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iPad App Update Available - Mainly Bug Fixes

Just a quick update to let you all know that an update for our iPad app is now available.  Version 1.1 of our iPad app is primarily a bug fix release - we've fixed several crashes, corrected several typos, and if you exercise, an adjustment to your calorie goal is now displayed on the Food tab.

We're working on additional improvements to the iPad app, but we hope you'll find these small fixes helpful in the meantime.

Thanks, and hope you're all enjoying MFP.

Mike, Al, and the MFP team 

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pdegler wrote 68 months ago:
How do I get the update?
MissDoray wrote 68 months ago:
Thank goodness. That red number on the Food Tab was really bugging me. Meant to write to you about it, but you beat me to the punch. Thanks guys!
tshahady wrote 68 months ago:
how about viewing food/exericse diaries?
nk17 wrote 68 months ago:
Thanks for the fixes. It means a lot. Looking forward to more improvements and the day when I only use one. Currently I use the iPhone app, iPad app and the web app all 3 on my iPad because they each have different features I want on the go.
Kristine0920 wrote 68 months ago:
Thank you! I was going nuts not being able to add new foods - everything I tried to add just took me back to the list of foods I'd already added.
Jayelts wrote 68 months ago:
HELP!!! I updated the ipad version of your software, now it wont open. It starts & says its Syncing, then closes... any ideas?
emd2009 wrote 68 months ago:
Please add an HD version for Android tablets.
modgirlrachel wrote 68 months ago:
Can you please consider adding forums to the iPad app? :)
gaberieger wrote 68 months ago:
Awesome. Thank you and your team for all the hard work.
jovz10 wrote 68 months ago:
thanks for the update! i'm not sure but i can't seem to update my status through the iPad app...l
perrybucsdad wrote 68 months ago:
I second teh forums function. Very frustrating when you see someone commented on a topic but can see what that comment was.
andrewbeatty wrote 68 months ago:
Is the sync between myfitnesspal and fitbit down today?
stillgoingstrong wrote 68 months ago:
The update for the app seems to be causing some very annoying problems on my iPad: trouble finding foods, adding things in twice ( food and exercise, so that I keep having to edit them out), not letting me scroll down to the bottom of the page. I hope this is a temporary thing!
kknightonrondon wrote 68 months ago:
I still can't see finess or nutrition reports when I run them from the website on my iPad. What's with that?
Pkiddy wrote 68 months ago:
was wondering when the ability to read and comment on blogs was going to be added the the Droid app... is it in the works? (Thank you guys for creating this site! Its the best!)
kvreeken wrote 68 months ago:
I rarely use the iPad app because I like to read all the forums and group comments which you cannot access on the app. I hope you add it soon. Thanks! FYI I love MFP!
Jewels_Ka wrote 68 months ago:
Love my IPad app! BUT - i must agree with others - I WANT MY FORUMS!!! Oh and also when I add a food into breakfast and want to switch it to lunch or dinner i would like to do it the way its done on PC! with out having to delete, edit, omit or whatever else. Just click on the item and change to lunch dinner or breakfast. THanks Guys for caring to make an improvement! Its a great site!
alwaysmoody wrote 68 months ago:
I would like to be able to delete recipes I don't use anymore, because they didn't work out. Any way of deleting them? Right now you can only edit them.
Jessicalrob wrote 68 months ago:
When I try and open it it says it's synching then closes too! Also when I enter my water it automatically takes me up to the top of the page. I can't add multiple glasses at once.
shivaslives wrote 68 months ago:
Still waiting for Android HD app for tablets. Please!!!
deano_m86 wrote 68 months ago:
I've got a similar problem for the iPad app, I try to login and it closes, thought it was a password problem so tried to request a new one, that closed the app too.

I've heard this is a common problem for both standard and jailbroken ipads.
SwannySez wrote 68 months ago:
I read this as "manly" bug fixes. And by God I prefer it that way! Grrr. *fart* *scratch*
huha99 wrote 68 months ago:
I have been on the MFP program for 1 week now and really like it!!
I have a suggestion-would you please add a "time of day" option for the meals and snacks? I know that the names of the meals can be altered (ie 9-11AM, 1-3PM, etc.) but would really find it very useful to log the time I ate as well.
Overall-this is great and have recommended it to several others!
cchills wrote 68 months ago:
When you are adding water to the food log on the iPad, the screen jumps a few lines. If you are logging more than one glass at a time, you have to scroll down for each + added. Kinda annoying.
PurpleLadyTx wrote 68 months ago:
In previous post, "nk17 wrote 2 weeks ago:... Currently I use the iPhone app, iPad app and the web app all 3 on my iPad because they each have different features I want on the go." -- Currently I do the same thing but not all on the iPad - get frustrated when I try to do something on the phone or the iPad and remember "oh, can only do that on web version" - when will they all have the features needed so don't have to wait to do something ??
sar1880 wrote 68 months ago:
MFP is a wonderful app. I mainly use the iPad version and have seen great results in my weight loss goal. I do however have a couple suggestions for the iPad app: someone else mentioned this above and I agree would be nice to delete a food entry, currently I have to edit and set the servings to 0. Also I use the quick add calories feature a lot but would really like to be able to add a quick description of what the quick add entry is, for example "1 cup my trail mix", X calories. Many thanks for the great work on this app.
pikselinka wrote 68 months ago:
Hi Mike, is it possible to add links to forum on the News Feed when someone does post in message boards (for Safari) in iPhone app?

Also I think it'd be lovely to be able access message boards from the app.

Hope you will consider these.
Have a good day.
todaystuesday wrote 67 months ago:
I would also love access to the forums
kicksxit wrote 67 months ago:
It would be awesome if we had the ability to put in a pass code for the mobile apps, as some people share iPads/androids. Is that in the works?
beginnerluck wrote 67 months ago:
You guys are doing wonderful work! Thanks for everything, and the iPad app is great!

Any chance you can give us an option to generate pie charts with net carbs in the mobile apps (specifically iPhone!)? It would reduce my dependency on my computer to plan meals since I use this userscript "MyFitnessPal Percentages and Net Carbs" at Much appreciated.

In fact, why don't you just implement that user script as a standard feature to food diary on web page while you're at it. Pretty please =)
beginnerluck wrote 67 months ago:
Also, any chance we can copy recipes to a new recipe as a starting point and also have access to the usual Frequent/Recent/My Foods interface when adding ingredients to recipes? It's so frustrating finding the same foods over again in the database when it's changed names, disappeared, or different nutrition than what I usually eat already.
emmyzuck wrote 67 months ago:
I enjoy using the app on iPhone, iPad and Mac. However, the one thing I cannot seem to do is to view my friend's diary when using the iPad app. Am I missing something, or is this not a feature of the iPad app only?
MsBeautifullOne wrote 67 months ago:
Will this be available for the iPad 3? And can you scan the barcodes with the iPad?
_LynnK_ wrote 67 months ago:
I love the iPad app. Very easy to use and so handy to keep track of what I'm eating.
I just notice each time that I try to add to my water intake, I need to wait for the app to catch up as it tends to always scroll up on me when adding water. This only started since the last update...
Otherwise, great app and will continue to use regularly!! Thanks :)
theflanclan wrote 67 months ago:
I would like to be able to see my friend's diary as I can on the laptop.
geriwirth wrote 67 months ago:
what about an app for us android tablet users?
BartCox wrote 67 months ago:
Regarding Android in general, why isn't it getting the same attention or similar attention as iPhone and iPad? Are most of your users iPhone/iPad? Does this mean you going to eventually drop Android support?
brayla1 wrote 64 months ago:
Thanks for the barcode feature!! I love it, helps me keep focused on journaling and takes that excuse away!! Kudos to your team!
emeka896 wrote 59 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 27 months ago:
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