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New Feature: Groups

Last night, we launched a new feature on the site: Groups!  Groups are a great way to meet and get support from members with similar interests as you.  In the few hours that groups have been live, we've already seen groups formed for vegetarians, regional groups to meet people in your area, running groups, and more.  

To get started with Groups, go to the Community tab, then click on Groups. From this page, you can find a group to join, or you can even create your own! Each group has it's own message board that the group can use to support and motivate one another.  Once you join a group, the Group's message board will automatically be added to your main Community page so that you can easily view any new Group topics.

A few important things to note about Groups:

Groups can be public or private.  

If you create a public group, anyone can join and anyone can read the group forum and participate.  If you create a private group, people must receive an invitation to the group from one of the existing members to join. Note, though, that any member of a private group can invite additional members to join.

Groups are mostly self-moderated.   

Each group's administrators are responsible for appointing some members of the group as moderators, and those moderators are responsible for ensuring that the group and sitewide rules are followed in the groups forums.  If you report a post in a group, that report will be sent to the groups moderators, NOT the sitewide moderators.

Groups have some more leeway than the main forums, but still must follow a set of sitewide rules. 

We've released new community guidelines which explain the difference between the rules for Groups and the rules for the main forums.  Each group can then add it's own rules.  As long as the group moderators are enforcing the sitewide rules appropriately, we will largely leave them alone. But if you see an instance where the sitewide rules are being broken and the groups' moderators are not dealing with the situation appropriately, let Steven know and we'll investigate promptly.

If you run into any problems or issues with the new group features. please let us know!  We hope we've worked most of the kinks out, but we'll be happy to take a look ASAP if you notice something that doesn't seem to be working properly.

Thanks, and we can't wait to see what groups get started!  Hope you are all enjoying MFP.


Mike, Al, Steven, and the MFP team 

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♥_Ellybean_♥ wrote 67 months ago:
Thank You!
KendalBeee wrote 67 months ago:
I love the group section! But what happened to the signatures?
chocolateandvodka wrote 67 months ago:
quietlywinning wrote 67 months ago:
This is interesting. Is there a list of all the groups available anywhere? We can't join what we don't know exists....I see a list of most recent groups and of most popular groups, but what other groups ARE there?
mike wrote 67 months ago:
We're going to add a more explicit "Browse" feature for groups, but for now, you can just hit "Search" on the groups page without entering anything in the search box and you'll see a full list of groups in the search order you specified.
RisingAboveIt wrote 67 months ago:
Thank you! I just joined yesterday and adding the Groups gives me even more to explore and get excited about. Groups will be much easier than trying to track a challenge in the message boards. Great job!
MsMuniz wrote 67 months ago:
When I go to Community I do not see where to click on Groups, I just see a list of most recent groups...
mfpchris wrote 67 months ago:
I'm probably missing it, but is there a tab or icon or link on my "Home" page to get to my groups or to see a list of my groups?

BTW: Thanks. If this is functional I'll be able to meet 100% of my needs on MFP. Which would be awesome.
albert wrote 67 months ago:
mfpchris, under the "Community" tab you'll see a sub-tab called "Groups". Just click on that link to see a lost of any groups you're in. You can also see posts from the groups you've joined under "Message Boards". Hope that helps!
tiger87lilly wrote 67 months ago:
Thank you!
GetFresh1 wrote 67 months ago:
Can you access groups from the phone app?
EgoAnt wrote 67 months ago:
That's so funny! I just joined and saw the groups and was surprised there weren't any geek/nerd groups! So I established one of my own.

Now I know WHY there weren't any - because the feature is so brand new! Hooray for groups!
forsophia2009 wrote 67 months ago:
How can we delete a member from the group? Our group was "public" for a brief period and someone added themselves to the group. I would like to delete that person since it is a private group. Thank you.
bizco wrote 67 months ago:
How does a member of a private group invite other members? Thank you.
mike wrote 67 months ago:
forsophia2009 - the moderators can use the Block User function to block the person from the group.

bizco - you can hit the "Invite" link in the upper right part of the group home screen and invite whomever you'd like.
prettybrownround wrote 67 months ago:
i prematurely started two groups that wont be used. Although there are members, everyone is aware and in agreement with deactivating the groups. I dont see an option to close the groups and remove them from my lists of groups. How can this be done?
knighty wrote 67 months ago:
Should have send group mail feature:)
NicLiving wrote 67 months ago:
Will there be an update to the mobile app for Android users? I'd like the ability to access my group from my phone. Also, can you set up group notifications so you know when someone responses to your posts in groups.

helena98 wrote 66 months ago:
I second "send group mail" feature! I really feel like many of my members would be more involved if they received regular, personal emails, and it's been a time-consuming pain to send out individual ones.
javajodi wrote 66 months ago:
This is super cool. I just found the app and have passed it around to all of my family. I then made a private family group. I am hoping they are all as excited about this as I am. Thank you all for this tool. Not only is it an amazing app for myself but a fabulous forum to bring a family together to support each other.
lbdee wrote 66 months ago:
Is there a way for me reverse the order of the posts?? I would rather read the most recent ones first but can't find a setting for it.
kathy3214 wrote 53 months ago:
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mexico4fun wrote 53 months ago:
How do you leave or unsubscribe to a group?
sandibrinson80 wrote 32 months ago:
If the group wants the administrator to track individual's steps, sleep, etc for an incentive, can this be done? Is there a report that can be pulled from the group to get this information for all individuals in the group?
StacieHC wrote 18 months ago:
I sent someone a group invite, but they can't find where the invite is? Any help on where to locate the actual invitation that was sent to them?
Expatmommy79 wrote 17 months ago:
I started a group and invited a bunch of people but they have not gotten the invite. It shows that the invitation was sent from my page. Also, someone says they requested to join the group but I didn't get notification. Can you check please?
Anonymous wrote 6 months ago:
How do you do it from the app?

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