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NEW! Weight Loss Badges For Your Blog/MySpace Page

Do you have a blog or website? Want to show your visitors a glimpse into your progress on MyFitnessPal? Add one of our new weight loss badges to your site!

It's simple to do - just copy and paste the code we provide you into your blog, MySpace page, or website, and we'll automatically update it for you everytime you check in your weight.  

We'll be adding more designs and sizes shortly.  Let me know how you like them!

Get your own personalized weight loss badge now

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Skinnier_Me wrote 108 months ago:
I love the badges!!

Can't wait for more options!!

Great job Mike! =)
Anonymous wrote 108 months ago:
i cant see the badges at all.
sabby wrote 108 months ago:
I love that idea! But I don't want to give away my secret! haha!
ConnieLynn wrote 105 months ago:
Hi there,

I can't change my progress number. It is incorrect. It says I've lost 10 when I've only lost 5. I probably have lost 10 over the course of being on this site, but my current progress is only 5. Can you make it so we can adjust that number when we start over again. Thank you.

connie lynn
Cherylrr wrote 104 months ago:
Can you add the badge to our "My Home" page on this site??
ranaelynn wrote 95 months ago:
I was looking to show my progress on facebook but can't seem to figure out how to do that - I am excited no only to show off my progress but to highlight so others will come join. Suggestions?
mbwilkz wrote 58 months ago:
Love these, but I'm wondering when the "additional options" are coming? Customizable would be fantastic. :)
techcoast wrote 22 months ago:
I need a 100 lb badge!! Think you could help?!

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