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iOS and Android Bug Fix Updates Now Available

We've released updates to our iOS and Android apps today.  Both updates are bug fix releases.  Here's a list of the changes:


  • Barcode scanning problems with autofocus cameras should be fixed
  • Barcode scanning in multi-add mode should work again
  • Errors scanning certain EAN-8 barcodes fixed
  • Crashes using barcode scanner on iOS 4.1 fixed


  • Barcode scanning into a recipe should work again 

For Android, we are still investigating issues users have reported with our new barcode scanner.  One important note is that with the new scanner, you cannot scan barcodes at an angle - you need to make sure the barcode is straight when scanning.  

This forum topic shows how to align the scanner properly:

If you are still having problems with the Android scanner after reading the above forum topic, please let us know by leaving us a comment on this blog post.  Please include what Android phone you are using, and what version of the Android operating system your phone is running.  We'll do our best to get everything sorted out ASAP. 

If you run into any issues with either update, just let us know.

We're also working on updates for both our Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 apps, and hope to have news on both updates shortly.

Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying MFP!

Mike, Al, and the MFP team 


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strongnotskinny121 wrote 75 months ago:
I have a question. I have android and the barcode scanning into recipes, is this for the mobile app or for when we are on the actual website via our phone? I updated but do not see where I can do recipes on my mobile app. Help?
katcj wrote 75 months ago:
Hi, it is difficult to find where to add recipes on the mobile app but it is there (on mine, from the home page, I press my menu button on the phone, choose 'More' and then 'Edit Foods and Exercises' - HTH) and I have just checked and am delighted to find that I can now, in fact, use the scanner to add ingredients. Just two days ago I gave up trying to do a recipe on my phone and waited till I was on my pc later!

Thanks for such a fab website and app, it's helping my weightloss immensely!
digdeep2011 wrote 75 months ago:
any chance of altering the windows 7 app to work with the earlier version of windows? I have an HTC touch, and I love MFP but the windows app doesnt work on it :(
toyachanty wrote 75 months ago:
Thank you for the update. I had a Huawei ascend phone, which previously was not able to scan barcodes. With this new update within a couple seconds of holding up the barcode to the camera it scanned. It will definately make my calorie counting easier.
toyachanty wrote 75 months ago:
Correction..I have a Huawei Ascend phone. I love the website and I love the mobile App. MFP is the best app for logging and tracking calories. I really appreciate the work you guys are doing. Also thank you for making it free.
TimKirkwood wrote 75 months ago:
I wish you had fixed the Copy/Paste. Ever since the update prior to this one you can no longer copy and paste to a status message. I often type a Facebook or twitter message that I want to copy to a MFP update. Broken. :O(
strongnotskinny121 wrote 75 months ago:
@ katcj. Thank you so much! I believe I had stumbled across that before but didn't realize what it was. I like it better than the website I think. Thanks, again!
strongnotskinny121 wrote 75 months ago:
MFP Team,
Thank you so much I have lost 25 lbs so far! Just so you know I love your app so much, I would be willing to pay for an ad-free version! And that's saying something, because I'm pretty thrifty ;-)
jendarlin wrote 75 months ago:
I can scan my recipes in again, Thanks so much for the fix!
seniorfaye wrote 75 months ago:
Thanks so much for the fix on the multi-add on the scanner. I was really missing that feature....
Jenkinsdonaldc wrote 75 months ago:
Your fix has now broken my android app now it won't synchronize data. It has been running for 10 minutes and doesn't do anything. I have killed it twice and
restarted but no luck. What's up?
Jenkinsdonaldc wrote 75 months ago:
Android sync problem is on htc Incredible 2 with 2.3.4 operating system. Htc sense version 2.1
GBO323 wrote 75 months ago:
Any chance of fixing the landscape bug on the iPhone app? I use it on the iPad and it would be nice to have it go into landscape mode for easier entry. Thanks for a great app!
Hobb3s wrote 75 months ago:
Any chance on getting an App for Nokia (Symbian) Phones? Please!
karensoxfan wrote 75 months ago:
I'm on iOS for iPhone, and the scanner pulls up the correct item and correct nutrition information maybe 10% of the time.

Like today, I scanned a can of Shaw's (supermarket brand) sliced carrots (which I know is available in the database if I search by typing), and the barcode scanner picked up "Grandma's sliced carrots" with 35 cal/serving instead of 30. I scanned 3 items for my lunch today, and none of them pulled up correct information.
mnaren wrote 75 months ago:
Any plans of releasing an iPad App soon?
JasonSwetland wrote 75 months ago:
Android app needs to let me take a picture from phone. I have to go into the browser which is highly inconvenient and annoying. No blog access from Android App. No Food Diary Access from App.

Start with the Pix upload issue Please.
ayummymommy01 wrote 74 months ago:
Blackberry app is not working properly...doesn't show "snacks" in my diary on my phone...just did upgrade yesterday
Minnie_Moo wrote 74 months ago:
I'm having problems with android version 2.3.3 (Droid X) with scanning barcodes and app keeps getting stuck or telling me that it had to force close :-(

Please fix it as I love using your app !
c1015 wrote 74 months ago:
Any chance in adding distance to the cardio exercises (running, jogging, etc.)?

Thanks MFP Team
Sharondee wrote 74 months ago:
Is it possible to have the app hold the scanned value in memory until I can get my phone pointed at a signal? It's a pain to re-scan every time it tells me "you need an Internet connection to search".
lowerbsnow wrote 74 months ago:
I know this is not the right place, but I have a question. I want my TICKER to post when I blog and it says "Copy and paste" one of the following. Where do you paste it to?
Bronx_Montgomery wrote 74 months ago:
I noticed a major issue with the android app since the last upgrade. It does not automatically log you on like it did before. I always have to put in my password when I leave the app. What's up with that. Also it always crashes when I start it up and I have to force close it. Why is that? Can we get a fix to this issue?
matzohball77 wrote 72 months ago:
can't see option to view daily/weekly pie chart on android acer tab 500. am I missing something?
ckeskel wrote 72 months ago:
I left a reply to Steven's post mentioned above about sending the feature request to the developers. The Android app works fine on my phone, but I want to use it on web version. Does the phone do the product lookup, or just return the id number to lookup elsewhere? The feature I'd like is to pass the number to the product lookup routine from a screen. (Yeah, I'm an application designer, so it's getting detailed.)
If you can't get info from system users list to contact me, send a friend request and I'll reply privately.
EarlGreyXV wrote 69 months ago:
Let's get rid of the ads.
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