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NEW - Exercise news feed updates

Last night we added a new type of status update to the site - when you log a cardio exercise to your diary, an update will go out to your friends letting them know so that they can offer words of encouragement and keep you motivated.

As with all of the news feed updates, if you don't wish to share your exercise information with your friends, you can turn exercise updates off by going to "My Home", then "Settings", then "Automatic News Feed update settings."  Uncheck the box labeled "I perform a cardio exercise" and exercise updates will no longer be displayed on your profile or in your friends' news feeds.

Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

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Wolfena wrote 94 months ago:
Cool! :o)
JenS2009 wrote 94 months ago:
What about adding something for Zumba? (hint hint)
RebelRenny wrote 94 months ago:
Nice :)
waguchan wrote 94 months ago:
Thanks! I kind of like the new feature because it's fun to see what kind of exercise my friends are up to. But it's also pretty noisy because some people post several types of exercises for 1 visit to the gym. Then I see 3 o 4 exercise updates for them which pushes down other updates off the page.
thomlora wrote 94 months ago:
Thanks for all you do!
smilogirl wrote 94 months ago:
this is such a great site... thank you so much!
My45Chelle wrote 94 months ago:
Thank you. I saw that update on my home page and was even more excited that I accomplished that much exercise in one day. I love it!

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