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New Feature: Recipe Calculator

I'm happy to announce that we just launched our first pass at a recipe calculator.  To try it out, click on the "Food" tab, then click "Recipes", and finally, click the "Enter new recipe" button on the right. You'll be taken to a page where you can find the nutritional content of your recipe by entering in it's ingredients.  

Once you've saved your recipe, you can add it to your food diary by clicking on the new "Recipes" tab in your favorites lists.  All of the recipes you've saved will be visible on that tab and can be added just like any other food.  Please note that at this time, recipes CANNOT be searched for - they must be added from this tab.

We've also added an option to submit your recipe to the MyFitnessPal recipe database.  We're collecting submissions now, and once we have a big enough collection, we'll create a recipe section on the site where you can find new recipes to try from other members.  

In the long term, we'd like to make entering a recipe much easier - the process we launched with works but it's a bit cumbersome to enter in your ingredients and we think we can make it much better.  In the interest of getting something out quickly, though, we decided to just launch with this process now (which was easier for us to build), and we'll try to improve it later.

Also, at this time, the iPhone app does not have the ability to create recipes.  We'll be adding recipes to the app shortly, but for now, recipes can be created on the website only. 

As always, if you have any questions/issues/comments, please let us know.

Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

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cdnwithlittleaussies wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks! Still can't believe you guys do this for free!!
tawalsh01 wrote 93 months ago:
This is awesome!!!!!!! can't wait til your Android app is up!!!
goal30Lori wrote 93 months ago:
Wow! This is great! Just saw a post about this earlier today in the forums and here it is!! Thanks!
MFPfriend wrote 93 months ago:
Yesssss! Thank you Mike, you are the greatest!!!!!!
God, I'm so excited, lol!!
therunninggirl75 wrote 93 months ago:
WOW brilliant! I was looking for this the other day!!
SoliQ wrote 93 months ago:
Nice Thank you so much
ChellieIrish wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks so much just added one :)) Just a small thing I noticed on the type of diets you have low fat/sodium etc but would love to see Low cal also if you could add in Weight Watchers too on the other section would be great :)

Also if you could take a peek at these topics on the tech support would appreciate it :)

Thanks for all you are doing for us love coming in here everyday great work :D
sandara wrote 93 months ago:
Great! Can't wait to try it out!
FromFatTo5K wrote 93 months ago:
Just tried it out and it is wonderful! Will look forward to being able to do this on the iphone when avaiable. It is the only thing I have missed since coming over from weightwatchers online. Fab Fab Fab :D
ladyofivy wrote 93 months ago:
Loooove! Thanks so much! I've been waiting for this awesome feature!
megamom wrote 93 months ago:
that is wonderful. I love this place
lovelypen50 wrote 93 months ago:
Totally Awesome....
tattoodfreek wrote 93 months ago:
This is WONDERFUL!!!! I am so excited to try it! Thanks Mike!!
LuRox wrote 93 months ago:
GooBeGone wrote 93 months ago:
this is awesome! i hope u guys also have certain categories such as: crockpot, desserts, sandwiches, soups, etc. that allows us 2 search easier when the search database comes up. THANK YOU for the excellence that u've already provided us with!!!
kcdrake wrote 93 months ago:
Love, love, love this site. :) Can't wait to get home and try it out myself.
cdavis1126 wrote 93 months ago:
Finally! Love it! Now I don't have to go to a totally different website just to create recipes. Couple of things I would like to suggest for future releases? The categories at the top (calories, protein, carbs, etc) could they also be displayed at the bottom just like it is in our food diary? That would help when you have alot of ingredients to keep from scrolling up and down. Also, a conversion calculator would be helpful. Sometimes I just need 2 tbsp and the ingredient I'm choosing may be listed as 1 cup. I can never remember how many tbsp are in a cup! LOL Also a way to print the recipe, just the recipe, would be uber great. Thank you!
LittleSpy wrote 93 months ago:
I. Am. So. Excited. About. This. Feature! =)
Brenna wrote 93 months ago:
THANK YOU MIKE!!!! This is awesome - I was hoping you guys would be able to do this eventually. This will be sooo helpful.

Thanks again!

TheMaidOfAstolat wrote 93 months ago:
Thank you so much, Mike! This will make things so much easier.
NykkieC wrote 93 months ago:
YAY Thank you so much!!
nsking83 wrote 93 months ago:
LOVE IT - it was getting tiring having to enter recipes into and then transfer the info here....their website isn't nearly as user friendly (I don't think). Thanks for all that you guys do!
Alita2011 wrote 93 months ago:
Awesome!! Thanks
leggi002 wrote 93 months ago:
Great addition. Just getting better and better. I appreciate all your hard work.
evanbeek wrote 93 months ago:
The is great. The only thing I would suggest is a field for "Instructions". If, in the future, you make the recipes searchable for other users it would be good to know (in addition to the ingredients) how to make the recipe.

Awesome addition!
IAM125lbs wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks! You guys are so amazing!
zebras wrote 93 months ago:
Works Well. A great Addition.
csingleton24 wrote 93 months ago:
MFP is so great! You are always striving to improve it with awesome success! Thanks for everything you do! I love the new feature!
IrishChik wrote 93 months ago:
AMEN! I was tired of having to go to another site to do that! THANK YOU for making this free and easy!
kendrafallon wrote 93 months ago:
I think the Recipe calculator is an excellent addition to the site.

However, one of my main issues with recipe calculators in general (and this one is no exception) is that a lot of the measures for an ingredient are in American cup sizes - which is great if you live in the US or use American cup sizes when measuring ingredients. I live in the UK and measure things in grams and/or ounces (British ounces at that too!) and while it's a chore to try and work out what the measures are, I'll do it because I'm trying to be as accurate as I can with my daily calorie intake.

Clew wrote 93 months ago:
Yippee! You're my new best friend :)
kittybellenir wrote 93 months ago:
YAY!!!!! THANK YOU !!! This just made my whole day ;0)
april522 wrote 93 months ago:
Finally! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
rmccully wrote 93 months ago:
this is neat
oh where do I find the iphone app?
WannaBHottyMommy wrote 93 months ago:
I would love to under execise Cardio to be able to add speed, resistance, incline, & miles.
Not to where If I don't fill in each and every field it won't log it, but I'd love to go back and see that today I did 7.9mph where as yesterday I only did 6.4 mph that kinda of thing.
fitandhealthy wrote 93 months ago:
You guys ROCK!! THANK YOU! :)
vox779 wrote 93 months ago:
Fantastic!!! Thanks so much for all this amazing work you're doing to help us live healthier lifestyles! What a gift you give us!
anna_b1 wrote 93 months ago:
We speak. You listen. That's just one of the many reasons why you're awesome!

Much thanks!
tcac wrote 93 months ago:
thank you sooo much
blondageh wrote 93 months ago:
Omg! That is amazing! I have been having to go to other sites that are wacky to try and figure them out. SO happy! You rock!!
curlygirl71 wrote 93 months ago:
Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I've been visiting another site to do this function and it's great to be able to complete on here now. I LOVE your site!!!!
StarryEyedGirl wrote 93 months ago:
OMG! this is the best site hands down!!!!!!
desrtrose59 wrote 93 months ago:
Love this site!!!
lotusfromthemud wrote 93 months ago:
Thank you Mike! It's super easy, and easy to edit once you've entered. I've been waiting for this feature, and it was worth the wait. Awesome!
lisawest wrote 93 months ago:
THANKS MIKE AND AL!!!! Now I'm off to click on a couple ads so you can get paid! Thanks again.
msh0530 wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks Mike and Al! I haven't had a chance to try it yet (I think you launched it right after I entered a recipe by using another site to calculate), but I'm sure it is great. Oh, and did I say thanks!!
johnmcfarm wrote 93 months ago:
Hey Mike, great idea! I checked it out...much smoother than old way, saves time. Also, noticed this morning that you changed the scale for the weight lost...thanks, that made my day to see the nice decline in the line graph!
TabiHerbalifeCoach wrote 93 months ago:
just tried it out!!! IT SUPER EASY!!! much easier than ones i've tried before- absotoootaloootly wonderful!!!!
AHealthierSuzyQ wrote 93 months ago:
[Clapping hands and jumping up and down] Wonderful! Now I don't have to go through the hassle of visiting another site to figure out how many calories are in my favorite homemade foods.
Jennyzfit wrote 93 months ago:
Thank you!!! You are Awesome! Way to think outside of the box! :D
angisnee wrote 93 months ago:
I've tried many diets before, but this website is the best tool I've ever used. Never stuck to it like I am now. LOVE the recipe calculator! Tried it tonight, and it worked great!
KatalynasMommy wrote 93 months ago:
This is a GREAT idea, I can now add the dishes my husband has me fix and not have to add every little thing I put into it I can do it one time and save it and look it up later. THANKS so much for making it easier.
bethrs wrote 93 months ago:
As Always, you guys rock my socks off! Super work!
lyn333 wrote 93 months ago:
Suggestion - Is it possible to show the number of cals per portion next to the recipe when you look at your recipes in your recipe section (but without having to go into them). Thanks, Linda
smsinclair wrote 93 months ago:
I just added two recipes to see how this works and I LOVE it!! Works fantastic!! Thank you so much!! Awesome addition!!
onward wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks so much for your hard work! :)
One idea that I'm sure you've already thought of, it would be fab if you could add ingredients from your favourites.
yodacho wrote 93 months ago:
Terrific! Thank you so much!
cookingardener wrote 93 months ago:
I'm having issue with this new feature. I've entered every ingredient, but it won't save. When I push the save button it brings me to add another ingredient.
Jansapphire wrote 93 months ago:
Thank you so much - I love this site and will try out the recipe function tonight - I am gluten free so I do a lot of my own baking - so this is pretty awesome ;)
StarryEyedGirl wrote 93 months ago:
thank you so much for adding this feature, I like it better then the one i was using outside of this website. there is still one thing I can't figure out correctly and that is portion size. I see we can adjust the recipe by how many servings but what is the serving size? this is where I mess up. maybe its a simple explanation that anyone is welcome to email me about. is there a way that after a recipe is entered in it could break down the recipe into cup sizes or oz or something simpler?
dogdaze wrote 93 months ago:
It works really well and is the main reason that I am logging into MFP on my computer rather than just using the phone app (which is also wonderful).
dcruzz wrote 93 months ago:
Thank you so much I love this site :)help me a lot
maurierose wrote 93 months ago:
HOLY CRAP! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this addition to MFP, thanks Mike and Al!!!! YOU RAWK!!!!!! :-)
designingsean wrote 92 months ago:
An idea for the calculator:

It would be great if I were able to add one of my recipes to another one of my recipes.

For instance, I have a meat sauce that I use for spaghetti. I also use this meat sauce in a baked ziti recipe. At this point, I cannot see any way to add my meat sauce to my ziti recipe.
BuckeyeMike wrote 90 months ago:
What ever happened to the recipe sharing idea?



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