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Meet the newest members of our Customer Happiness Team

Your experience using MyFitnessPal is our top priority. One of the ways we hope to make that experience exceptional is by offering prompt and knowledgeable support to you when you're experiencing any issue with the site or with our apps. It's the role of our Customer Happiness team to make sure you're loving your time with MyFitnessPal.

Earlier this year, we introduced you to several new members of that team. Today, we're happy to announce that the team is growing by leaps and bounds.

If you've posted a question in the Technical Support forums or written us for assistance at you've probably already met Rachel, Justin, and Tom who joined the team in recent months.

Today, we're also introducing our new Community Manager, Olivia Carlson. Olivia will be leading our team of staff and volunteer moderators, and will be a key point of contact for all of you in our growing MyFitnessPal community.

In the week ahead, we'll be adding two more members to the team; David and Michael will be joining us in early December.

The entire Customer Happiness Team, including Natalie, Steven, Julie and Scott look forward to helping make 2013 a great year for all of you on MyFitnessPal.

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etoiles_argentees wrote 33 months ago:
just wondering what their job description is? What will this happy team do? :)
robin52077 wrote 33 months ago:
Glad to hear you are adding more staff, as this can only mean MFP is thriving and growing and will be around for a very long time!
47by47 wrote 33 months ago:
Welcome newbies! And Thank you.
iamdanj wrote 33 months ago:
Any plans for an upgrade to the Windows Phone app (to introduce community and stats functions)? Or for a Windows 8 app?

Welcome newbies :)
healthybabs wrote 33 months ago:
Great! Can you give us a heads up on what development efforts you are looking at releasing for 2013?
MommaSchwag wrote 33 months ago:
Well, your new team are doing a stellar job of it. I was having problems with my counter today. I emailed your team using the form, and less than 30 minutes later, your team had reset my counter. I am so pleased with this speedy response. MFP team, you guys ROCK! Merry Christmas!
kathy3214 wrote 33 months ago:
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Arctic_Blonde wrote 33 months ago:
We have already benefitted from the Happiness Team through a quick and thorough response to a question we had. There's nothing as satisfying as receiving a speedy personal reply when you need it. Thank you and Merry Christmas. We hope MFP soars in 2013!!
AngelicxAnnihilation wrote 33 months ago:
How do you become part of the staff or a volunteer moderator?
juliepoe208 wrote 33 months ago:
Welcome to all of your wonderful new team members. I have only been a member for 2 months now. I love MFP and all my new found friends on here. I must say, thanks to all of you who brought MFP to us and for the continued support of keeping MFP going and strong. This has been a big part of my life right now in helping me become healthier and lighter, which I have fought for a very long time. So God bless you all.
Have a very Merry Christmas to you all and we will continue to pass on the good word to all our family and friends through Facebook and on the street about MFP. A little tidbit you may not have known: the new Windows 8 phone commercial with actress Jessica Alba shows her MFP app on her phone, on the commercial. So that is a plug for you guys.
Julie Poe
King George, VA
KimberlyDCZ wrote 33 months ago:
I recently emailed you about my day counter resetting even though I logged in... and got NO reply :-\ I joined on April 24 and have logged in everyday even on the weekends when I don't always log my food, I still log in to check on my "pals". Now it says I've logged in for 15 days when it's really been more like 235 :-(
Scott wrote 33 months ago:
Hi Kimberly, I have just sent you a PM so we can straighten your days out. I look forward to hearing from you!

mustangnana wrote 33 months ago:
Thanks for all of your help last week when my login counter messed up. I was at 180 days. When I logged in it should have been 185 but it knocked me down to 20 days. I sent an email and within 20 minutes I got an email back saying they had fixed the problem. I logged back in and it was corrected.

Thanks for all you do to help us. I recommend MFP to all my friends. Great website. Merry CHRISTmas to all of you.
mustang [Kaye]
mustangnana wrote 33 months ago:
oops sorry. That should say mustangnana[Kaye]
txjulie wrote 33 months ago:
Some sort of bug in the system today. It's showing all of my friends & me as having not logged in for over 30 days. I hit 710 days earlier this morning.
nancy953 wrote 33 months ago:
like Walter implied I cant believe that someone can make $5611 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you read this web site
TattedXMomXStace wrote 32 months ago:
I LOVE MFP - but i do not love seeing women and men barely wearing any clothes. . and women posting their boobs and butts in a thong. its gross and apparently they are getting away with it even though the user agreement CLEARLY states it is against that. . or have you revoked that rule?
gpstrucker wrote 32 months ago:
Late posting this, but WELCOME Olivia! Glad to have you here!

Come on people, really? This is a fracking WELCOME THREAD not a WHINE and CRY thread.

Olivia, you have your work cut out for you LOL. Personally, I've had a few issues here and there, some even MFP related LOL. All in all this is a great site and we're happy to have you here. Thanks in advance for your great work here.
norcal_yogi wrote 32 months ago:
I want to work for you! I love MFP (although addicted as I am).... Let me know if your company is looking for any experienced (yet remote as I am in Mendocino County) IT sustainment/testing professionals. OR someone with experience and background in Health/Nutrition as I have a MS in Nutrition. Thanks much!
fightininggirl wrote 32 months ago:
I just wanted to comment on the forums there is a lot of rude people and fou language and naked pictures in the forums. I think extra mods are needed and the members posting like that sould be banned.
BurtHuttz wrote 32 months ago:
It appears that the approach to moderation has drastically changed in the past month. However, there has been no communication about these new rules and they appear to be being rather unevenly enforced. It would be helpful if you could communicate to the user base, in a more substantive way, exactly what these new rules are.
marry1234 wrote 32 months ago:
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JanBeek wrote 31 months ago:
Welcome, Olivia, to the Customer Happiness Team, including Natalie, Steven, Julie and Scott. I wish you success and extra happiness in your new job. Tell me, as another newbie, if you had just one app to buy that would enhance your MFP experience, link to your iPhone, and help you connect with other fitness minded friends who want also to lose weight, make, right choices and stay motivated, which app would you buy and why? Have a HaPpY day - and thanks in advance for your response!
tonysims501 wrote 30 months ago:
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