its the best one out there in the web! ;)
zaza54 wrote 91 months ago:
Many thanks!! You are terrific and this site is extraordinary.
plantlady99 wrote 91 months ago:
Love the new look and handy improvements. Thanks
MassiveDelta wrote 91 months ago:
Just wanted to say thanks. your iPhone app is the best app in this category. Nothing else comes close. Very well made, looks nice, and is easy to use.
Anonymous wrote 91 months ago:
mikerdoo wrote 91 months ago:
This is an incredible service. I'm only on week 1, but am very thankful I found your iPhone app and the web site. I'm hooked.
polyesterchesters wrote 91 months ago:
Thank you so much. Your hard work is appreciated!
Beth1978 wrote 89 months ago:
Do you think you may see about a Blackberry App? I would love to be able to log on when I am away frommy computer and be able to log all of my food and such. Sadly, I can log on, but my balckberry internet does not allow me to add anything to the diaries. Just curious!
DrAJ84 wrote 74 months ago:
Can you undo a news feed removal of someone?

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