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Kindle Fire Update: Version 2.7.3 is Available

Get excited, Kindle users. We're thrilled to announce that we’ve updated our app for the Amazon Kindle Fire. This release includes all the newest features our members love on their Android devices including:

  • Improved navigation: Including the latest sliding menu, which makes it easier than ever to access the features you care about. For example, App Gallery and Messages are now easily accessible from the new menu.

  • Improved user experience and design: We've worked hard to ensure that MyFitnessPal provides an experience that meets and exceeds your expectations – no matter what device you're using. A new toolbar at the top of each screen focuses you on the most important actions, including Add to Diary.

  • Cleaner screen structure: We made the user interface as clean as possible, so you can scan information and digest data more easily on the go. Graphs are now easier to view, update and understand.

We’ve also added:
  • French, German and Spanish language support to make it even easier to use MyFitnessPal for our international friends
  • Expanded unit support for weight, height, distances logged, and energy consumed and burned
We encourage our Kindle users to upgrade to the newest version to take advantage of all the latest enhancements. As always, if you run into any issues, please let us know and we’ll investigate it right away.

Mike, Al and the MFP Team

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hmfaiq wrote 39 months ago:
I would have loved to see the macro-nutrients added as well instead of only calories but great app :D
OhLeita wrote 39 months ago:
Thank you for the improvements! As hmfaiq said, macro-nutrients would be a welcome addition. Having it on hand when seeing a doctor, coach or nutritionist would be very helpful.
sunshinegal1130 wrote 39 months ago:
I have the old version 2.3.1 on my Kindle Fire HD and am wondering where to get the new version or will it update itself? I have checked Amazon and it seems to just come up with my version that I already have. Any suggestions?
_Zardoz_ wrote 39 months ago:
I side installed it on the fire a while ago and then removed it as it was so unstable I have also found it very unstable on another android tablet. Luckily I was able to reinstall the old versions. trying to decide if to install the new versions again. have you worked out the bugs from the original android release? As It was as buggy as a buggy thing
Robin1117 wrote 39 months ago:
Awesome!!! You guys are great. I now have awesome mfp versions on my ipod, my windows phone and my kindle fire....never w/out my mfp diary or my friends. thanks!!
ahavoc wrote 39 months ago:
Thank God.

Using my Kindle to log in was driving me buggy. Glad to know it was your design and not me. ;-) !
ahavoc wrote 39 months ago:
wait, there's no update. What day did the update come out because it's the same old same old with mine...
kittymoney wrote 39 months ago:
I like the new look. I don't like not being able to delete food items from my day if I decide to change my mind in my food choices. I like to preplan and preload my meals, but sometimes things change or I need to make adjustments to my plans. Please help in how we can delete food items from our day.
nhottel wrote 39 months ago:
Agree with the comment above. I like to preplan my day and frequently use the delete button. Need that back!!
MrsTorresisBACK wrote 39 months ago:
I think it looks great....just miss seeing a quick veiw of my pals to the left of the screen....otherwise all looks GREAT!
Anonymous wrote 9 months ago:
I downloaded my fitness pal from Amazon app store for my kindle fire. I can't get past terms of use acceptance as there is no button to accept. FYI I'm logging under Facebook account. One would think Amazon app store would provide a functioning version. Any tips?
Anonymous wrote 7 months ago:
Updates are good but there are some drawbacks as well. we always observed that when a new update of any software is launched few user friendly things as removed.

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Anonymous wrote 2 months ago:
I cannot find it in the app store, but there is a Loseit!app. Although, it is easy to use, I enjoy the myfitnesspal app much much more. I am unimpressed.

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