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MyFitnessPal Blackberry App - Beta Testers Needed!

We're very pleased to announce that we're ready to start beta testing the MyFitnessPal app for Blackberry smartphones.  We've been working very hard to complete an app for Blackberry and we're hoping that you can help us push the app over the finish line.  We need a wide variety of testers with different Blackberry phone models to help us identify and fix any remaining bugs or issues prior to our public release.

If you're interested in helping us test this first version, please fill out the following short form to help us get you setup properly:

MFP Blackberry App Beta Test Application

Similarly to our previous beta tests, anyone can apply, but if you are accepted, please be prepared to answer a few questions about your experience using the app (i.e. give us your opinion about the application as well as notifying us or any bugs/crashes or other issues that you find).  Most likely, we won't be able to accept everyone, but please don't be disappointed as we expect to make the official app available very soon.

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying the site!
- Mike & Al

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kalebsmama07 wrote almost 4 years:
what about HTC SMARTPHONES.... when is there gona be a an app for these phone???
mandijo wrote almost 4 years:
YAY! I'm so excited!
sabrinafaith wrote almost 4 years:
please pick me!!!!
TammyBee wrote almost 4 years:
Great Work Guys! thanks for all you do!
farmboyphotography wrote almost 4 years:
Oddly enough, clicking on the link results in a "Cannot display page" error. Bummer. Looking forward to the ap.
sabrinafaith wrote almost 4 years:
I filled out the form, but I wrote that I have OS 5.0 when I really have 6.0!!!!!
Jena_72 wrote almost 4 years:
YAAAAAAY!!!! Thanks Mike & Al!
TwinkleToesUK wrote almost 4 years:
oh yes please!!!!
katiekangaroo wrote almost 4 years:
yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited!!!!
Enchantica wrote almost 4 years:
I noticed too late that beta testers were needed and the recruitment was closed. Really looking forward to getting this app when it's available to all.
poorcopies wrote almost 4 years:
Can't wait for this!
gr8chick wrote almost 4 years:
I have an HTC HD2 (older verions of Windows - not v7). Anything available for us? :) Lucky blackberry users!!! LOL
Kaye8395BTS wrote almost 4 years:
I also noticed too late and it is closed... I would be VERY interested!!! I can't wait for this app to be available :)
Dubuque wrote almost 4 years:
That is such great news! I am looking forward to this!
staceyb_2003 wrote almost 4 years:
me to kaye only just seen this post aswell :-(
JJs25th wrote almost 4 years:
YAH!!! our wait is almost over!
khskr1 wrote almost 4 years:
count me in. I have a job where I cannot have a phone that has a camera on it. So my BB is camera-less. It's rare that people have phones without them. Might be good to throw this in the mix...
tiptoe6 wrote almost 4 years:
I agree, I'd love a Windows Mobile App for my HTC. Either that, or a mobile site.
Lmak5 wrote almost 4 years: excited! Bring it on!
shannonshock13 wrote almost 4 years:
awwww man, i didnt see this until this morning. I want the BB app soooooo bad!
mindspinmegs311 wrote almost 4 years:
Cannot wait for this app! I have seen the app on iPhone and it is great. I'm itching for it!
cbomia wrote almost 4 years:
can't wait for the app to be available, it will really help with my on-the-go lifestyle!
smedlund wrote almost 4 years:
I'm loving the app so far! Very cool!
HannahWhitfield7 wrote almost 4 years:
Cannot wait for this to be available!!!
Nadia145 wrote almost 4 years:
Yes!!! Please hurry, I find it very hard to log in all the time at home, between work and my daughter I don't have the time unless it's on my phone and I'm finding all my work isn't showing since I'm unable to log in all the time. I can't wait!!!
lespyke wrote almost 4 years:
Looking forward to that! Will make it easier.
ohiogirl30 wrote almost 4 years:
StaceyCS65 wrote almost 4 years:
any news on an app for the Nokia Symbian operating system?
Momof3ggb wrote almost 4 years:
Any news about the Windows Phones? I have quite a few friends on here and we all have Windows Phones like the Samsung Focus and would love to see an app. Had the iPhone app when I had my iPhone but moved up in technology and would love to have a MFP app for this phone. Thanks!!
1Tammy2luv wrote almost 4 years:
I am so excited. Thanks for getting this going.
trinitydaks wrote almost 4 years:
Oh man - missed the beta offer... please hurry beta testers... I too have problems logging into a computer everyday (little access)... but I have easy access to my phone... want to update on the fly... HURRY (please)
bodyrocks365 wrote almost 4 years:
I would be a good candidate for beta testing because I have the pearl 8130...not sure anyone has such a dinosaur BB if you need me to help test let me know.
BWSydney wrote almost 4 years:
YES PLEASE :) I would LOVEEE to be a beta tester for BB :)
jlumpkin wrote almost 4 years:
CanNOT wait for this app!!!!!! Please hurry!!!!!
bodzio4062 wrote almost 4 years:
What about Android? This version works, but it does have some major "issues" (killing the phone from time to time).
jlrstone50 wrote almost 4 years:
I have the BB Tour and I get this app just it..
Let me know if and when you might need more testers..I would be greatly interested..
rdy2begin wrote almost 4 years:
I have BB curve although I can post updates ,add food etc.I can not post a reply when someone comments on my page or comment on someone else's page..does any one else have this issue ??? Thank you
lilac67 wrote almost 4 years:
I hope this app will work on my blackberr-ish Straight Talk phone, it's a Samsung R355.
veldacy1 wrote almost 4 years:
look.. the more you make me wait, the fatter I get. please help. put me in the beta. My pants cant take it anymore!!
Kminor67 wrote almost 4 years:
I finally got the beta app to load into my phone. I was disappointed that the news feed, forums, and mail functions are not available on the app. Also,the icons in the upper right corner need captions or something so I know what they're for.
NicNac86 wrote almost 4 years:
When is the full release going to be ready? I've been waiting for AGES, could really do with the BB version ASAP :)
CiCiSlim wrote almost 4 years:
woohoo...absolutely can't wait!
jsric wrote almost 4 years:
Can't wait!!!!
LaMaMiK77 wrote almost 4 years:
hoping for an update soon for iphone to add the barcode scanner!
JoLinn wrote almost 4 years:
Lets get the BB app out is a must have soon!!!
sdjlaj wrote almost 4 years:
Are we getting closer to get this application up and running on blackberry
shannon1819 wrote almost 4 years:
Looking forward to the app. Wish I could have participated in the beta - it is such a pain to update myfitnesspal on BB via web browser
NicNac86 wrote almost 4 years:
"very soon" ? :(
kao708 wrote almost 4 years:
Update from Facebook MFP page on 3/14/11

Blackberry users - we've got some good news for you too! We've submitted our app to App World! Not sure how long it will take to approve but keep your fingers crossed that we pass on the first try...
laura4915 wrote almost 3 years:
Is there an aoo for the Blackberry Playbook?

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