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iPhone Update Available: Recipe Calculator, Quick Tools, Complete Your Diary

We just released an update for our iPhone app with a bunch of great new features:

  • Recipe Calculator: You can now calculate the nutritional contents of your own recipes within the app, then add them to your diary like any other food.  If you've already been using this feature on the website, your recipes will sync over to the app.

  • Quick Tools: We've added several Quick Tools to the diary which will allow you to copy meals and exercises from a previous day to today.  If you often eat the same foods daily, or perform the same exercises, this should be a huge time saver.  

  • Complete Your Diary: We've added a button labeled "Complete Your Diary" to the diary page.  If you use our website, you'll probably be familiar with how this works: once you've finished logging your meals and exercises for the day, tap this button and you'll receive a projection of your weight loss if every day over the next 5 weeks were the same as your current day.  This is a fun way to see how your food and exercise choices might impact your future weight loss.  If you don't like this feature, you can turn it off by tapping "More", then "Settings", and switch "Show Complete This Entry Feature" to "Off".

  • Various minor improvements: this update also includes hi-res graphics for iPhone 4 users, a bunch of bug fixes, and other minor enhancements

These new features are currently only available in the iPhone app, but we're working on adding them to the Android app as well. 

To install the update, just open the App Store on your iPhone/iPod Touch and tap the Updates tab. An update for MyFitnessPal should be available to install. 

As always, if you have any questions/comments, or encounter any issues with the new features, please just let us know.

Hope you are all enjoying the site and the app!

Mike & Al

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dad2jandm wrote 90 months ago:
thanks for the update! This app gets used more than any other one on my ipod touch! :)
HIzara wrote 90 months ago:
Amarillo_NDN wrote 90 months ago:
I see the Food and exercise are still backwards from the web site on "Your Daily Summary" Just can't seem to get the math right yet, can you.
pragya728 wrote 90 months ago:
Yesss!! Thank you! I really needed the recipe calculator. I was going to post about that :-) I have a bunch of recipes that I have created and I could never add them from my phone. Thanks again!
Pinky_Calhoun wrote 90 months ago:
LOVES IT! Thanks.
solarpwrd wrote 90 months ago:
The *best* app! Thank you, Mike.
megsta21 wrote 90 months ago:
SWEEEET!!! THANKS MIKE!!!! =D *goes to itunes*
ladymedic22 wrote 90 months ago:
This is defineatly my favorite app, I use it mulitple times a day! Thanks for making it more like the website!
pedero wrote 90 months ago:
Whenever I tap on a recipe, the app crashes and I have to restart it.
lbecque wrote 90 months ago:
Same problem as Pedero:
Whenever I tap on a recipe, the app crashes and I have to restart it.
Using iPhone 3GS and OS 3.13(7E18)
lbecque wrote 90 months ago:
Seems there are some QC issues with this release.
1)If I edit one of the recipes previously created on the website then the iPhone app crashes.
2)If I create a new recipe on the iPhone app called 'temp' it says it creates it but then it is not there. If I try to create 'temp' again it says it is already there, yet I still can't see it.
3)If I create a recipe called 'tempp' it creates it, I can edit it and everything seems normal with that one.
mike wrote 90 months ago:
OK we're looking into the crash you mentioned. We'll get it fixed ASAP and submit an update to Apple. Thanks for letting us know about the problem.
jasons wrote 90 months ago:
Mike, can you add in a retina display icon in the next build too? You're my last home screen old icon holdout ;)
sberm1103 wrote 90 months ago:
I would love to see a weekly summary feature. I often am under one day but over the next, and i'd like to see how it all evens out over the course of the week.
Mary_Burris wrote 90 months ago:
Ohhhhh!!! I hope that you can get these for the Droid app soon!!! That would be awesome!
jtapp9 wrote 90 months ago:
Awesome!!! Thank you, LOVE IT! My only problem, it will let me create a new recipe, and that recipe showed up online, However, the recipes that I already have online are not showing up on my iPhone. My settings show that I am synced. Thanks.
hsolo30k wrote 90 months ago:
I was having the same problem as jtapp9- none of the recipe's that I have online are showing on my Iphone. I ended up deleting MyFitnessPal from my Iphone, and reinstalling, which fixed the problem.
dogdaze wrote 90 months ago:
This is great!! I have to admit that I now prefer using the phone app to the online application (it is much easier to see the nutritional contents for foods using the phone app, for example). It is hard to see how you can make MFP better than it is now (but I am sure you will succeed)!
baker_c wrote 90 months ago:
I love the fact that you can now complete your day with the app! Nice update - love it.
croftfoothen wrote 90 months ago:
This is most definitely the BEST app on the iPhone....and it is free!! I use it all the time and the updated version is even better. Many thanks Mike!!
knbyrne wrote 90 months ago:
I love this app and the website. I have a few suggestions. I would like to see more vitamins & minerals in the Nutrient summary on the home page (of the app). I also would like to see the food servings in grams and ml instead of cups.
loserchick wrote 89 months ago:
I love the updates. This app has improved so much since I added it in February. This app is absolutely awesome!!
darbuthnot wrote 89 months ago:
Great app Mike!

It would be nice if I could "edit" an entry to move an item from one time of day to another. Right now I have to delete and re-add.

goldspaula wrote 89 months ago:
Oh, if I could only complete my diary on my Android. :D
kparnacott wrote 89 months ago:
When you release the BB app, will it work on the Storm?
jessimika28 wrote 89 months ago:
I'm glad you're updating the software for the iPhone BUT WHERE IS THE APP FOR BLACKBERRY???? The BlackBerry has been out waaaaay longer then these other devices yet they get first dibs on this neat app! What gives? Still waiting and checking EVERYDAY but still shows "In Progress". Any idea on when we BlackBerry holders can expect it to come out?
sorellabella wrote 89 months ago:
Thank you Mike & Al!!
leofink wrote 89 months ago:
This app is amazing! I hit 275 consecutive days of use today. One thing I would like you to consider for the iPhone app is a badge for the calories left for the day. I keep My Fitness Pal on the first page, and it would be really useful to have the calories left for the day on the icon like my mail icon lets me know how many unread emails I have and the SMS icon lets me know how many unread texts I have.

Thanks for this app. It's the best. Latest update put it head and shoulders above the others I've tried.
richporr wrote 89 months ago:
This app is what has made the difference for me and helped me lose 20 pounds over the last month. Thanks, Mike.

I'd gladly pay for a pro version if you added the scanning feature to pick up all the info on the food packages. In the works?
mp3geek wrote 89 months ago:
Can't wait for these to make it to Android :)
r1carr wrote 89 months ago:
I am addicted to the app, but over the weekend it crashed. I have removed the app and installed a new one, but all it says is Loading. Any one have any suggestions? I assume it is my I-4, but can't figure out the problem.
holly2424 wrote 89 months ago:
What about Blackberry? We've been waiting a long time and still no app, yet you are making tweaks and updates to iPhone and Droid. What gives? Give us a BB app!
mike wrote 89 months ago:
r1carr - if you turn your phone completely off by holding the top power button down until the "Slide to power off" switch appears, then turning your phone back on, the stuck at "Loading" issue should go away. Let us know if that helps.

Holly2424 - Most of our effort is on Blackberry right now, and has been for the past few months. Unfortunately, building apps just isn't a simple process, but we're making great progress and hope to ahve something ready soon.
rowsojr wrote 89 months ago:
Excellent addition to an already very superior app. Thanks.
Falconus wrote 89 months ago:
Droid too please! =)
Anthony488 wrote 89 months ago:
Still having issues when creating a recipe on the app and when i hit save it shows it for a second and then disappears. I cant go back in to edit it. When i try to create it again with the same name it says I already have a recipe by that name, but it is not showing. Thanks

-Mark B
ae7er wrote 89 months ago:
after three days of usage, the apps seems to crash. now I can't access my account through iphone. the screen appears to be loading the whole time. could you fix this up? i am really seeing improvement by using this apps.
cardbucfan wrote 89 months ago:
Oh, I can't wait for these features for the Android!!!
Only thing missing from the app now.
joespatti wrote 89 months ago:
I just started using this app and I have to say it's the BEST BEST app I have ever used for diet tracking. The only thing that would make it blow off the charts would be the ability to scan items... is that anywhere in the future?

Hotbottom wrote 89 months ago:
I love your work: you rock!!!
henderson2000 wrote 88 months ago:
I can't thank you enough for this! Specially the feature about knowing how many pounds I would loose if I repeat a certain "good" day. I can't imagine why anyone would want to turn that feature off!! Please keep up the good work!
SherryeQualls wrote 84 months ago:
We need the barcode scan for the iPhone4. That would be great.
nolachick wrote 84 months ago:
thank you, thank you, thank you!

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