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iPad Update Available - Bug Fix Release

Just a quick note to let you all know that we just released an update for our iPad app. This update is a bug fix release - it fixes a bunch of crashes and provides improved stability overall.

If you experience any issues with the update, just let us know and we'll investigate ASAP.

Hope you are all enjoying MFP!

Mike, Al and the MFP team 

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fitzie63 wrote 69 months ago:
SENIORFAYE has been struggling with the scanning feature a lot. I'll send her this link. Thanks all who maintain and improve this site for us. You are the best of the very best :)
ccervino wrote 69 months ago:
I was trying to log off and log into my sons account and everything went null. I can't log in or off and everything is zeroed out!
stillgoingstrong wrote 69 months ago:
I downloaded the update, and now I can't use the app. I keep getting the message: Alert, another synchronization is in progress, operation cancelled.

It seemed to be working this morning, but then the rest of the day, no go. I love your app and really appreciate it, I am losing weight. I trust you will fix the bugs! Thank you!
stillgoingstrong wrote 69 months ago:
Never mind--I just turned off the iPad and then turned it back on and the app seems to be fine again. Duh! Sometimes I forget that little trick helps.
sailhawk4 wrote 69 months ago:
Is there a known problem with the Android app? Mine was working perfectly until about a week ago but now crashes after every entry so is nearly unusable. I love this app and am using the web version now but really miss being able to use it on my phone!
MexisMom wrote 69 months ago:
Any idea when we'll have the ability to use the community feature on the app? 9 times out of 10 I end up just going on MFP through Safari as the app severely limits what I can do.

It would also be nice to have a feature to see your profile without having to find a post of yours somewhere.
fancyladyJeri wrote 69 months ago:
I'd love to be able access the community as well.

Terrific app though. Absolutely first class
Syrynn333 wrote 69 months ago:
Love the App!, noticed after the last update the charts are not adding up the calories per day correctly anymore. Some days are correct, other days are not...
Mizzhealthy4life wrote 68 months ago:
Thank you !!! I love the iPad app!!!
lrbagby wrote 68 months ago:
Love the Ipad app also, but did run into the same problem as ccervino. When I logged off and logged on my wife, then logged her off and logged back on, her settings were there with my meals. Neither of us were logged on and there was no log on button or log off button anywhere to be found. It was in limbo. I ended up uninstalling the app and re installing it. I could not duplicate the occurance, but I am sure there is a bug.
tycasey71 wrote 68 months ago:
I am unable to see my friends or messages using the iPad app. What am I missing? The app doesn't provide the same functionality as the website. Help?
speediejane wrote 68 months ago:
on my ipad see all nutrients not cleared for today whats wrong? still on yesterdays nutrients.
ejensen84 wrote 68 months ago:
I would like to see the app rotate for the ipad. Does not go to landscape.
It would be very nice to be able to share foods much easier. Maybe even a push feature, that the other person only has to 'accept' the add.
docdevore wrote 68 months ago:
Your apps are amazingly good. I use both the Android app and the iPad app. Both well done. Keep up the good job.
peeweenovak wrote 67 months ago:
My fitness Pal is one of the best things that's ever happened for me! I was unable to lose weight for years! I can't be exactly sure what this up unlocked in me that created such motivation to succeed, but it did! I will forever be grateful for the work that went into this application and the offering of it to people like me, expecting nothing in return. I have lost 41 pounds so far and continue to faithfully work the program! To all that may have had a hand in this, Thanks!

John W Novak
Vice President
Ohio Utilities Protection Service
beautifulneah wrote 67 months ago:
The app is ok for the ipad, except you cannot load pictures and if you go to mfp through the internet on the ipad, you are still unable to add pictures :-(
thepanttherlady wrote 67 months ago:
Thank you, thank you for fixing the weekly calories!!!! <3
emeka896 wrote 61 months ago:
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