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New Feature: Food Diary Quick Tools

Here's a little Monday evening treat for you all: if you go to your food diary, you'll see some new links labeled "Quick Tools."  Click on any of the links, and a new menu of options will appear that give you fast access to some commonly used tools for your diary, plus two new ones:

  • Quick Add Calories - now that this feature is available under Quick Tools, it should be a little faster and easier to access.
  • Remember Meal - so you can save groupings of food you eat frequently and add them with one click.
  • Copy Yesterday - copy the foods you ate for the same meal yesterday to today's diary
  • Copy Recent - copy the foods you are for the same meal from any of the past 7 days to today's diary
We have a couple of other quick tools in mind which we'll be adding in the future, but hopefully you'll find these first couple of additions useful.
As always, if you have any comments or questions, be sure to let us know.
Thanks, and hope you're all enjoying the site.
Mike & Al

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luv4chelle wrote 93 months ago:
Great option to have. Thanks so much!!!
rhondamcc wrote 93 months ago:
you must work around the clock! thanks for your GREAT site and all the work you put into it! IT'S AWESOME. and this new tool will make it quicker and easier to just hurry and put in the meal, and go on with the busy day! Thanks!
Anonymous wrote 93 months ago:
Thank you so much for all you do!! Will these features
Be available on the app as well??
mike wrote 93 months ago:
We hope to add them to the app also, but they won't be available immediately. Definitely on our to-do list though, so stay tuned!
themyriadthings wrote 93 months ago:
This is great - thanks!
toots99 wrote 93 months ago:
I love the "copy yesterday" feature! That's so great, thanks!!
melodyg wrote 93 months ago:
The copy meals features sound great, especially since I often eat leftovers for lunches during the week. Thanks so much!
goal30Lori wrote 93 months ago:
very cool! I will be using 'copy yesterday' often!!
HealthyChanges2010 wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks Mike! You & Al are the BEST!! :)
EboniA wrote 93 months ago:
I just used it and I am LOVING it! It's so conveniuent for leftovers or same-breakfast-every-day people like me. You guys are incredibly talented. Thanks so much!
Ryhenblue wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks for all the new additions to the site. They are very nice and easy to use.
tcam70455 wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks Mike! These are great!
Lisamarie1226 wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks! I love this site and it's so wonderful how you guys are always making improvements.
LisaKC wrote 93 months ago:
Mike, YOU ROCK! Thanks for all the cool things you put on here to help me stay on track, and make it as easy as possible. Have a great day!
MouthyMatthewCHANGED wrote 93 months ago:
These additions are a fantastic set of time-savers! Thank you!
sarwood1 wrote 93 months ago:
I have used all the new options. And they are very useful. Thanks!
jodie_t wrote 92 months ago:
You totally do ROCK! The site is so well thought out and - in my experience so far - totally bug-free. Excellent job. Keep it solid and don't get carried away with irrelevant fripperies ( as in some sites I could name lol) <<thumbs up>> we luv ya!

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