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MyFitnessPal iPhone App now available

Great news!  Apple approved our app, and the MyFitnessPal iPhone app is now available through iTunes!  Using the app, you can log from your iPhone or iTouch at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection.  Now you iPhone/iTouch users have no excuse not to be logging your meals!

Click here to get MyFitnessPal from the App Store

This initial version requires internet access, but we are working on a version that will work both online and offline.  We also will be adding water tracking in a future version.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, just let us know.

And please rate the app if you like it!  

Hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al

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Jitteryspork wrote 93 months ago:
This is absolutely a life saver!! Thank you so much!
mikegalo wrote 93 months ago:
I love the app. The only problem i am having is that whenever i try to run the "Report" it crashes the app. it basically just shuts down. Probably something to do with the flash not working on the device natively. Access times to the database is slow. I wonder if it's my connection though.

I really like it. I'll use it alot! Thank you very much.
mike wrote 93 months ago:
Yeah we've had a few reports of a crash when you try to go to the progress tab. We're looking into it and will get a fix in ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience!
justjack51 wrote 93 months ago:
I am ready for the Android version
tasha30 wrote 93 months ago:
Would be even better when its available for Blackberry's ;o)
tusharshah100 wrote 92 months ago:
having trouble getting it to work on my iTouch... running software V 3.1.2 (32GB iTouch). Application won't launch. Any suggestions?

JimV wrote 92 months ago:
I've struggled to be able to log what I eat because of the inconvenience (I'm always on the move, and I snack a lot). This app is great. Just what I needed.
nightangelstars wrote 92 months ago:
I would also like to see this app on Blackberries, since I'm getting myself one in a couple short weeks. :-)
backwoods_barbie wrote 92 months ago:
Need one for all of us BB users in the world :)
jtapp9 wrote 91 months ago:
this app is awesome! Much better than just a mobi site. Would love to see in the future the ability to use the website NewsFeed and Blog features with the app! Thanks!
ukheather wrote 91 months ago:
I love this app!
It would be nice to have an option to clear the search history on the iphone app.

I have a long list of foods and some incorrectly spelt that I had to retype in. It would be nice have an option to clear this list as required.
StaySee0828 wrote 87 months ago:
Any update on when the Droid app will be available? I NEEEEED it!

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