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Meet Steven! And Looking For Volunteer Forum Mods

UPDATE - Thank you so much to everyone who's offered to help! We've received an incredible response, so I think we've received enough volunteers for now.  If you've already sent Steven a message, we will respond to you as soon as we can. And if you were dying to be a forum mod but haven't sent us a message yet, don't worry - there will be plenty of opportunities to participate in the future. Thanks everyone!


 I'm thrilled to announce that we've added a new member to the MyFitnessPal team!  My good friend Steven has agreed to join MFP full-time, and we are very, very happy to have him. Steven is going to be helping in a variety of areas, including improving our help section and our response time in the technical support forum, as well as helping the forum mods with moderating the forums. If you've participated in the forums at all, you'll be sure to see Steven there shortly. 

Speaking of the forums, we've had a few mods step down recently, so we're looking for some new volunteers to take their place. Our volunteer moderators play a key role in ensuring that the forums stay a safe and supportive environment for everyone.  They help welcome new members to the site, they help make sure member questions get answered, and they help us moderate any disputes on the site and make sure the forum rules are enforced fairly and consistently.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer moderator, we would love to hear from you! Here are the qualities we're looking for in forum mods: 

  • A long-time user of the site who's been fairly active during that time
  • Great interpersonal skills and a strong writer
  • A very thick skin and ability to stay calm, diplomatic, and fair under any circumstance
  • The mods should represent a broad cross-section of the site and come from different groups, different countries, etc.  For example, we'd like at least 1-2 mods from the UK
  • Ideally (but not required), someone with previous forum moderation experience
If you'd like to volunteer, please let us know by sending Steven a message on the site. And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know that as well and we'll do our best to address them.
Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying MFP!
Mike & Al


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kelley_lynn wrote 69 months ago:
ppsstt what about one from the Australia? :)

We arnt a bad lot. Ans would be nice to know *mod type folk are around* when we are around too :)
McKayMachina wrote 69 months ago:
MFP is super awesome, as always. Thanks for everything! Nice to meet ya, Steven. GOOD LUCK. You're gonna need it around here. XD
gods_gal wrote 69 months ago:
Welcome, Steven! I sure appreciate MFP and all the features. It's a great place to help us all reach the goals we have for getting healthy!
brendamanning34 wrote 69 months ago:
Glad to have you aboard. I have been having trouble getting my friends to show up on my Home page. I show up on theirs but they are not on mine. Did I do something to make them disapear. I sure miss having them as support!!
eddiegirll wrote 69 months ago:
I am happy for you that you are able to use the experience you have acquired on the MFP forum. We need you & appreciate what all of the team does to make this such an awesome place. I am so happy I found it!
robin52077 wrote 69 months ago:
Welcome Steven! :)
MissMaggie3 wrote 69 months ago:
Hello Steven! Hope you enjoy working at MFP as much as we enjoy using the site. :)
RunningAddict wrote 69 months ago:
Welcome Steven! =)
ginamhay wrote 69 months ago:
Welcome Steve!! maybe you could please
Fix notification settings it has not worked since
I have been on mfp. Also changing calories
From high or low with out it effecting previous
Days entered. Thanks Gina
_Ben wrote 69 months ago:
Welcome Steven!

I am experienced forum moderator, just sent you a message, hope to hear a response soon!
deannarey13 wrote 69 months ago:
Welcome Steven!

I had messaged you the first time you were looking for Mods. I have experience doing this on another community site and would love to do so here since I am here so much.
Contrarian wrote 69 months ago:
Hello Steven. Welcome.
RobinsEgg wrote 69 months ago:
Hi Steven - Welcome. Have a question. Is there a forum that's been running longer than mine? Its "Need to lose 100 lbs or more-lets start a group!" Its on its 27th thread. Is that a record? Its an open group. Does that make a difference? Its been running since Aug.2011. Robinsegg
MrsCon40 wrote 69 months ago:
Is this the reason every thread is getting vaporized?
rileamoyer wrote 68 months ago:
Welcome Steven!
babygurl48 wrote 68 months ago:
Welcome Steven!!!
cobarlo14 wrote 68 months ago:
Welcome Steven!!! Enjoy MFP as much as we do!!
wiglet23 wrote 68 months ago:
Who's moderating today? Seems perfectly good posts are being deleted for no apparent reason... what's up?
nicki322 wrote 68 months ago:
I'm new. I've lost 1 pound (yay!). This does look like a pleasant group. Now I have to find my way around this site. Hi everyone!
kimeister wrote 65 months ago:
Posting here because I don't know where else to turn.

I'm having a tech problem with my blog (the comments and edit options are no longer appearing). I posted to the forum a couple of times but no one has been able to help me resolve the issue, and my comments and edit abilities are still not showing up. Where can I turn for tech help when the tech forum wasn't able to help? Thanks very much!
enjoylife1 wrote 62 months ago:
HOW DO I start a blog? please message me info.

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