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July Member of the Month Contest Winner: Crystal B.!

As part of our Member of the Month contest, each month we invite you to send in a picture and a short paragraph answering a question about how you’ve made MyFitnessPal a part of your life. Last month, we asked you to send in photos of yourselves engaged in healthy summertime activities, and to tell us about how MyFitnessPal supports your healthy lifestyle.

As you can imagine, we read hundreds of inspiring stories and sorted through even more pictures! We can’t wait to share some of them with you over the weeks and months to come. But for now, we’d like to announce July’s Member of the Month: Crystal B.

Congratulations, Crystal!

Crystal won our hearts, a Fitbit Aria scale and Fitbit Flex with this picture of her and her kiddo out on a healthy summer hike.

Crystal calls MyFitnessPal her "accountability partner" and wrote: "Every time I finish a workout, a swim, a hike...I can't wait to put it into MyFitnessPal and find out how many calories I burned! Eating healthier and practicing portion control has never been easier since I started using this app. I love that feeling at the end of the day when I can look at all my workouts and see how much I accomplished! 26 pounds down, 14 to go! MyFitnessPal and my healthy lifestyle go together like 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on a homemade oatmeal pancake!"

A big thanks to Crystal and all of our members who entered our July contest. Be sure to "like" our Facebook page for details about this month's contest, coming soon!

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ChangeIsADecision wrote 30 months ago:
I wanna be friends with Crystal!! :) I love seeing my news feed full of active, healthy, inspiring peeps!
RaNaeLuvsLuzn wrote 30 months ago:
Congrats Crystal WTG
scrapjen wrote 30 months ago:
Well now she won't have to "put" the hike in MFP, her Flex will track and then sync. I love how Fitbit and MFP work together. The Aria is great too.
FitCurlysue wrote 30 months ago:
Congrats Crystal! And your little boy is adorable :) I totally agree about MFP being my little "accountability partner"...if I don't log in every day I don't keep in touch with my healthy and that's super important.
MSGeorgiaPeachy wrote 30 months ago:
Congrats! You are so right. When I think AURG I just want off this spin bike OR I just want to stop running... What I want more, is to put -400 calories burned on my exercise page. So i keep pedaling, or running. I also agree with tulip_w0nder. Love to see others activities in my news feed, it is inspiring to know there are so many trying right here right now with you... in spirit anyway.
Your picture is great it reminds me of the park in the middle of Portland. Great to be active and enjoy your family and the outdoors!
natashahoward378 wrote 30 months ago:
Congrats Crysal.. keep up the good work
LTGPSA wrote 30 months ago:
Congratulations, Crystal! What an adorable little hiking partner you have there. :)
nak1a wrote 30 months ago:
Congrats Crystal! What a great photo of you and your son. :) MFP has been a big part of my weight loss so far and I love that you guys are acknowledging members in this way. Great job!
Pumpitusa wrote 30 months ago:
I just want to say that picture is priceless. Great moms lead to great kids.
Jolia4 wrote 29 months ago:
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Jolia4 wrote 29 months ago:
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