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iPhone app update available, fixes meal crash

Good news - Apple approved our iPhone app update which fixes the meal crash.  For those of you who have been experiencing crashes with the app, please install the update ASAP.  The app should no longer crash once the update has been installed.

We're so sorry for the inconvenience.  Hopefully all of the kinks in the new version of our app have been worked out, and we can move from bug fixing to new features.  If you still experience any issues, please let us know ASAP and we'll get them fixed up immediately.

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying the app and the site.

Mike & Al 

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tbear358 wrote 94 months ago:
Hey guys. I was wondering if you could readjust the sensitivity of the swipe thing where you can flick the screen and the date changes in the food diary? I've noticed ever since the last update that when im scrolling down to view my diary or add something to dinner that its really sensitive and will flip dates on me.
orangegalt wrote 94 months ago:
hi, since you're changing things that are wrong since the update...

why did you change the value for "net" to be the same as calories remaining? this makes no sense and is quite counterintuitive, and now there's no display of your actual net calories (calories consumed minus calories burned). i wish i could un-update! please put it back the way it was.
Resalyn wrote 94 months ago:
I love being able to use this on my iPod Touch when I'm offline. So much easier to stay on track when I have no internet signal, which is pretty much all day at work.... Thank you for your hard work!
cota1chrome wrote 94 months ago:
Hi guys,
I would LOVE IT if you guys could make a droid app, I did a search on here for droid apps and I'm def not the only one that would love it. PLEASE make a droid app.
Thank You :-D
steve_adediran wrote 94 months ago:
Great job guys !!! This has really been a great improvement! Not only can I keep on track offline which means I don't forget or have to use Note app to record stuff but I can also check previous entries offline at a very good speed and also search for food items offline. Fantastic!!!
Have noted some glitches e.g. entries being duplicated after synchronization though not all the time but the benefits of the upgrade far outweigh these inconveniences. Well done!!!
maz81 wrote 94 months ago:
hi guys
i absolutely love my app it has to be the most used app on my iphone. pls pls pls cud u put the green button [as on the website] in the food list to see how much weight would be lost in 5 weeks or 1 week cos this feature really keeps me motivated and all my friends who have this app would really love to see this feature on the iphone app too. Thankyou for such a great app now add the green button [pls] and make it better lol!!!
Anonymous wrote 94 months ago:
Would you also do an app for a Blackberry - I would love to be able to update this remotely.
mmweddig wrote 94 months ago:
a Blackberry app would be wonderful (as the above person mentioned). i would find it much easier to keep up with my weight loss and calorie counting if i were able to access it all the time via my phone (which i don't go anywhere without)! i think many would agree...something to consider.
schmidt16 wrote 94 months ago:
I love the app on my iPhone but I have some friends that have blackberry's and they want a app as well :-)
TabiHerbalifeCoach wrote 93 months ago:
As mentioned above several times, I would love love love a Blackberry app.
Anonymous wrote 7 months ago:

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