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MyFitnessPal is now available in French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese

Today, we're thrilled to launch MyFitnessPal in 4 new languages: French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese! As part of this launch, we now offer:

  • Units of your choosing – Members can take advantage of local units of measure, including:
    • weight (kilograms, stone)
    • height (meters)
    • distances logged (kilometers)
    • units of energy (kilojoules)
  • A bigger, international database of foods to which you have easy access – MyFitnessPal's existing database of local food items continues to grow, allowing members to easily track all major nutrients including calories/kilojoules, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, and cholesterol.
  • Community support – MyFitnessPal also offers localized Message Boards and Groups to help members in Europe and South America get the most out of our service.
MyFitnessPal diary in French
Food details page in German
Friends page in Spanish
MyFitnessPal home in Portuguese
MyFitnessPal is available today in French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese on iPhone, Android, and the web and is coming soon for iPad.

Let us know what you think!

Cordialement – Viele Grüße – Saludos – Saudações,
The MyFitnessPal team

PS – we are actively recruiting volunteers to help us translate our frequently asked questions. If you, or someone you know, is interested in volunteering, please visit this group.

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preetikasharma wrote over 1 year:
Loving the new interface already! Great job you guys! :)
nas061 wrote over 1 year:
Great that I can now select my preferred units for the measurements! (kg/cm/miles/cals)

Thanks you!

Will also tell my friend in Brazil about the site now that you support Portuguese language.
AprilRenewed wrote over 1 year:
That's awesome! You guys are such a success! I'd love to help if I knew any other languages, but I don't.
flet2 wrote over 1 year:
Sync doesn't work. When i launch the App it hangs on "synchronizing measurements" If i kill the app then launch again I can use it, but when i try to manually sync it says "sync already in progress". Using Android 4.2.2
flet2 wrote over 1 year:
whoops ignore that ^^ clicked on wrong blog post.
julio_salazar wrote over 1 year:
Hey Guys,

After I installed the new version, I cant log in, or sync anything anymore (when I actually could log on once, but not any loner) on the mobile android version.

Im running Android OS version 4.0.3 on a HTC Desire V.

I've tried to un-install and re-install, and turning off and on my phone... no joy.

Please fix it guys!
GabriellaMaria wrote over 1 year:
and in italian, please??
Txgirl1204 wrote over 1 year:
Cannot log in with new update..It's just stuck on the blue Sync screen on my Android.
Hearts_2015 wrote over 1 year:
To Mike, Al and all the rest of gang that keeps MFP running smoothly (Olivia, Rachel etc)... Congrats for continued success.. MFP has come SO far and offers so much to it's members & more and more everyday!! Thank you Mike for continuing to add on features even more members can now utilize. It truly is an International site! You have some of the best paid staff ever..:o)
bealzeos wrote over 1 year:
Great - when does the Windowsphone 8 Update will be there :-) and please look after the sync probs soon
marcodellungaro wrote over 1 year:
Italian Language... please!
katiedougherty64 wrote over 1 year:
this is so great! My android is set to spanish and voila mfp was in Spanish...a pleasant surprise. I've told my family in Spain and they'll be signing up now.
Mgetsfit wrote over 1 year:
And I wondered why everything turned German suddenly. :D
Mine works perfectly, thanks so much for all your work!

(There are some very very minor (punctuation) mistakes, they don't bother me but in case you want to correct them just send me a message and I'll give you the corrected version! :) )
26Nirak wrote over 1 year:
Great - don't know yet if I will switch languages....but hope to entice my German friend to join!!! Auf dass wir alle schlank werden! :o)
mrtello wrote over 1 year:
very good job! just started today. came from but it is more expensive!

can you tell me, if there is a way to have to website itself being displayed in german?

thanks a lot!
loribollig wrote over 1 year:
the latest update is bad! I can no longer log in, and when I could log in I was not able to search for foods using my mobile app please fix ASAP
graciepecie wrote over 1 year:
When does the Dutch version comes out?? :D
Anonymous wrote over 1 year:
Hello everybody.
I already signed in to OneSky Translation Center for translating your wonderful program to Italian, but this language is missing.
I think a software related to food management would be really incomplete without Italian language support! :-)
Please, add the Italian language to your project.
Thanks in advance.

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