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iPhone Update 3.2 Now Available - Barcode Scanning, Reminders, Push Notifications, and More

We're pleased to announce that a new version of our iPhone app is now available in the App Store!  This update is chock full of some of the features you've requested the most, including:

  • Barcode scanning: Barcode scanning is finally available on our iPhone app!  Just scan the barcode of a food you've eaten to easily find it's match in our database. Please note: the scanner requires an auto-focus camera and consequently only will work on iPhone 3GS or later models.  Unfortunately, all of the scanners we could find that would work with the iPhone 2G, 3G, or the iPod Touch were much too expensive to incorporate into a free app.  But we're still looking, and hopefully we'll be able to include a scanner that can work for older iPhones in a future update.
  • Reminders: Set reminders in the app and get notified when you've forgotten to log your meals.  
  • Push notifications: Allow the app to send you push notifications and you'll receive notifications when someone sends you a message on MyFitnessPal, comments on one of your status updates, and more.
  • Macronutrient Pie Chart: The Daily and Weekly tabs now include a pie chart showing your macronutrient breakdown for the day or the week.
  • Additional Reporting Periods For Progress Charts: You can now chart your measurements over 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months.
We've also added some video tutorials to teach you how to use the new features.  If you like the videos, let us know!  We'll try to add more in our next update.
As always, if you run into any issues or bugs with the new update, please just let us know.  We'll look into them ASAP.
Hope you are all enjoying MFP!
Mike & Al 


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chrisdavey wrote over 3 years:
updating now. thanks!
layer247 wrote over 3 years:
Great news, going to update now. Many Thanks.
Beccaxx wrote over 3 years:
Ooooo gr8 gona update now, also could i ask if a like button has been added? of something similar would be wonderful xx
RunningMom09 wrote over 3 years:
When can we expect the same for the Android app? :)
swaymyway wrote over 3 years:
Can't wait to try out the barcode scanner - not sure how pleased my other half will be when I am always nicking his iphone though :)
chrisdavey wrote over 3 years:
pie graph is awesome!
thisdesiderata wrote over 3 years:
YES! Thank you! I absolutely love this update. The pie graph is great, as is the barcode scanner. I've been waiting for this! :)
LikeNoOneElse84 wrote over 3 years:
Any plans for making this available for BB?
Alita2011 wrote over 3 years:
Thanks Mike...This website and the app for the iPhone and Android are awesome.
SarahRuth♥ wrote over 3 years:
Do you have plans for updating the Android app? I have been hoping for community features, at least. :)
bluemist248 wrote over 3 years:
What a great update, I'm updating my iPod touch right now! Any plans for BlackBerry?
kennie2 wrote over 3 years:
yeah show some love for Android! Maybe get rid of the horrid ads? and profiles, peoples diarys and profiles?
penny39 wrote over 3 years:
When is the android going to get the reminders?
gothicprophet wrote over 3 years:
Android has more market share than iPhone now, mike! Show us some love. :D
bluiz13 wrote over 3 years:
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy..............
JoBFit wrote over 3 years:
thanks very much!! barcode scanner will be really useful!!
SarahLovesCheesecake wrote over 3 years:
On it like a bonnet.....been waiting for like ever for this one...........
liveminimal wrote over 3 years:
fantastic work, thank you!
MassiveDelta wrote over 3 years:
Thanks Mike this is what Ive been waiting for. I honestly dont think you could make this any better.
scapez wrote over 3 years:
_gwen wrote over 3 years:
SarahLovesCheesecake wrote over 3 years:
HM shame its inaccurate, first thing I scan and its wrong. Flora Light FYI.....Jeze nothing is accurate, first its calories burned, now its the barcode scanner....
misslauren88 wrote over 3 years:
AWESOME. can't wait to get that stuff on windows phone!
Jonathan_B wrote over 3 years:
Hoping to see the same updates in the WP7 app!
Drunkadelic wrote over 3 years:
Sounds awesome!! Can't wait to try it out *patiently waits for Android update*
MaxBiker wrote over 3 years:
I am soooo looking forward to this one !!! Installing now !!!!
Gwendalyne wrote over 3 years:
When can we geat a droid update!?!
misskimlilac wrote over 3 years:
Oh this is sooooo coool! Thanks for making our lives easier!! I <3 MFP!!
kathyrice wrote over 3 years:
What about an android update????
JonoK wrote over 3 years:
LOVE THIS! Thank you so much!!!
charliebird wrote over 3 years:
All this for a free APP fabulous thank you!!
bobs_god wrote over 3 years:
You spoil us! Thank you.
ShrinkingNinja wrote over 3 years:
Now to show Android some love.
MsRobin_TheSequel wrote over 3 years:
Helllloooooo what about the DROID??? Pretty, pretty please?? With a cherry on top? (Hold the whipped cream, losing weight here!)
fjsd wrote over 3 years:
This is an amazing app (the update only made it better)! Thank you!
_CowgirlUp_ wrote over 3 years:
Happy for the iPhone users but can you please answer the call of the android users here??
tlcAK wrote over 3 years:
You are awesome!
MisterSunshine wrote over 3 years:
can someone explain the percentages on the pie charts. I understand the second part but what does the first part mean, ex: carbs 53% / 66%. does that mean I underate carbs and where does the 53% come from?
bethrs wrote over 3 years:
You guys rock for sure!
crazycat828 wrote over 3 years:
Thank you for this! The push notifications are wonderful and the bar code scanning is almost 100% perfect. Thanks again!

Androd users get in line.
SarahLovesCheesecake wrote over 3 years:
If you scan PG Tips Tea, it assumes you have 1 sugar and 30ml of semi-skimmed milk. Crock of...
goron59 wrote over 3 years:
well done chaps, pie (hmm, pie) chart is great - makes the stats so much more useful.
goron59 wrote over 3 years:
@SarahLovesCheesecake - that's probably because someone scanned it, then added the description and details... unfortunately people enter crap into the database :(
rtmama wrote over 3 years:
Wow, these are awesome improvements! I'm going to download asap!!! thank you guys soo soo soo much. I just love mfp!
sjackson902 wrote over 3 years:
Love it!! Great updates. :)
CopperCent wrote over 3 years:
Awesome update!!
ttrotter1960 wrote over 3 years:

mojo75 wrote over 3 years:
i just posted about this. The new app is sweet!!! love the barcode. I'm betting this will become one of the best weight loss apps. you guys might want to consider charging for it!
jacquir2 wrote over 3 years:
I've just downloaded the update but now my phone won't let me log on to the app at all- it just flips me out - any reason why?
FKat wrote over 3 years:
I was so excited about new update , not anymore .. Totally suck .. Nothing recognized You need new update ..
smashleymcgee wrote over 3 years:
When will the be available for an Android?
YEGotter wrote over 3 years:
Great update, but it doesn't seem to multitask - when I open the app while listening to music, it pauses my music. Not a big deal, but would prefer the ability to access the app while the ipod app is running.
weeziews wrote over 3 years:
I am so excited about the barcode scanner. This is huge!!! A big thank you for this.
ilikeitdoulikeit wrote over 3 years:
pandafoo wrote over 3 years:
sounds awesome! would love to see a similar update for the BB platform someday! thanks for all your hard work for this site.
DLPenny wrote over 3 years:
can u use it on i pod??? it has internet and wi-fi???
zakihass wrote over 3 years:
Fantastic update! I have been waiting for the scanning capability. Love it!
MAK_01 wrote over 3 years:
Love the new features. Thank you SO much for this site an the app :)
ciege77 wrote over 3 years:
I see how it is: Droids had the scanner for so long, so now we have to let iOS get the charts and push notifications.. I feel like a step-child here!
jphm68 wrote over 3 years:
I'd really like to see an iPad app - Please? I have it with me more than I do a phone, it would be wonderful. When can we expect it?
deb_rn wrote over 3 years:
I love the new scanner. Thank you!
anacsitham5 wrote over 3 years:
YEAH! Great, I'm going to update now!
etroupe wrote over 3 years:
the updates are great, now if we could view diaries on the ipod that would make this the most amazing site around :) Thanks!
goal30Lori wrote over 3 years:
Fantastic update, I'm super happy with all the changes!
skinnymeinaz wrote over 3 years:
Love it!!!! Thanks for the update!!!
Jnntt wrote over 3 years:
When you update barcode scanning for worse cameras, you should try to make it work for iPod Touch 4g as well.
lnadeau66 wrote over 3 years:
Thank You, MFP rocks! Health insurance companies should be donating heavily to you, I know that mine has saved a ton because of this site. And now I am completely satisfied with my Iphone!
jessilea53 wrote over 3 years:
Mike, I love the new app! My only thing is, the pie charts. The second row of numbers are my goals correct? But those are not what I have entered into MPF. I've got 45 25 35 but my app says 54 16 30???? Is it a bug or how can I change it to be what I've already entered in the website? Thanks Jessica
kathywoo10 wrote over 3 years:
The barcode scanner works on my IPod 4g....
nathanborg wrote over 3 years:
Great stuff I'm scanning & adding things for sake of it to help others out even if I've not eaten it.
Please do the same and make things quicker for future.
gourmetgetaways wrote over 3 years:
Well done, you are fantastic, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful app and upgrading!

I have lost 13 pounds and invited four friends :)

lajoconde62 wrote over 3 years:
Thank you…thank you…thank you! You helped to save my life. I'm healthier and happier and, thanks to my fitness pal, I am in control of my nutritional and intake. God bless you for this gift. I know I’m not the only life you’ve saved. Lisa
PepitaGrillo wrote over 3 years:
My barcode reader doesn't seem to work :(

What is error message statusCode=2?
Shannon4J wrote over 3 years:
I got the update last night as I was getting ready for bed!! I was so excited that I wanted to scan everything and stay up & not go to bed! LOL

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to making this an INCREDIBLE tool for weight control!!!
You guys Rock Monkeys!! Woot

God Bless,
(Loss of 39# with MFP)
Shannon4J wrote over 3 years:
Oh yes, forgot to say: I really liked the video tutorials that came with the update!!

God Bless,
(Loss of 39# with MFP)
shuggi13 wrote over 3 years:
You have done an amazing job - Love the updates! I especially love the pie chart view.

I did notice a discrepancy between the %age values for the nutrient goals on the web-based version vs. the app. E.g. carb goal on my web profile is 50% but on the app it shows my carb goal is 56%...

I tried re-setting but they still seem to be 5% off between app and web...

Thanks in advance!
elcar7 wrote over 3 years:
AWESOMEEE! Thank you sooooooooo much!
just updated and already loooove the barcode scanner!
T0M0 wrote over 3 years:
Awesome update. Loving the new features
roxiedo wrote over 3 years:
Love this update! Thanks so much!
Sarah101010 wrote over 3 years:
awesome! I LOVE this app!!
_Bro wrote over 3 years:
Love the updates! Thx
emmazacklover wrote over 3 years:
Thank you so, so much!! I love this app and it brings me to tears that it is free!! How amazing that you are doing it for the right reasons! Funny thing is, I started with you when paying for another highly known and successful company and have gotten so much more from your app AND forum... thank you thank you thank you!!!
MayhemModels wrote over 3 years:
Love the update but sad the scanner won't work on my 3G
karashar wrote over 3 years:
Tried to use the barcode scanner and it's stuck on search mode. Been going at it for hours and I can't do a thing with it.
sweebeesmom wrote over 3 years:
I love the app (the old one and the update) my only concern is when I input my weight on the app, the progress chart doesn't show the correct weight for the day. For instance, I put 127.2 in today, and it came up as 128.3 on the graph. Is this an average? It didn't used to do it in the old app. Thanks!
mdively wrote over 3 years:
Best update yet!!! Barcode scanner is already saving me a ton of time! MFP is awesome!!!
wendy0125 wrote over 3 years:
Love the new updates, the app was great before and now you have made it even better! Thanks!!! and double thanks for making it FREEEE-- best app I have!
anithashenoy wrote over 3 years:
Thanks for the barcode scanner. It is so easy to get the exact calorie count now. Love this feature.
aweigh2go wrote over 3 years:
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Now I can set a reminder to eat every three hours! I can just scan the protein and POW! It's there!

When are you going to add a "multi-add" feature to the website though?
dshalbert wrote over 3 years:
Nice! I love the barcode component. Used it this morning on my breakfast cereal.
Stephene41 wrote over 3 years:
Like the new barcoding feature alot.
calliope_music wrote over 3 years:
i would loooove to see an Android app that's like the iPhone app!
Elixandra wrote over 3 years:
Loved updates. To bad my ipod is to old for the barcode scanner. :/
nomnomgal wrote over 3 years:
I've only had minimal success with the Barcode Scanner, and the one thing that it found, was the right brand, but the wrong version of what I was having, so I corrected it. I reckon that it's because I'm living in Sweden, so the database isn't going to have many of our products. But when I've scanned something, and end up adding the food, it doesn't save the barcode for the next time? I think that would be good, like when we add our items to the database, we can make it available to other MFP users, the same with scanning a barcode and if it's not in the database, save it with information that we input? If this is already available, I've yet to find it, but if not, I'd love to see it implemented.
JanW01 wrote over 3 years:
Love the barcode scanner!
DLPenny wrote over 3 years:
i have an i touch phone.... i pod
i what to know if can use it on there and how???
julier0713 wrote over 3 years:
Any chances of making it available on a Blackberry?
justyourtypicalgirl wrote over 3 years:
beauty278 wrote over 3 years:
Is there going to be also an update for iphone 3G. I so wish i could use it.
BuckeyeMike wrote over 3 years:
Like a few people have noted above... On the website I set my caloric breakdown at 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat. On the iPhone app it reports 45% pro, 45% carbs, 10% fat. A small bug I assume.

Other than that LOVE the update! Thanks so much!!
BuckeyeMike wrote over 3 years:
Like a few people have noted above... On the website I set my caloric breakdown at 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat. On the iPhone app it reports 45% pro, 45% carbs, 10% fat. A small bug I assume.

Other than that LOVE the update! Thanks so much!!
gunnarpalm wrote over 3 years:
I couldn't get bar code scanner to work, no place to push to get it to start searching the database...I have a 3GS??
Lindac6724 wrote over 3 years:
when can we expect update for samsung android phones?
woof19 wrote over 3 years:
I am LOVING this app. 7 lbs in 5 weeks and feeling great. The scanning feature is PERFECT for stuff at home. Thanks!
Fattack wrote over 3 years:
Thanks for the new app guys! Despite some of the comments above, most of us really appreciate the work you put into this FREE stuff, and I'm sure you'll be working on the bugs like the charts.
cblenko wrote over 3 years:
The inclusion of a barcode scanner is genius . . makes entering the info MUCH MUCH easier . . thanks.
sarahnicole218 wrote over 3 years:
The update is great, but I agree with a couple of the would be nice if we could view our friends diaries with the iPhone app. Thanks! :)
faerie_dust wrote over 3 years:
new update is splendid - i updated quite by mistake/autopilot and the tweaks make me smile! thanks much!
RedheadHen wrote over 3 years:
Please, please add a barcode scanner for DROID!! OMG ... I'd SO love that!!
4jenniferk wrote over 3 years:
I love the new barcode scan option... just wanted to say thank you!!!!!
krystlenicole wrote over 3 years:
Lovin the barcode scan as well! It makes things so quick and easy!
Stawberry_Fields_Forever wrote over 3 years:
Mike, the latest iPhone update rocks! Thank you!
NianMaya wrote over 3 years:
Thank you so much! I love the barcode scanner, it works great!
WarriorJayne wrote over 3 years:
barcode is awesome. but I think the best part for me is the reminders. sometimes i forget to eat lunch or breakfast... and getting little notes help me to focus and not blow my calories at dinner. thanks for the update, keep up the good work.
christine_scullion wrote over 3 years:
Please add a barcode scanner option for Blackberry. Thanks
ginelle777 wrote over 3 years:
so excited that i have the going to download today when i get home. cant wait to use barcodes!
mshcggirl wrote over 3 years:
Can YOU PLEASE fix it so that IF you comment on other people's status that U get a notification?! Thanks! I love the new fixes!
mshcggirl wrote over 3 years:
I meant to say that If You comment on a Pal's status, then someone comes behind you and comments, can you please be notified of this? It would be more interactive.
JensBabyOven wrote over 3 years:
Plleeeeeaaaaassssssee update the android app?!?!? I would love you forever!!!! :)
meanjeann wrote over 3 years:
Love the updates - EXCEPT - the barcode doesn't always go to the right product. How can we correct or add a comment that it needs to be corrected? Also, we need an iPad app please!
skyrzee wrote over 3 years:
did I miss the explanation of the Pie Chart?

The first number seem obvious - % of daily calories taken in, the 2nd doesn't seem to match anything. can you help out?

is it supposed to be the goal percentage?

and for the android users - I'm guessing MFP has heard your request. Please stop.
mfkfoster wrote over 3 years:
Thanks so much! I love the new app. I have an iPhone 3g so the barcode option doesn't work for me but I'm getting a new iPhone as soon as the 5g comes out!
Thanks for everything!
annewright72 wrote over 3 years:
Will this be out on the Blackberry soon?
MaryS910 wrote over 3 years:
The barcode feature is awesome! I have only had it be wrong once and I input the correction. Thanks for a GREAT APP!!!
Rachael_019 wrote over 3 years:
When/ will the barcode scanning be available on the BlackBerry App?
Ikeman1972 wrote over 3 years:
Hey! What about us Blackberry users??? No love for us????
kategottli wrote over 3 years:
it would be great to be able to add measurements via the app. Currently I have to log in to the website to be able to do this.

Other than that, amazing!! Best app, and it has changed my life for the better!
sldierswife wrote over 3 years:
Will you be updating this app for the iPad users? I'd sure love it to be set up for iPad :)
oddyogi wrote over 3 years:
Who uses Blackberry devices anymore?... ;) J/k!

But for real, Android ftw.

*loves my EVO 3D*
bennybuckethead wrote over 3 years:
Hey guys great site! Take a look at this thread: You've got a bug in the code, time to get it fixed.
morganadk2_deleted wrote over 3 years:
A Very big thank you !!!
jrwill228 wrote over 3 years:
Did you look at ShopSavy for the barcode scanning. No fee if you do their banner (and your site has those already). I have been looking at other apps sine MFP doesn't do scanning well, and most of the use shop savy.
coveblader wrote over 3 years:
Works great - thanks!
pawprint_net wrote over 3 years:
ZXING library - free open source library for barcode scanning will do you on both iOS and Droid - it's what I use for development. It'll work for non-auto focus although most people want to hold the camera too close anyway - so it may not be worth your while.
voluptas63 wrote over 3 years:
I'd gladly use a paid app for barcode scanning. I'm so bummed out I don't have it!
Rynatat wrote over 3 years:
I initially got an iPhone earlier this year just so I could log MFP instead of always taking Hubby's phone: I LOVE the new updates!! The first day I realized I could scan my food, I wanted to eat more just to scan - LOL! It really is awesome to scan & log - def awesome update - thank you SO much!!
Love the other updates - you guys ROCK!!
nahhan12 wrote over 3 years:
I'm in love with the barcode scanning part of the app! LOVE LOVE LOVE

It makes things so easy and feels more accurate than searching through pages of entries to find the exact product.
brettkeogh wrote over 3 years:
I'll ditto the sentiment for an Android version update. I would love the reminder and push notices. My MFPeeps are great and I'd like to be more immediate with them.
DaniNei wrote over 3 years:
I would definitely pay for an app where the barcode scanner works on my i pod touch. I thought it was really cool when I saw that you added it, but was disappointed to learn that I was unable to use it.
benodie wrote over 3 years:
I can't get this app . .My iphone is only a 3 :( . .I would pay for it! love this site thankyou
jamacarthur wrote over 3 years:
Enjoying app. I use a BB and find it slow to add food as it keeps connecting to download and update. Also there is no bar code scanning for BB - :-(
Elle_Jamaicangirl81 wrote over 3 years:
I look forward to the update for the BLACKBERRY

i can't complete my dairy on there.. i would really like that at least.
peredehuit wrote over 3 years:
This is great! When do you expect to have this for Android?
macahi wrote over 3 years:
Nice work, but the iPhone version at least still has the re-introduced (3.1) bug where it reverts back to the homepage after some period of time being idle.

Unless I shut down the app, it should re-open to the screen on which it was left, as it used to.
numbersguy404 wrote over 3 years:
Looking forward to barcode scanning coming to the Android app.
desifink wrote over 3 years:
I'm just getting started with MFP - I'd love to see an iPad app! Please!!!!!!
Alderaic wrote over 3 years:
same here, ipad app, if only the get ungarbled text full screen rather than the ugly 2x mode
c0bra99 wrote over 3 years:
Barcode scanning has been in the android app for a long time now, way before the iphone app had it
tiffypooh2u wrote over 3 years:
Hopefully Adroid will have the same application soon? :) I know others have probably said the same thing, but there is so much to read. Sorry for any duplicates
mktuck wrote over 3 years:
Love, love the barcode scanning!! Makes logging way easier! Thanks!
mjpop wrote over 3 years:
Love the barcode scanner. Your making my life so much easier. Thanks a bunch.
lavender3 wrote over 3 years:
I have the app on Android phone...and my friend has an iPhone and we added each other as friends...any idea when the upgrade will roll out on andriod so I can see him on my app?
billjank wrote over 3 years:
Great app! first one I've found that's quick and pretty.
kd80538 wrote over 3 years:
Support/Dev team - Kudos to you! I love the site, and love the app. I've tried all kinds of diets, fads, programs, etc over the years - and last year finally made the conscious decision to do it the right way...watching what was going in my mouth and becoming more active. 8 months and 55 pounds later, I feel like a new person - and my success has been in large part to MFP! I love the accessibility of the program as well as the extensive database...not to mention the cool new features! Thank you!!!! You guys have much to be proud of - thank you!
hotpurpletx wrote over 3 years:
Can we please have the android version soon???? Pretty please with a cherry on top!!! :-)
txpeters wrote over 3 years:
please let us track/view macronutrient (carbs/protein/fat) daily totals, preferably in the diary view of the app.
SusanGould wrote over 3 years:
Would really love a 7 day snapshot of weight in actual lbs. Similar to the 7 day progress report on the website page. Thanks. Love the site, love the app, thanks for making being healthy a little more fun.
robyn525 wrote over 3 years:
It would be nice to have the scanning ability for the Blackberry app as well.

Would this be possible?
moamcgoo wrote over 3 years:
thank you so much... this app has been so helpful and ive only been using it a few days, i already love it. thank you thank you!
jaschembra wrote over 3 years:
This is so cool!!! I use it a lot while cooking something. I'll scan the ingredients and then reduce my amount to my serving. Absolutely the best!!!!
cwhite98241 wrote over 3 years:
AWESOME addition!!! I love it! so easy!
kgasser wrote over 3 years:
FREAKIN LUUUUUV the barcode scanner...technoaddict's wet dream!!!!
joannt10300 wrote over 3 years:
Will this be available for android soon?
halfpint31 wrote over 3 years:
Please add new features to android soon. I use the scanner quite often and the other features sound awesome. By the way there are ore andriod users than IPHONE users
NovemberJune wrote over 3 years:
I use the scanner on my iPod Touch all the time ;)
elizasut wrote over 3 years:
love the barcode scanner! yippee! Videos good!
mtc1971 wrote over 3 years:
I am pretty dumb but I can't get it to work. What am I suppose to do to get it to scan, take a picture?? Help!!!! I don't know how to scan.
jmasse25 wrote over 3 years:
Thanks for updates! Any news on an iPad app? I'm currently using the iPhone app on my iPad, and it's ok - but an iPad specific app would be much better! Also - love the features you have for the Droid. I am constantly traveling for work, and love that I can quickly look up foods and related nutrition facts on the fly.
Anandgiridhar wrote over 3 years:
Please do introduce these features for the android app as well!
Kedoma wrote over 3 years:
You guys are AMAZING!!! By far the best app I've ever used for calorie counting!!!
kailaburch89 wrote over 3 years:
Maybe you could add a like button for peoples status' like facebook has?
buzzjen wrote over 3 years:
I've used two other apps/websites for fitness and nutrition tracking and this one is by far the best. I love the barcode scan feature!
lizzycomp wrote over 3 years:
Android user requesting barcode scanning!
Greensasquatch wrote over 3 years:
Android user requesting Reminders, Notifications, Pie Graphs and the ability to edit recipes.
Greensasquatch wrote over 3 years:
Please add a donate version of the android app, I'd pay a bit to get rid of the ads.
rudegyal_b wrote over 3 years:
android needs an update!! ps ppl android has barcode scanning
cielw wrote over 3 years:
I dont have an iphone so just using the internet version which is awesome!! Any love for Nokia smart phone users?
rpuglisi wrote over 3 years:
great! any plans to update Blackberry app as well?
SwagataaDutta wrote over 3 years:
Hi..Can you plz create an app for nokia (symbian) too? Most people in asia and europe are Nokia users and we cant use MFP via phone.
xrizzle wrote over 3 years:
Yeah Android update PLEASE!!!
jma3ms wrote over 3 years:
How about a function to share recipes, meals, etc from one iPhone to another? My wife and I are both using the app and it would save time to be able to share our food inputs. Great program, thanks!
irrelevant wrote over 3 years:
I would also appreciate a barcode scanning function for the Android.
irrelevant wrote over 3 years:
*take out the "the" before Android. Whoops.
p0pr0cksnc0ke wrote over 3 years:
I am joining with the other 4068456908 people and saying PLEASE make community features and status etc available for Android app. I am officially hooked on this site, I LOOOOOVE it so I want to be able to use all features when I am on the go with two kids!!!
crty1091 wrote over 3 years:
would really love that for blackberry as well.
BeckyFitPal wrote over 3 years:
Can I just say that I love MFP website, but I love the MFP app so much more. The reports on the app are so much better (I LOVE the pie chart break down for what portion of my cal came from fat, protein, and carbs), I like that there are reports for all of your nutrients on one page, etc. I hope MFP plans on adding these to the website in the future!
vsangel87 wrote over 3 years:
ok, i'm probably the billionth person to ask this at this point, but...when are you gonna share some of that love with the Android? i can't wait for an Android update that allows all of that cool stuff! hurryyy pleeease! :)
honichka wrote over 3 years:
i would love this for a blackberry! Then you could sell the app to big companies as they try to get their employees healthy to mitigate costs for health plans! Think about it---- all of those company issued blackberries and all of that advertising revenue.
Tanya0695 wrote over 3 years:
For those asking for Android and BB apps, it looks like they are already out there:
abouck wrote over 3 years:
Barcode scanning is great, but can this feature be used to create "my foods" in the future? I would love to be able to scan the items I used most often and keep them in my foods list for easier more accurate tracking.
Bdmiller42 wrote over 3 years:
lets get some updates for android!
Jenna70 wrote over 3 years:
Thanks for adding the bar code scanner to the Android app! But... I would LOVE to have community features even more... it is soooo helpful to connect with MFP friends by reading status posts and posting motivational messages to friends on the website... it would be so great to be able to do this from within the app while out and about! Please show some love to those of us not in iphoneland!
ehilgeman wrote over 3 years:
I just want to say....barcode scanning is AWESOME! Thanks, MFP.
meakinh wrote over 3 years:
Morning Mike, love the app..would you please work on the duplicates in the food section. also standardize the ways foods are some fruits have "fresh" first and others don't. Look at honey dew and blue berries. Would be a help if the engine would respond with "did you mean xxxx" if the spelling or word sequence was close. Not all of us are good spellers. Amazon is a good example of this. I am loosing weight and as a result of the use of MYFITNESSPAL have a better grasp on the calories I take in...Many thanks meakinh
2dogmom wrote over 3 years:
When will the Android App be updated? Can we get the pie chart on the webiste?
solpwr wrote over 3 years:
Mike, I just want to thank you for MyFitnessPal, but also the latest version of the iPhone App. I love the 1m/2m/3m views, and the pie charts for weekly. And of course the scanner is awesome.
I would like to see a text version of the reports on the web version, that I would be able to copy/paste into a spreadsheet for further analysis.
Thanks again.
amccord2 wrote over 3 years:
Mike, this App is awesome! Thank you. I have the iPhone 3G and cannot use the scanning feature. I read your post about the expense. I just wanted to offer (don't know if this will help) that the App, Grocery IQ has a scanner that works on the 3G, and it's a free App. Maybe you could look into what type they use?
laurelei09 wrote over 3 years:
The app is awesome, especially for those of us using the macronutrient charts. I love the reports and the ease of recording food on the app. Really nicely done. Any plans to include the community feeds in the app version?
christinad95 wrote over 3 years:
will there ever be a barcode scanner app for BB? I'd love to have that feature.
deltronic wrote over 3 years:
I've been using the bar code scanner without an auto-focus camera on my 4th gen ipod. Works brilliantly. The program is fantastic :)
mypi wrote about 3 years:
Hi can we please have a way to update our blogs through iPhone app? That would be brilliant :D
stgatlin wrote about 3 years:
OMG!!! The barcode scanning is AWESOME!!! Thanks!! Makes my life much easier!!

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