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iPad App Now Available!

We're very pleased to announce that version 1.0 of our iPad app is now available in the App Store! Some highlights:

  • Log on the go, but on a larger screen - Like our other apps, our iPad app lets you log on the go, but our iPad app is specifically designed to take advantage of the iPad's larger screen.  With a larger keyboard and more screen real estate, the iPad app makes logging easier than ever.

  • Syncs with our website and other mobile apps - all entries will sync seamlessly between our website and our other apps as long as an internet connection is available.

  • Works offline - don't have an internet connection available? No problem!  Our iPad app contains a streamlined food database so that it works offline.  Once an internet connection is available, your entries will sync seamlessly as long as you've created a MyFitnessPal account.

  • Barcode scanning - if you have an iPad 2 with a camera, you can use our barcode scanner to easily find foods in our database.

  • Support and motivate your friends - easily stay in touch with your friends on MFP.  Monitor their progress and provide (and receive) the support you all need to be successful.
...and more!  And of course, like our other apps, our iPad app is 100% FREE!
To download the app from iTunes, search for "MyFitnessPal HD" or click the link below:
There were a few features we had to leave out in version 1.0, like Reminders, but we'll be adding them as soon as we can.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this initial version, and definitely let us know what you think!  We'd love to hear your feedback.  And if you like the app, please rate it - we'd appreciate it!
Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying MyFitnessPal!
Mike, Al, and the MFP Team 


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T0M0 wrote 74 months ago:
Great work guys. Its a great app.
AggieCass09 wrote 74 months ago:
i asked for the iPad for Christmas but what i really wanted was THIS (the MFP app)! Now my life is complete :)

Thanks guys, yall are the best!
trishadams wrote 74 months ago:
Ever since getting an ipad a couple of weeks ago I've been dreaming of an mfp ipad app!! Thanks for an early Christmas present :)
kseltzer wrote 74 months ago:
I downloaded the app, but it won't let me log in? Hmmmm
rainman3k wrote 74 months ago:
So awesome, great work guys!
Tigermad wrote 74 months ago:
Hello. The app is great but you can't view friends diaries on it. Is this a future plan? :-)
marianne_s wrote 74 months ago:
Hmmm... just downloaded it.... looks FANTASTIC....!

But... my exercise calories aren't showing on the food diary, so the net calorie amount isn't there....

I eat back my exercise calories, so I need to see how many calories I've got available....

Am I missing something?

applekoko19 wrote 74 months ago:
Aw I love it !! But it is annoying that you can't see diaries. To be honest I would have paid a few euro for it!
Photoology wrote 74 months ago:
its purty!!! :)
jujuwoome wrote 74 months ago:
So far I think it's great except for not being able to see friend's diaries.
lizjames1971 wrote 74 months ago:
Think it's great but can't view blogs or forum stuff!!
mrrad wrote 74 months ago:
Brilliant, thank you so much
daydream58 wrote 74 months ago:
Good work getting it out the door. Looking forward to future updates to polish it up - so far, very nice effort!
wallyg7 wrote 74 months ago:
Woohoo! I am so happy about this I will rate it 5 stars.
tjtemple wrote 74 months ago:
Friend's diaries pretty please :-) Otherwise it's fab.
Tigermad wrote 74 months ago:
Same request a few peeps have mentioned. It doesn't give the correct number of calories on the food screen when you have logged exercise. You need to keep going to the home page to see total calories remaining.
aling01 wrote 74 months ago:
wooohoOOO! I haven't played much with it since I just got to work and DL the app. But so far, I like it.
shivaslives wrote 74 months ago:
The screenshots and functionality look great. Us android tablet users are anxiously awaiting the port for Honeycomb and ICS.
TNAJackson wrote 74 months ago:
Awesome! Will the Ipad App work on Ipod's as well? I love the idea of being able to log with or without internet connection, but I don't own an Ipad, just an Ipod touch.
akgrl1020 wrote 74 months ago:
I love the App for the iPad! Everything I need for quick access, and then I can always visit the website to read the forums! Great work!
TodayDayOne wrote 74 months ago:
The iPad app does not seem to display favorites and recents in the proper order. It is pulling foods I haven't eaten in months. And the lists are different than what you see on the website.

But I gave this app a glowing review in the App Store.
jane713 wrote 74 months ago:
Love the iPad app! What I would love to be able to do is password protect the weight section--every kid (and a lot of the adults) in my extended family wants to play with my iPad, and no way do I want them checking out my weight! It's hard to remember to log out each time I'm tracking something, plus I'd like to be able to show the app to people without worrying about them hitting the progress button. Great app!
trill0042 wrote 74 months ago:
Love the iPad app, but it would be great if you could use it to check the forums. I do all of my logging using my phone and only use my iPad to access the forums on the website. It would be awesome if I could use the iPad to both log and check the forums
BetterWithAge wrote 74 months ago:
I like it so much better than the iPhone app I was using on my iPad
proftay wrote 74 months ago:
Very good work. I really enjoy the color graphs, etc. Very motivating. More graphics the better.
Ghlt4 wrote 74 months ago:
The app is great. I see I am having the same issues as some of the other users. It does not include my exercise calories in my diary, so I am always showing I have gone over them. Please fix this!
khskr1 wrote 74 months ago:
Way to go! Can wait to see what else you add as you continue to mature it! My husband stated that he will use it more often now that it's on our ipads!
KellyAnneH wrote 74 months ago:
The App looks great, but I won't be using it much yet = I really like being able to read people's diaries and comments. Is it possible to add a link to the site for reading and contributing to the conversations?

Also, call me a spelling nazi, but - it's lose, not loose. My excess weight is already MUCH too loose. (jiggly)
NoExcuseTina wrote 74 months ago:
Wish I could see links to blogs and posts on the home page and click them like on the full web site. And the exercise calories being added to the food page so I do not have to go back to the home screen to look at the chart for updated count would be great...other than that, I LOVE IT
Blackthorne99 wrote 74 months ago:
I like the fact that it is significantly different than the iPhone app with increased functionality, and not just 'bigger'.

I've been logging over 180 days,and the mobile app is what makes that possible because I can log right then and there as I'm eating. This is especially useful at buffets and potlucks.

Seeing my day to day weight is also great. I'm one of those people everyone hates because I weigh EVERY day. I even take my scale on vacation so there's no excuse. (I like the information - it helps keep me focused), so being able to see the actual numbers is useful in terms of seeing PMS water weight, the trends of hitting a new low & bouncing up again. etc.

Thank you for all of the hard work you put into this. I have used many sites, but none measure up to MFP.
Kimv123 wrote 74 months ago:
Anyone have any info on an App to integrate MFP with Fitbit? The Fitbit website under apps for MFP says coming soon

To be able to link MFP with Fitbit would be awesome!
stevehowland wrote 74 months ago:
Love the new app, thanks for making it and the price is of course great too.

You have one of the best, and most complete databases I've found. One idea for a sister app would be using the database you have to develop a Shopping app and then allow the MFP app/web to add to that app as your item is used or gets low.

Thanks for the great site, and apps!
GBO323 wrote 74 months ago:
I want to add how GLAD I am for this iPad app. While I would have loved a landscape mode for the iPhone app....this is bonus! Thank you for this great gift AND for keeping the syncing function in-place. I'm not always online so this helps tremendously.
pjwilli wrote 74 months ago:
The IPAD app is great, but I really miss the exercise calories added to the net calories. It's on my IPhone & my laptop only missing on the Pad. Still my favorite and most used app.
jjstokes wrote 74 months ago:
Thank You! Love the graph, and the ability to scroll all the way back to the beginning to look at my progress. Thank you very much!!
Sharont213 wrote 74 months ago:
I got the iPad2 for Christmas and this was my first app I loaded. I already have it on my BB and iPod.. I love it and truly appreciate everything you have done to help us be able to stay on track. This is the only program I use and with it, I have now been sucessful for over 1 1/2 years.. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
StaceG1986 wrote 74 months ago:
Thanks for this, going to download this as I only have the iPhone version on there at the minute!
HealthyAcademic wrote 74 months ago:
Love the app but wish I could access groups and blogs!
beckyinma wrote 74 months ago:
Love the app. Would love an update on how it's coming with the food diary not showing exercise cals bug fix... :)
Lopezc75 wrote 74 months ago:
Would like it even more if I could check forums and be able to create posts.
MariFitBody wrote 74 months ago:
Great. Now lets get that goin for my Nook Tablet as well :-)
krshantz wrote 74 months ago:
Any plans for an app for Blackberry Playbooks? :)
solpwr wrote 74 months ago:
Love it Mike, thanks. I would love it if the links to my friend's forum postings in my newsfeed were live links, even if it just pulled up the browser.
ebonyiz wrote 74 months ago:
Hey guys, I am diabetic. I cannot have as many carbs as the stats say I can. someone told me that I can customize the grams under each of the elements I track but I can't figure out how. If there is not a way to customize, will that be an update that can be worked into your schedule. It would help so much if I could do that. Thanks for the great work. Because of MFP I have lost 27 pounds, kept it off for a year and am embarking on my next 25. MFP rocks!
MrsSS wrote 74 months ago:
I'm a DroidX user & just got an iPad2, love the iPad app! The pie-chart rocks!
mamamc03 wrote 74 months ago:
I love the app in general...but I want to see diaries...A major issue I have had for the past 2 days, is that it is not syncing up right. If I entered my food on my iPhone at lunch and then get on my iPad later, it takes a LOT of fanagling to get it to update/sync. I have to log in and out of the app. On the iPhone, I do not have this issue. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MFP and everything it does, but I need this to work. Please please please! I'll love you forever!
AlaskaRedMama wrote 74 months ago:
will it import your progress from the old version? i am hesitant to dl the new one & have to start all over.
alucard835 wrote 74 months ago:
The iPad version is AMAZING. You guys did an excellent job!!
DeAunte wrote 74 months ago:
I love the iPad version of myfitnesspal. Great job!
Paulat84 wrote 74 months ago:
Is it just me or does the barcode scanner not work on the ipad?? I have an i pad 2 and i just cant get the reverse camera to scan anything!!!! Help somebody.
lmdurst wrote 74 months ago:
I am loving the iPad there any thought in adding the weekly total of exercise minute? I use this on the online site to make sure I get in my exercise goal before the end of the week.
zargag wrote 73 months ago:
Love the IPad App! I want the same functionality on the website now. Great work.
soymilkcoffee wrote 73 months ago:
Is there a glitch with the app? The food diary doesn't show the total calories remaining after exercising.
a2mi wrote 73 months ago:
Great app, Mike! Is there a way to "save as" items that you scan in via bar code, but want to slightly modify? (variety packs of oatmeal have different amounts depending on the flavor)
szalotta wrote 73 months ago:
My account on the iPad is not syncing with my same account on the web. When I complete the day's entry it does not show up as being completed on my (or friend's) home page.

Ditto about the exercise calories not being added.

I love MFP and recommend it to everyone.
clsalmon wrote 73 months ago:
My iPad 2 is being delivered next week - the MFP app was a BIG reason I didn't go with a different tablet. Thank you for finding more ways to help us learn how to live a healthy life!
ajevans2674 wrote 73 months ago:
I just got the ipad 2 and really appreciate this app. The only glitch that bother me is that the food diary doesn't take into account total calories after exercising. As someone who exercises quite a bit, this is a definite downside. Please fix!
JustTracyB wrote 73 months ago:
Like others, would love to access blogs, groups, and forum. That would make this the slickest app around!! I love it otherwise, and love the iPhone version!!!
weeziews wrote 73 months ago:
I love the Ipad app - very well done! One thing that would be nice, is a link to the community boards.
bjackerm wrote 73 months ago:
I don't have an "add" button on my iPhone 3G or my iPad. All I have is a scan button. Is this because I have to have eaten the food before and have it in my frequent or my food? How do I get things in there that I've not eaten before or I can't scan- like a banana or whatever? I think I must be missing something. Help! This was working for me on my iPhone before I upgraded.
Ashleysh22 wrote 73 months ago:
app looks beautiful! I especially love that I can log when offline. I would really love to be able to access people's diaries so that I can really encourage my friends. access to blogs, click on my profile (the latter of which is available of the iphone app), and forums would be exciting too! Looking forward to updates!
abrookh wrote 73 months ago:
Love it! Thanks for the app, makes my ipad2 that much more special :)
doublej74 wrote 73 months ago:
Great app. Love it except scanning barcodes has been next to impossible for me. (The iphone version works amazing btw).
gorenett wrote 73 months ago:
Hi I love this app. But would love to able to using with the weightwatcher plan
jesshale wrote 73 months ago:
I love the app!! The only thing I noticed is there are a couple places where lose is spelled loose...
Notsononymous wrote 73 months ago:
Love it! But please get a pin on startup/wake up. And if you can't integrate the forums, at least hotlink them to Safari.
wtlwb wrote 72 months ago:
I have used this app for quite some time on my Android phone. My husband now wants to lose weight and I told him this is the app to have! Until I saw the new permissions when trying to install on his xoom. I will start looking for a different app that does not scan my contacts, access the internet without permission, etc. App Developers: why would any app out there need to take a picture any time of whatever the camera can see at the moment??? Not acceptable.
Devil240Z wrote 72 months ago:
Why do I have to log into the app every time I launch it. It should remember my password...
SusiB60 wrote 71 months ago:
Love the app but 2 things missing as far as I can see. 1. Can't view friends diaries. 2. Can't quick add cals.

Looks damn good on the ipad 3 though :)
tmhawkins wrote 71 months ago:
I love this app and have been using for a while on my android phone but I now have the kindle fire and it connects but does not update. I see my page as if I just joined. Is this because its through amazon store?? Would love to use both.
baconisthecure wrote 68 months ago:
iPad Camera functionaly thas a bug when you are using it in landscape mode. The orrientation of the camera is all messed up. You move right it goes up. Works fine in portrait mode.

Roytindall63 wrote 67 months ago:
Think this is the one
JonaZo wrote 67 months ago:
myfitnesspal for iPad synchronization failed.
kathy3214 wrote 62 months ago:
just before I saw the paycheck which had said $6787, I accept that my cousin woz like they say realey taking home money in there spare time on their computer.. there best friend haz done this 4 only 21 months and recently took care of the loans on their apartment and got a great new Ford. we looked here,
midghamsteve wrote 61 months ago:
This is a great app and I am using it regularly....

But I have the same issues as "baconisthecure", the iPad camera in landscape mode is really odd ... Only works in portrait, which is a shame as my iPad case is not good in that layout. When can this be resolved?
Anonymous wrote 49 months ago:
When using MFP On my ipad i was a tad disappointed that it did not sync with my fitness pal on my iPhone. Is there anyway to do this

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