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Introducing our newest forum moderators

I'm very happy to announce the debut of the newest additions to our volunteer moderator team!

Our recent request for additional moderators resulted in an impressive field of candidates. From the many eager volunteers, we've selected a group of five individuals as our first wave of new recruits. 

We'll be adding additional moderators in the weeks to come, so if you put yourself forward for consideration, please know that we're still increasing the size of the team.

In the meantime, please welcome the five folks who have joined the moderator team today:
  • brettkeogh
  • _Sally_
  • T0M0
  • wenders123
  • _Ben

They'll be joining our current group of amazing mods:

  • arewethereyet
  • catcrazy
  • ladyhawk00
  • MCDerin
  • SHBoss1673
  • stormieweather 
And of course, all of them will be supported by Steven, our newest MFP staff member.
By adding to the mod team, our hope is that we'll be able to respond faster to any issues in the forums, as well as be more consistent in posting explanations of why topics are locked or deleted.   We're working on some tools that will help make that easier for the mods, as well as working on a rule-rewrite which will both streamline the rules and make them clearer.  In the end, our goal is to make sure the forums remain a safe and supportive environment for everyone. 
At the same time, we're working on a number of improvements to the forums.  As many of you know, we're currently working on Groups which will allow MFP members to form their own public or private groups. Each group will have it's own forum.  We're really excited about the potential for groups, and we hope to have some news shortly about our initial groups launch.  But at the very least, we hope groups will allow like-minded individuals to communicate with one another more easily, without interference or harassment from members who disagree with them. Groups will still have to adhere to a set of site-wide rules, but the intent is to allow groups to discuss a wider range of issues and topics than the main forums.  The mods will mainly be focused on the main forums, while Groups will be largely self-moderated. 

The groups functionality is already in progress.  I don't have an ETA yet, but our hope is that it won't be very long (weeks, not months) before they are ready.

All of the mods are volunteers who are helping the site on their own time, so please join me in sending them a HUGE thank you for their efforts. They really play a critical role on the site, and we appreciate everything they do for MFP.

See you around the forums!
Mike, Al & the MFP team 


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_Ben wrote over 3 years:
Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope to help make MFP as fun and beneficial as it has been for me!
Contrarian wrote over 3 years:
Welcome, new mods! As always, thank you for what you do.
23wife wrote over 3 years:
Welcome to the new moderators! I'm excited about the groups function!! Thank you all so much for doing such a great job!!
surfrgrl1 wrote over 3 years:
Excellent work. MFP has been more than I ever could have hoped for. I appreciate all that you do, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
fitnfreeme wrote over 3 years:
Welcome mods! Thanks for the time, energy and talent that you are investing to make an amazing site even better for all of us! And Mike, thank you. I love the site. It's truly life changing, and that isn't something I get to say everyday.
MrsM1ggins wrote over 3 years:
Welcome new mods! thanks for volunteering your time and effort.
Gigi_licious wrote over 3 years:
Welcome!!! Good luck!! Thank you all for your hard work and don't forget to stock the liquor cabinet! :-)
MissMaggie3 wrote over 3 years:
Hello new moderators! Thank you so much for doing this - much appreciated.
gods_gal wrote over 3 years:
Thanks to all of you for giving of your time for this site. It's been such a blessing to me!
qkiley wrote over 3 years:
Thank you all for taking the time to help with the site! I can't wait to see the groups function. That will be a great addition!

Thanks again to all of you!
jillybeanruns wrote over 3 years:
Awesome thanks Mike! I hate to be a pain, but any info on a new BB update? I love the app, but the other apps for the other phones have a lot more functionality!
bstilland wrote over 3 years:
Warm welcome to all those who are volunteering their time to help this great site. Looking forward to the groups function.
lor007 wrote over 3 years:
I noticed one of the new moderators broke a rule in the forums today and offended a lot of people. Does this mean we will get another new one?!
PNWriter wrote over 3 years:
Okay....but a question for the new moderators (and veterans as well) .. There is a real "creeper" on MFP who keeps stalking women online, says inappropriate comments and then deletes his profile and starts over again with a new username. What can I do?
DarMC wrote over 3 years:
Thank you!

Welcome to the new moderators! I know you will all be fantastic! And thanks to the moderators already in place.

I am looking forward to MFP, being the best site out there!

LeanerBeef wrote over 3 years:
Good luck moderators...try not to over-moderate.
mamamc03 wrote over 3 years:
Thanks to all the MFP staff for saving my life!! Thanks to the moderators forhelping MFP stay free by your volunteerism!!
SmartFunGorgeous wrote over 3 years:
Good luck to you all.
Jade_Butterfly wrote over 3 years:
Wishing a warm welcome to all of the new volunteer staff. . . you are all awesome. . . and well appreciated. . Thank you for taking time out of your day to make this a fun and supportive place to be~ Good luck in all that you do.
Suzy12 wrote over 3 years:
Welcome aboard (although I've been off more than on lately). Can anyone tell me if we will ever be allowed to delete food from the "recent" list?? Thanks much!!
kalexander2005 wrote over 3 years:
I cannot tell you what a huge help this site and the app for my Android have been to me. absolutely invaluable! thank you from the bottom of my heart.

nolimits44 wrote over 3 years:
Congratulations! I love this site and am grateful for it!
Nelski wrote over 3 years:
I'm so happy groups are being added, it's the only thing I thought this site was missing.
Adrenaline_Queen wrote over 3 years:
I personally dont think anything is missing from this site!! I find it hard enough to log off as it is!!

Brilliant work everyone who has made this site what it is!! Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxx
viviangely wrote over 3 years:
StaceyL76 wrote over 3 years:
It would be GREAT if you all had a Body fat % tracker tool like you do for weight, and measurements.
emilycandoit wrote about 3 years:
^^^ agree with StaceyL76
Strive2BLean wrote about 3 years:
Mike, you know what I really love about MFP other than the inspiration and support? The DATABASE! It's amazing. I've been logging in for over 165 days and no matter how obscure I think the food I am eating is, low and behold it's in the database. It makes me sooo happy to not have to enter foods. In all this time I may have added to the database maybe 5 times. Great job guys and thank you.
mandimoore617 wrote about 3 years:
I'm so excited for groups!!
Platnex wrote about 3 years:
How is the progress on the groups going? I am really hoping that they arrive soon as I am hoping to get a nice big weight loss group going for some 30 day challanges.
skinnyjeansdiva wrote almost 3 years:
kathy3214 wrote about 2 years:
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