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IPhone update available: Multi-add, notes syncing, quick add calories, and more

While we're very excited about the release of our Android app, we've also just released an update to our iPhone app which has several great new features:

  • Multi-add - you can now add several foods from your favorites lists at once!
  • Fast app switching - no more sync delays when you launch the app
  • Notes syncing - enter food and exercise notes on the app and sync them with our website
  • Quick add calories - lets you quickly add just calories if you know how many you ate
  • New serving size options - 1/3 and 2/3 added
  • Recent entry memory - now when you add an exercise or food to your diary that you've entered before, your old sets/reps/serving sizes/etc. are remembered for faster entry
We're really excited about Multi-Add in particular, as it should help make logging faster and easier than ever.  Here's how it works: if you want to add several items to your diary at once, you can enter Multi-Add mode by tapping the "Multi-Add" button in the upper right of your favorites screen.  Once you are in Multi-Add mode, checkboxes will appear to the left of each food:


To add multiple items at once, just check the boxes of the items you'd like to add.  You can check items on multiple tabs - all of the items you check will be added, even if the tab is not visible. You can also check items on search results: if you ate at McDonald's, for example, instead of having to search and add each individual item you ate, you can just search for "McDonald's", then check all the items you ate at once!

If you need to change the serving size, just tap on the food itself: you'll be taken to a food detail screen where you can change the serving size, then hit the "checkmark" in the upper right to save that serving size and check the item.  Finally, when you've made all the changes you'd like, tap the "Add checked" button in the upper right and all of your checked items will be added to your diary at once.

We've been testing this feature ourselves and it's dramatically improved how quickly and easily we can log our meals.  We hope you like it as much as we do!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, be sure to let us know.  Hope you are all enjoying the site (and the app(s))!

Mike & Al

P.S. These features will be added to the Android app in an upcoming update.  And a Blackberry app is in the works, so we haven't forgotten about you Blackberry users! 

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Anonymous wrote 92 months ago:
I love it! I can control everything I eat and all the exercises I do.
burtam wrote 92 months ago:
THANK YOU!!!!!! I love you Mike and Al!! :)
lisapisa81 wrote 92 months ago:
WIN on the double rainbow reference. seems like you guys are pretty busy with all of your mobile app development...have you had any time to think about WebOS users (all 10 of us) yet? Or maybe just a generic mobile version of the site?

designingsean wrote 92 months ago:
iOS4 support would be awesome.
markciagne wrote 92 months ago:
I would like to be able to complete my daily diary in the app. Otherwise its awesome!
HIzara wrote 92 months ago:
thank you! YAY.
mike wrote 92 months ago:
onedeep - this update does support iOS4, so the app should start much faster than before.
evanbeek wrote 92 months ago:
Awesome update. Added a bunch of great features. The only comment I have is that we seem to have lost the ability to add meals as individual items again. If I:

1. Add to diary
2. Add to Lunch
3. Select the meal tab
4. Select a meal
5. Add

It's now back to being added as a "Meal" instead of the individual items that make up that meal. Will that be switching back at some point?
mike wrote 92 months ago:
evanbeek - doh, that is a bug, we will get that fixed ASAP. Sorry about that!
evanbeek wrote 92 months ago:
Scratch that. It appears some of the meals are showing up with "1 meal" under them and those meals are being added without being split up. The rest of them are being split up like before.
evanbeek wrote 92 months ago:
Been playing with it even more. This update is awesome! The fast app switch alone would have made it great, but the multi add is very well done. 1/3 and 2/3.. been waiting for those! Thank you!
kcdrake wrote 92 months ago:
Awesome! Thanks for all the new features. Any idea when we'll be able to complete a day on our phones?
aippolito1 wrote 92 months ago:
My iPhone 4 should be shipping any day now! Can't wait to try out MFP on it!
mike wrote 92 months ago:
kcdrake - completing a day is on our to-do list, so hopefully it'll be available shortly in a future update
steve_adediran wrote 92 months ago:
It keeps getting better and better !!! More of my wish list items have now been implemented with the ability to add notes (like on the website) and 'multi-add' is a feature I've been wishing for.

What next? For me; it's having a pie chart showing the % of calories consumed/contributed by - Carbs; Fat; Protein
baggins706 wrote 92 months ago:
Sweeeet! LOVES IT!! Thanks for everything, I couldn't have come this far without my iPhone App!
terminalman wrote 92 months ago:
iPhone app update is excellent, Mike. Great new features to make diary entry even easier than before. Can't thank you enough for helping folks lose some pounds...
tcam70455 wrote 92 months ago:
Thank you! So excited as most of my logging in is on my iPhone.
Jane1848 wrote 92 months ago:
Thank you! I love the notes addition. I also can't wait to see the capability to complete the day.

Great work!
toots99 wrote 92 months ago:
Thanks for the hard work! I am really glad that we can use the notes section as I use the weight watchers program and use that section to keep track of my daily points.
MrsT732015 wrote 92 months ago:
Love it love it love it! Thank you - the multi add just makes this 99% perfect and now that you're planning to complete the day on it too - that'll be perfection - well, ok once you've added seeing the profile / comments too :-) Thanks to you guys I am well on my way to being as happy and healthy as I have ever been - you guys will go straight through those pearly gates!!
danjamboy wrote 92 months ago:
I have had a bit of a negative experience with this update. When I change the serving size of the particular item I am adding, it doesn't change the calorie information, it stays the same no matter what serving size you select. I have tried quitting the application from the multi-task window (iPhone 3GS - v4.1) and re-opening but it doesn't help. Any suggestions?
Anonymous wrote 92 months ago:
I have had the same problem as danjamboy. Whenever I change my # of servings, the nutrition info doesn't recalculate. This just started after the new update. Would love to have this feature fixed asap! Otherwise, I love the site and the app! Thank you!
mike wrote 92 months ago:
Re: the serving size bug, thanks for letting us know about this issue. We'll be submitting a fix today, should be available shortly. In the meantime, if you actually add the item to your diary, you'll see that the correct nutritional info will be added. The app is just not refreshing your view immediately once the serving size is changed, but when added to your diary, the correct amount is being added. Sorry again about this problem - we'll get it fixed asap.
Valqis wrote 92 months ago:
Mike, Have been using the MFP app on the iPad for about a month, and I am with markciagne. The only thing that would make the app perfect would be if you could complete your daily diary on it.
xonophone wrote 92 months ago:
will this update be available for the ipod touch?
leofink wrote 92 months ago:
I love the iPhone app! I have lost 78.5 lbs since I started my journey last September, and I replaced a stagnant, never-updated, overpriced app with MFP almost 190 days ago. I've never looked back. Best app ever, and keeps getting better!

I am glad you guys are going to add the complete my day feature, but I was wondering if you had considered using a badge on the app icon to indicate the number of calories left for the day. When I suggested this, my wife and friends (all of whom I've converted to MFP!) were really interested in this feature. Seems simple enough from the perspective of someone who does not understand computer language and app-making... so I don't know the issues involved. I keep MFP on my first page, so this would be at-a-glance super useful for me.


nonstopdigital wrote 92 months ago:
The best keeps getting better and better. Thanks for the great update. Now that I have been using this app for a while, I decided to install "Lose It" to see how it was deleted from my phone in about 5 minutes.
loserchick wrote 92 months ago:
I am trying to get the new update for my iphone, but it says that there are no new updates, so how do I get it?
Anonymous wrote 92 months ago:
Having the same problem as loserchick. No new updates but my app doesn't do this cool stuff. HELP!
wendystarr wrote 92 months ago:
I love the app but as others have said I would like to be able to complete my diary for the day.
mike wrote 92 months ago:
Almost all users should see the update available at this point. If you are still not seeing an update available for the app, most likely it is because you are using a very old version of the iPhone OS - something older than version 3.0. You now need to have a minimum iPhone OS version of 3.0 to use any future updates. This is an Apple policy - they are no longer accepting updates that target an OS version lower than 3.0, so to receive any updates at all from iTunes, you need to upgrade your device to at least OS 3.0
snorker88 wrote 92 months ago:
I can't see an update and I have version 3.1.3.... Can anyone help?!
cbuggin22 wrote 92 months ago:
Thanks for the update! Love it!
dogdaze wrote 92 months ago:
I am a huge MFP fan! Keeping a daily diary has been such a boost to my weight loss. Have been showing MFP off at the weight loss support group I belong to at work (but had to bring in a laptop because I cannot get iphone reception for the app in the basement room we meet in).

Adding 1/3 and 2/3 of serving has helped enormously! The ability to complete a day's entries would be a plus. Thank you again for such a stellar program!
davidh53 wrote 92 months ago:
I'm pleased with the Android App. That's how I found the website by the way, but logging will be even more convenient with the multi-add function. Thanks for working on it. I've been on MFP for only about a week and a half but really appreciate it. The diary itself is super, but I also think MFP is a great positive way of using social media for mutual support and encouragement for health and fitness.
loserchick wrote 92 months ago:
Okay, so got the new update and I love it! I have noticed a bug though. If I use the multi-add feature, add the multiple items and then go to search for another item, it says that it is searching but does not come back with the item I searched for, but instead it shows the most used list. I then have to not only shut the app down, but turn my phone off and then turn it back on again, open up the app and retry the search. Please help. Thanks Mike.
mike wrote 92 months ago:
We've submitted an update to Apple that will fix that search reverting to Most Used list bug. Once the update is approved, installing it should solve the problem. In the meantime, if you are using iOS4, you can fix the issue by completely shut down the app by double tapping the Home button on your iphone (the circle button with the square inside of it), then finding the MyFitnessPal icon, holding your finger on it until it jiggles, then hitting the "-" that appears. That will completely close the app, and once you reopen it, the problem will disappear until you get stuck in that state again. Sorry about that!
loserchick wrote 92 months ago:
No worries Mike, thanks so much! I truly do love the app. :)

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