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Meet our new Registered Dietitian

As you know, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience with MyFitnessPal. So without further ado, we are excited to welcome Elle into the fold. She's a Registered Dietitian and healthy lifestyle blogger who recently graduated with her Master of Public Health in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina. Elle's a foodie at heart — she loves cooking as much as eating and enjoys staying active through running, yoga and hiking. She will be helping us add more actionable information to our website and blog to help you more easily achieve your goals. So stay tuned for some useful tips and tricks, courtesy of Elle.

We look forward to making your summer a happy and healthy one!

The MyFitnessPal team

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sabified wrote 42 months ago:
Great addition!! Thanks :)
dsgoingtodoit wrote 42 months ago:
Thank you so much MFP, and welcome Elle!
sarahthin wrote 42 months ago:
Thank you
prjoy98 wrote 42 months ago:
Awesome! Thanks!
Iheartlifting2 wrote 42 months ago:
Awesome news!
kdaughertyfp wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome Elle!
colvin14 wrote 42 months ago:
That's great because I wonder if I am making the right food choices.
CeddysMum wrote 42 months ago:
Great news and Welcome Elle!
cwojo wrote 42 months ago:
Great idea. Looking forward to seeing what info she can give us.
My0WNinspiration wrote 42 months ago:
Woo hoo!!
ttiiggzz wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome Elle! I look forward to your tips.
mbdiary wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome and Look Forward to learning a LOT!
Jeneba wrote 42 months ago:
Fabulous!!! I am looking forward to learning!
Marsha_S wrote 42 months ago:
alwaysa1stgrader wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome to the site, Elle. Good to have you here and I look forward to "borrowing" some of your tips!
TamiMeras wrote 42 months ago:
That is wonderful! I hope she has some tips for body builders in training! I could use the help!!! :)
JuraMonika wrote 42 months ago:
Whoo hoo!! Great idea! Welcome aboard!
DavPul wrote 42 months ago:
Best of luck to you Mike, but I sure hope you took a good look around so that you know what you're wading into. This is going to be..........interesting
DavPul wrote 42 months ago:
I mean Elle. Good luck Elle. whoopsie
Mustangsally1000 wrote 42 months ago:
Great idea! Welcome Elle!
anpearce2013 wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome Elle!
msmay1 wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome Elle!
Phoenix_Rising wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome Elle! I won't hold it against you that you are a Tarheel. (GO DUKE!)
sfigueroa13 wrote 42 months ago:
Lo65 wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome Elle! Do you happen to have any tips for those of us with Interstitial Cystitis trying to loose weight?
CALIECAT wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome Ellie We really need you.
slimdollbaby wrote 42 months ago:
welcome Ellie
Yanicka1 wrote 42 months ago:
Well good will need it
321newme wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome !! :)
DianeP2012 wrote 42 months ago:
Very happy you have joined the team. We are all very excited to have you helping us with our weight loss goals. I sincerely Welcome you!
penguinlally wrote 42 months ago:
yay! happy to have you on board
theartistChartrand wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome to the team and hoping you can help some of us over 40 ladies that are having a hard time with our menopausal symptoms in relation to weight gain. many of us o grain so much weight around our middles/stomach that won't go away . . . it is crazy. Maybe some supplements and other high burning foods that might be able to help us out a bit please.
maryrx59 wrote 42 months ago:
This is wonderful news!! Welcome to the family Elle!
airangel59 wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome, I look forward to potential blog postings, suggestions & ideas :)
GiGiBeans wrote 42 months ago:
Sweet! Welcome Elle, looking forward to your contributions.
byHISstrength wrote 42 months ago:
Excellent! Welcome Elle! Glad you're hear.
RooMcDermott wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome Elle!
aliciaaw wrote 42 months ago:
Welcome Elle!!
dcmitchell01 wrote 42 months ago:
This is a great idea! Welcome, Elle!
mathlete99 wrote 42 months ago:
W-elle-come! I follow your blog and am so excited you are here to help on MFP :)
Hearts_2015 wrote 42 months ago:
Great job to Mike and the team for adding in some wonderful resources.. meal tips, now a registered dietitian.. etc..can't wait to see what's around the corner after seeing these add ones to the site!! It's exciting:)
Hearts_2015 wrote 42 months ago:
Elle, welcome to MFP.. looking forward to your help in reaching our goals.. the MFP team is beyond awesome, you've got a great home here!♥ Oh, and our members are pretty great too! :oD
Mainesthai wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations Mike. Not surprising that you'll get tapped by numerous people looking to get healthier and more fit. Tap - I'm going to start a program on (there is a grat coupon on I got a sample from a friend and the food is great. Do you have any insight (negative/positive) into the program?
anorangie wrote 42 months ago:
Cool. Welcome, Elle!
karenmetfan wrote 42 months ago:
Love Elle's blog and was so happy when she made her announcement over there. Welcome to MFP Elle!
fancyladyJeri wrote 41 months ago:
CeCeHarris wrote 41 months ago:
Hi Elle

I heard today that calorie counting wasn't good for dieting because it keeps you hungry. Is this true?
LadyAnaid wrote 41 months ago:
So how do I find Elle's blog? Or any blog for that matter that I want to specifically look for? Is there a blog search feature?
silviamolina58118 wrote 41 months ago:
I cannot seem to be able to eat less without feeling hungry. I am always hungry. As a result I am not losing body fat as I would like to, which is mostly on my back and arms. I increased the exercise to compensate for the eating, hence the maintenance instead of losing.
fairyanniee wrote 41 months ago:
hey thts a dream come true. I live in a very remote place with no access to any dietician... it will be just great to have one here for us .. bless u guys..

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