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MyFitnessPal Tip: Customizing Your Nutrition Goals

Does your doctor or nutritionist have you following a different recommended plan than the settings in your MyfitnessPal account? Good news – you can customize your nutrition goals!

To get started customizing your goals simply login to the MyFitnessPal website - Mobile users, your login on the website uses the same username and password as the app. Once you've logged in, click "My Home", then "Goals", then "Change Goals", and choose the "Custom" option. On that page, you can change your individual nutritional goals. When you have finished make sure you click the "Change Goals" button at the bottom of the page to instantly update your account. If you are also using a MyFitnessPal mobile app, the next time your app connects to the internet your customized goals will be reflected immediately.

Please keep in mind that MyFitnessPal distributes fat, carbohydrate and protein calories based on a percentage; these percentages can be adjusted in five percent increments. If you customize your macronutrient goals, all three goals (fat, carb and protein) will adjust to total 100%. If you have a very precise goal -for example, eating 70 grams of protein each day- you may only be able to set that goal to the nearest percentage. MyFitnessPal Tip: If you're looking to hit a specific nutrient goal in grams or milligrams, we recommend monitoring the "total" value in your diary for this nutrient, rather than the "remaining" total.

We hope this tip about customizing your nutrition goals helps make using MyFitnessPal a more personal experience to help you stay healthy. Feel free to leave some ideas in the comments below for more MyFitnessPal Tip posts you’d like to see!

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1princesswarrior wrote 20 months ago:
I found that when I do this often my calories burned/week will often end up at 0 even though I set it at 3500. Just an FYI.
fallingeagle wrote 20 months ago:
It'd be great if we could turn off the calorie adjustment from exercise/fitbit connections. Some people are on diets where the gross calories consumed is important, not the net calories consumed.
mareunuv wrote 20 months ago:
Wish I could keep Fitnesspals net calories, which (hopefully) change as I lose weight, but keep my ratios on carbs, fat and protein. Doesn't appear to be the case though. Now I have to first use the aided setting to adjust to my new weight every 20 pounds or so and then change the %.
mmg1987 wrote 20 months ago:
I'm happy to see this post. I was wondering if I could do this and happy to see I can. I'm so thankful for MyFitnessPal! Thank you for providing this tool!
flexysteve wrote 20 months ago:
It also would be nice to enter the exact grams of each macro-nutrient or have more flexibility in the %.
KurvyKitty wrote 20 months ago:
Including net carbs (Carbs minus dietary fiber and sugar alcohols) for the large amount of folks who are doing low carb diets would be a great addition!
fitmenow wrote 20 months ago:
I can clearly see which nutrients I do not have enough of towards the end of the day or at the end of the month. The issue at the end of the day particularly, is finding which low calorie foods pack the biggest punch to meet the nutritional goal with the least calories. I wish that you would add recommended foods. For example, kale has added calcium. Yet, potassium foods like bananas have too many calories to consume too many. Finally, at the end of the month / week, it is obvious which groups of people have deficits in certain areas. It would be great to get recommended recipes/foods based on this information.
Worstenholm wrote 20 months ago:
The percentages suck... i want to just type in my own numbers
lisambeach wrote 20 months ago:
This has been great to track carb, proteins and fats. Plus I have been tracking sugar content also to make sure I am not overdoing it with fructose which can be so unhealthy in high doses on a regular basis. Thank you for these awesome tools.
jnackenson wrote 20 months ago:
agreed. i don't understand why there can't be a funciton that allows you to have actual "custom" goals aka to the # not %. there are a lot of users that would prefer that...I don't see why that would be so hard for the mfp programming staff to implement....
Kr1ptonite wrote 20 months ago:
Like so many people have asked. Can we please have it so we can adjust the numbers to what we won't, not what the % that the program will let us have. I love using your app, but i just don't understand why this function can't be done.
cmb67 wrote 20 months ago:
Just saw the new web page this morning and love it! Thank you so much for putting continued effort in to MFP... and keeping it free!
jadelovesveg wrote 20 months ago:
Just discovered this feature! Once again MFP goes above and beyond what I can get from most other (paid) fitness trackers and apps - and it's free! Thankyou for adding this feature :) High protein diet here I come!
rickydeez wrote 20 months ago:
Need to be able to track multiple goes, ie: calorie cycling on workout days.

This has been suggested a lot for 2 years - why hasn't it been added?
mglenn100 wrote 20 months ago:
Percents are not nearly as useful as an actual number
Jcremeans1 wrote 20 months ago:
MFP is being funded by whom? Events we've attended? I personally believe that everything we do doesn't need to be tracked. Just sayn. BTW...I love having access to the daily food diary. Thanks!
DrGinaBug wrote 17 months ago:
Thanks so much! EXACTLY what I needed to know. I love MyFitnessPal. I keep track of exercise as well with an Endomondo link!
Critical714 wrote 16 months ago:
Like so many people have asked. Can we please have it so we can adjust the numbers to what we won't, not what the % that the program will let us have. I love using your app, but i just don't understand why this function can't be done.

Please why can't this be done? It would make a lot more people use this app.
Jerry25403 wrote 16 months ago:
I am a 280lb male who wants to lose 55-60lbs, and intend to begin a low-carb diet at the beginning of the year. Where can I find the correct daily nutritional values to use? (carbs, fat, fiber, protein, etc)
Aliekat83 wrote 15 months ago:
Why cant we have our numbers as what we want in grams instead of the %? This makes it extremely difficult to track macros accurately. If so many people want this why can't it be done?
sdefranc wrote 15 months ago:
The feature is great, thanks for that, as others have mentioned, it would be really handy to be able to enter grams directly, or even just type in percentages less than 5 units.
Anonymous wrote 15 months ago:
I agree. Let me enter my grams for macronutrients. The number of calories (however mfp is calculating them) isn't as important to me as making sure I hit certain grams of consumption in each of my macronutrients. Adding this feature would be great. Also, multiple goal tracking for training days and off days would be choice. Thanks for an already amazing product!
Anonymous wrote 13 months ago:
I echo the many requests to be able track food consumption in grams and not percentage of a serving size!
Anonymous wrote 13 months ago:
Hurry up and change the 5% goal increments to something more useful!!!! Either 1% or 1gram increments!
loreleik1 wrote 13 months ago:
I like using this but every time I change my goal protein/fat/carb ratio it works for a while and then resets. It's really getting frustrating!
Anonymous wrote 13 months ago:
How can I change goals for 40% Carbs 40% Proteins and 20% Fat

Anonymous wrote 12 months ago:
It seems you're just a few percentage points off from being 100% useful. Please allow for specific amounts to be entered for macros in the custom goals section. I want you to be my fitness pal. Right now you're my tolerable but occasionally annoying fitness uncle.
JMCee75 wrote 12 months ago:
Echo those above who would like the ability to specific grams per macro vs a percentage. Aside from that this is by far my favorite fitness app and use it regularly. Thank you!!
Tomislav_J wrote 12 months ago:
As per above the % based custom macros has turned me off this app and will go to another
liz1397 wrote 12 months ago:
agree with all of the above! please change to either 1% increments or even more preferably, allow us to enter our own macronutrient goal #s in!
stormy12345 wrote 12 months ago:
I agree too - we NEED the Marco's to be customised by the gram!!! Everyone wants it so why cant you make this happen!!! please :)
celticalves wrote 11 months ago:
for ones with this problem go here :

Its a JS Bookmarklet, so easy to use and will update ur macros in MyfitnessPal. thumbs UP!!! =D
Anonymous wrote 11 months ago:
Lots of complaints on minor stuff from people getting a great app for nothing! I am grateful to have it. Lost 60 lbs and have logged everyday for three years. It can be frustrating but then I remind myself I am not paying a dime for this great tool.
Skedwards33 wrote 10 months ago:
Why can we not adjust the specific Protein/fat/carb grams. Only %? I know lots of body builders like myself that use macro measure and the % does not hit the gram amounts I need. Annoying!
rlwellman wrote 9 months ago:
Still wondering why we can't adjust the macros by grams instead of %. This has been asked for, for months. Is there a reason why it's not being done? I'm not seeing MFP replying to this request anywhere. Thanks.
fullmerjoann wrote 8 months ago:
I wish we could set minimums and maximums by grams for protein, carbs, and fat.
fullmerjoann wrote 8 months ago:
I would be willing to buy a paid upgrade that had the feature. I can understand not paying to upgrade a free app - but the enhanced version allowing the ability to set specific gram mins and maxs - would be awesome.
Anonymous wrote 8 months ago:
Yes. PLEASE add a macros by the grams option. Many of the people who use myfitnesspal are counting macros and have exact goals.
PLEASE listen to the feedback from your users.
Anonymous wrote 7 months ago:
If everyone whining about only being able to input prevents instead of grams paid attention, they'd realize as they went up or down the 5% increments that under the carbs/fats/proteins heading was a GRAM number which changed!!!!
There is only a 20ish gram difference that I saw. So if you were in the middle of any 5% increment, you could onlypossibly be off by 10grams.
If that's too much of a fluctuation for some, I just have one thing to say:
Come on people! BE REALISTIC!!!!! MVP is a great FREE app... Stop being so darn picky that u won't settle for anything that may be 5grams off ur goal!
You're an adult! Act like it and be thankful for things you do have instead of whining that its not 100% perfect in your eyes. If you don't like that you have can only get within a certain number to your SPECIFIC goal - then use a differant app (of which you won't bc you most likely don't like the other apps since they don't have as much to offer)!

insaneholt wrote 7 months ago:
This is how to customize it by grams!

Anonymous wrote 7 months ago:
The percentages are HORRIBLE! If you're going to allow me to "customize" my goals, at least let me put in my own numbers.
txhrc4 wrote 7 months ago:
Would LOVE to see an optional setting for those of us counting carbs to track our total amount of net carbs (Carbs minus dietary fiber and sugar alcohols). I know there were a lot of people who do this and it would definitely make this a more flexible app.
arobie2 wrote 6 months ago:
It would be nice to be able to set goals based on days of the week. For example, I want to set one goal for my workout days (M,W,F) and another for my rest days (T,TH,Sat,Sun). This would move these goals from an interesting novelty to a very useful tool!
SexyMama2015 wrote 3 months ago:
I needed to adjust the grams for my carbs. If you go into:
change goals
Select any percentage & then hit change goals, you can see the grams change. So play around with the percentages until you find the one that matches your target. Hope this helps!
Anonymous wrote 3 months ago:
Make it so that we can put our own numbers in. I spent a lot of time calculating my macros so that they are PRECISE, and it's extremely frustrating that I can't track them properly. Ridiculous.
erojoy wrote 2 months ago:
Agreed, if possible please change to grams so we can track exactly. Majority of heavy lifters are using:

This gives you an exact setting and if you want to follow your goals you need to be precise. Yes, as someone pointed that it's only 10 grams, well 10 grams can make the difference if you are strict about how your program is designed.

We would appreciate it! Thanks for this great tool!
guitaralf wrote 2 months ago:
There must be many users out there using the Atkins diet, which is strict about limiting to 20gms carb during induction. With the 5% restriction on the goal increments it seems to be impossible to set correctly. Whatever I put into the other fields, I inevitably end up with 29gms as my goal, which can be misleading when in a hurry. Would it be possible to have increments of 1%, which might make it easier to fine tune this?
policywonk57 wrote 1 month ago:
When will you change the % increments to amounts less than 5% ? Allowing only 5% increments isn't ideal for ketogenic nutritional goals.... Frustrating since this is an ongoing issue and MFP hasn't yet fixed... sigh
DsAdvocate wrote 1 month ago:
Would like to be able to change my macros to a number goal instead of a percentage.
Anonymous wrote 1 month ago:
policywonk57 I'm having the same issue, so annoying!
ltys002 wrote 1 month ago:
Hey guys - just reiterating the request for precise tracking by 1% increments / grams, as well as dietary programming for training and non-training days
stefkirl wrote 3 weeks ago:
As Itys002 says above, need the ability to track by 1% increments to be more precise.

Also, I would like to see the ability to track different goals (training and none training days).

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