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Need inspiration? Meet Andrew and Bethany

Two of our own MFPers are such an amazing success story that they were featured on their local news channel!  Andrew and Bethany have lost almost 200 pounds combined, and their family is living healthier than ever. We thought the segment was great and we wanted to share it with all of you:

There are a lot of things that Al and I love about working on MyFitnessPal, but one of our favorites is that we get to meet people who inspire us on a daily basis.  There are thousands of people on the site who are reaching amazing goals.  We love reading the Success Stories forum because seeing our own members make change happen reminds us every day of what is possible in our own lives.   

Thanks Andrew and Bethany for sharing your story with us!

Hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

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littlesuzieq wrote 97 months ago:
That ROCKS!!!! What an inspiration to make the decision and stick with it!! Great job Andrew and Bethany!
mbmomof4 wrote 97 months ago:
That's fantastic, more proof that with drive and a positive attitude, this site is a huge help in weight loss. What an inspiration!!!!

~Mary Beth~
simona1972 wrote 97 months ago:
That was a great video! Very inspiring!

Ive been telling everyone I know about MFP and you can bet your bottom dollar that when I reach my goal, I'll be shouting it from the rooftops that I did it with MFP!
Anonymous wrote 97 months ago:
You guys are AWESOME!! Congratulations Andrew and Bethany!!
tasha30 wrote 97 months ago:
manders2 wrote 97 months ago:
Amazing!!! thanks for sharing!
EternalLife wrote 97 months ago:
Amazing :) This really made me smile. They've done brilliantly, and how lovely to see such happy children too!
aippolito1 wrote 97 months ago:
Wow, they look great & so much younger!!!
BetterVersion wrote 97 months ago:
Wow! Inspiring couple!
drvvork wrote 97 months ago:
They look GREAT!!!!!! This is wonderful!!! Congratulations to the whole family!! This is definitely a success story :)
ScooterMom wrote 97 months ago:
WOW! That is awesome! Congratulations to them!
robin52077 wrote 97 months ago:
I went to high school with them and they are the reason I am here. Thanks to them I have lost 4 lbs AND quit smoking! And they honestly look BETTER than they did 15 years ago in high school! I love Andy and Beth!
lvfunandfit wrote 97 months ago:
Way to go and congratulations to your success!!!
savvystephy wrote 97 months ago:
Congratulations Andrew and Bethany! I know when I first joined Andrew's before and after pictures are what really inspired me and helped me know I have it in me to reach my goals. :)
aymetcalf wrote 97 months ago:
Thanks for posting this. What a great inspirational success story!
SunnySmiles22 wrote 97 months ago:
WOW! That was amazing!!! It brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations Andrew and Bethany!!!
swillett wrote 97 months ago:
Congratulations Andrew and Bethany from another Mainer. When I seen you both on the news I was so inspired that I joined that evening and had a great first week. It's great to see people succeed the old fashioned way...exercise and a healthy diet. Keep up the fight!
vanillasugar wrote 97 months ago:
Incredibly inspiring! How awesome for both of you. Thanks so much for sharing Mike!
muth3rluvx2 wrote 97 months ago:
Bethany & Andrew:

What a terrific thing you've accomplished for yourselves and your boys. I've been here for a bit and haven't had any success yet - and it is stories like this that keep folks like me going. Thank you for being such a tremendous example.
GTOgirl1969 wrote 97 months ago:
Bethany and Andrew- you two are such an inspiration. Suddenly the weight I have to lose doesn't seem like such an obstacle. Thank you for providing the motivation I needed today- you rock! Keep on keepin' on!
m2kjenn wrote 97 months ago:
What a wonderful story - Very inspiring - you all look so happy and healthy - congratulations to you!
Alita2011 wrote 97 months ago:
Very inspiring. That is great they did it together.
pipinana wrote 97 months ago:
Aw man what a GREAT story! I seriously have shivers right now... Great going you two, and Bethany, good luck w/ your first 5K!!!!!!
musicmom04 wrote 97 months ago:
thanks everyone! i've been so inspired by so many people here on mfp, i'm glad i've come to a point where i can pass a little of that inspiration on!

Laura80111 wrote 97 months ago:
Inspiring! Thank you for sharing their success with the rest of us.
mctex wrote 97 months ago:
Congrats to both of you. What amazing parents -- and people -- you are!
queensara2478 wrote 97 months ago:
Congratulations! What an awesome couple! Thanks MFP for providing us the tools to make this happen at home.
ccgisme wrote 97 months ago:
Thanks for sharing. What a great couple and what a great accomplishment!
broganpamela wrote 97 months ago:
Hey... Thanks for the GREAT inspiration!!! You are a very nice couple and your family is beautiful!!
jadebraganza wrote 97 months ago:
That's wonderful! So glad to see how happy they all were. I've been telling everyone about this site and they've been telling me how wonderful and helpful this site is. Hope everyone will succeed in what they want to achieve.
BADGIRLstl wrote 97 months ago:
This brought tears to my all are a great inspiration....and I know that if my mind is made up the rest will follow....I thought I was motivated and eager...but this has taken me to a whole new level! Thanks for sharing.
ckmama wrote 97 months ago:
Thanks for sharing this. THey look great. I love this site.
cmriverside wrote 97 months ago:
Mike and Albert, Thanks for posting the video on your blog, I saw it over on fb posted by Marla64 - and asked her if you guys had seen it. Bravo to them, and to you for your successful website. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
StephanieJ82 wrote 97 months ago:
Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story. Very inspirational.
Divan wrote 97 months ago:
We Love You Andrew & Bethany....GREAT Job!
Diane & Allen
donna150 wrote 97 months ago:
well done- wishing you continuing success - the two of you are a great inspiration.
Ruby53 wrote 97 months ago:
Well done you two, you are an inspiration to us all!!!
weezy8150 wrote 97 months ago:
Awesome story....made me cry too....saw you on our local Maine news, and now here on my favorite site....thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration to the world...God Bless !!
Anonymous wrote 96 months ago:
Great to hear that. I really salute them for losing their weight. Thanks for sharing
arewethereyet wrote 96 months ago:
Sniff.....I knew them when.....LOL

Y'all rock! I just love these two people. They have shown me that young couples can make a better life for themselves and their children!
billnapoli wrote 96 months ago:
Fantastic!!! I did what you did when I was 35. Lost 55 pounds and ended up running in 3 marathons and many 10K races. Kept the weight off for 15 years. But now I'm 65 and right back into being fat. Watching your story helped me to remember that it CAN be done, an I mean to do it again. Thanks. Keep it up!
lina1131 wrote 96 months ago:
That is so awesome! Congrats to them both! And YAY for myfitnesspal being on the news!
angelwings2000 wrote 96 months ago:
Amazing story. They are teaching their kids to live a healthy lifestyle & that is the best thing of all!
vcm1613 wrote 96 months ago:
I almost have a tear in my eye here. I basically just watched my own family story told by someone else. It's very inspirational to see that couple prosper like this, not just for themselves, but the whole family unit. I knew from the start our household could do it, this family just confirmed it. Rock on guys and thank you for posting!!
startfromscratch wrote 96 months ago:
What an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing this! It's just what I needed to get me through the slump I've been having lately. Congratulations to Andrew and Bethany! You both look great and are motivating lives! Kudos to you!
Anonymous wrote 96 months ago:
Thank you for the great information
Anonymous wrote 96 months ago:
It's very inspirational to glimpse that twosome prosper like this, not just for themselves, but the entire family unit. I knew from the start our house could do it, this family just verified it.
metco89 wrote 94 months ago:
i love MFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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