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Integrate your Fitbit Tracker with MyFitnessPal

We're very pleased to announce that we've partnered with our friends at Fitbit to integrate the Fitbit Wireless Tracker with MyFitnessPal.  The Fitbit Tracker is the perfect companion to MyFitnessPal.  With a Fitbit Tracker, you can track a huge variety of aspects of your daily activity, all seamlessly and automatically, with a device about the size of your thumb.  All you have to do is attach your Fitbit to your belt or throw it in your pocket - that's it!  Just by wearing it, you'll start tracking all of the following statistics:

  • Daily steps
  • Distance walked/traveled
  • Floors climbed
  • Hours slept
  • and most importantly, calories burned!
Because the Fitbit can detect how much you've been moving throughout the day, it can provide a more accurate estimate of how many calories you've burned for the day.  By integrating your Fitbit Tracker with MyFitnessPal, we'll automatically adjust your nutrition goals based on the calorie burn data from Fitbit, allowing you to be sure you're creating the calorie deficit you need to reach your weight loss goals.
So how does the integration work?
  • If you don't already have a Fitbit Tracker yet, you can buy one directly from for only $99. 
  • After you've received your Fitbit, visit our Fitbit page to connect your MyFitnessPal account to Fitbit.  You can find it by clicking on the "Tools" tab.
  • Once your Fitbit has been connected, just start wearing your Fitbit, and sync it periodically with it's wireless base station.  Data from your tracker will automatically be imported into MyFitnessPal, and we'll adjust your calorie goal accordingly. 
Just wear your Fitbit, and keep logging your foods and exercises on MyFitnessPal - we'll take care of the rest.  You'll automatically get the benefit of Fitbit's seamless tracking while continuing to use MyFitnessPal in the same way that you've come to enjoy.
If you have more questions, we've created a new set of FAQs for our Fitbit integration, as well as an official Fitbit Users Group where you can receive tips from other Fitbit users. 
Thanks, and happy tracking!  Hope you are all enjoying MFP.
Mike, Al, and the MFP team


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pobriot wrote 68 months ago:
Wow this is awesome. I have been using Fitness Pal for a while and I just bought a fitbit yesterday (haven't received it yet) then I see I can use it with my fitness pal!!!!!! I can't wait to see it work.
Osiris_Blue wrote 68 months ago:
Very interesting, I'll have to have a look at getting one. Is there any chance you going to join up with Withings so my wifi scale updates can update my mfp weight? Ps. I think mfp is great, I love the apps (I have the iPhone & iPad apps), love the community and I also owe you and extra thank you cause I even met my girlfriend on your site. I'll let you know when the wedding is :D
KarenH1229 wrote 68 months ago:
Good stuff! I received my Fitbit about 2 weeks ago, and have been waiting for the integration with MFP. Its great that I can log everything into MFP, and it will automatically update on the Fitbit dashboard. Its great to have another partner in my quest for health and fitness! I love MFP!!
meredithashton wrote 68 months ago:
I am VERY excited about this. I have heard great things about the FitBit, but I didn't want to get one because I use MFP...But now that they are connected this has just sealed the deal for me. I am buying my FitBit tomorrow. Thank you MFP! I hope this works! I'll keep you all posted.
starksb wrote 68 months ago:
I wish you added a training modal. I have to use another app for that and transfer the data.
omegadrh wrote 68 months ago:
Wow, I had no idea this was such a new feature. I joined MyFitnessPal and ordered a FitBit last Friday. The FitBit arrived Tuesday, I integrated it with my account here immediately, and it's been working like a charm! Thanks, guys!
jonquility29 wrote 68 months ago:
I just received my fitbit 2 days ago and love it. I have connected it to myfitnesspal and fitbit integrates with the withings scale so everything is integrated. Wonderful!
smadrigal04 wrote 68 months ago:
I'm so happy! I've had my FitBit since Christmas, and have been inputting my food into both sites since have just made my life so much easier!!! Thank you!!!
ahjenny wrote 68 months ago:
Thank you for posting about this! I'm glad it's done and I can't wait to see how well they work together. Thanks for all your hard work!
ahjenny wrote 68 months ago:
Also, will the fitbit information be backdated into MFP? Or is it adjusted for entries from here on out?
SixCatFaerie wrote 68 months ago:
Oooh... Maybe I can convince my Mr. to get me one! Our anniversary & my birthday are coming up soon!
chrisdavey wrote 68 months ago:
just wondering how the macros are accounted for when the fitbit data is bought into MFP? Also, any plans on doing something similar with bodybugg/bodymedia fit?
skinnymeinaz wrote 68 months ago:
You guys are awesome!!! I have had my fitbit for a while but now I can use it with MFP!!! I'm on cloud 9 ~ Thanks!!!
amancay wrote 68 months ago:
awesome!!! now I just need to find a FitBit/MyFitnessPal/Zumba sponsor and I can really dig my heals in with the trinity of fitness goodness!

I look forward to the day I can add a FitBit to my arsenal on my journey to everyday health!
chell53 wrote 68 months ago:
Ok maybe this is a stupid question, but is the FitBit just like a HRM?? I was thinking of getting one (FitBit) and I am reading everything here, but does this mean since it tracks steps and everything would I still have to type in the info from it or its done automatically?? Thanks for your help....
Pu_239 wrote 68 months ago:
Fitbit doesn't work that well, if you put it on your belt, it will detect a certain amount of movement, if you put it in your pocket it will detect a different amount of movment, what if you put it in your bra(like some ladies do) it will detect a different amount of movement.
mickn wrote 68 months ago:
WARNING... I have a fitbit and its almost totally useless. As Pu239 said it varies how much it detects depending on where you place it (so who knows which is the right figure) BUT more importantly if you get in a car it measures the lumps and bumps in the road as activity.. A 20 minute journey to work has it measuring 1000+ steps and usually 10-14 floors climbed. This makes it useless for measuring your activity and calorie burn.

I've had a long dialogue with fitbit support about this and they just keep fobbing me off with 'we understand your concerns' type messages but they have no way at present of fixing it..

Bad product and a waste of a significant amount of money.
cyntaxera wrote 68 months ago:
Just went and ordered an international one via ebay (since they don't ship to NZ... yet!). Will wait as patiently as I can in the meantime! :)

Have also had my eye on a Withings scale so I'm very much with Osiris_Blue on the note about maybe partnering with them to auto-update the weight measurements through them! :D

Ya gotta put it out there, right? :) I look forward to seeing how things progress...
TheBigYin wrote 68 months ago:
Great stuff - now how about a hookup to Withings for weight and BP tracking, and maybe Garmin Connect or Strava for exercise tracking??
deja_blu wrote 68 months ago:
I synced mine on Day 1 and it works FABULOUSLY! I keep it in the same place (on my bra) because I figured it would give the best reading. So far, so good. I would suggest being consistent on where you put it. For my cardio workout, MFP overestimates my caloric-burn so I'm glad to be getting a more accurate number. KEeps me from overeating. As far as counting steps, I think it's pretty accurate. I walk everywhere! To the train station, to the grocery store, and I climb stairs at home and work. So no complaints here. =P
iamstaceywood wrote 68 months ago:
Oddly, for those of you who find it innacurate, I had a bodybugg which noone can really argue with the acuracy of, and I wore both for two weeks and got the same numbers with a 1% error margin, so for me at least, it works fantastically. And I have been in the beta testing for the fitbit MFP marriage and it is fantastic. Seamless. :) I LOVE my fitbit and its so much more cost concious than the other options out there for all day tracking.
TerresaJ wrote 68 months ago:
I'm asking for one for my birthday in March. I hope I can wait that long!!! :)
jovz10 wrote 68 months ago:
luv the idea of tracking all my activities using fitbit but it doesn't hav a HRM... won't really help me improve my fitness level.... for $99, i rather spend that money to buy a HRM w/ GPS...
jovz10 wrote 68 months ago:
luv the idea of tracking all my activities using fitbit but it doesn't hav a HRM... won't really help me improve my fitness level.... for $99, i rather spend that money to buy a HRM w/ GPS...
msmellebelle wrote 68 months ago:
i bought one today! i've wanted one a long time but this blog post put me over the edge! plum colored are ALLL mine :)
mickn wrote 68 months ago:
Luckily I bought mine through Amazon, the returns forms are all filled in and its being picked up on Wednesday.

As per my previous post, if you drive a car then this device may not be for you.
dreamshadows wrote 68 months ago:
Great to see the integration. Is there a way to bias the Fitbit numbers? MFP seems to be giving me a 1000 extra calories just for normal movement recorded on the Fitbit.
SalishSea wrote 68 months ago:
Oh, I would love a fitbit. I don't use a computer. I just use my iPad 1. Does anyone know if the fitbit will load data wirelessly on the iPad. Will it load with an Internet connection only or will 3G work?
rpcasey001 wrote 68 months ago:
Have you thought about making Garmin devices compatible with myFitnessPal. I hike and mountain bike and I love my Garmin since it works indoors and outdoors and even on my bike!
alabughosh wrote 68 months ago:
I have a Bodymedia....I with that would sync with myfitnesspal :/
DEIDRE345 wrote 68 months ago:
I can not get my new Fitbit to sync with MFB..can any one help? Do I need to sync with too?
TigersFanHoosierMama wrote 68 months ago:
oh it would be AMAZING if my bodymedia fit would sync with MFP...right now I'm mostly using bmf because it's just too much hassle logging everywhere but I really love the social aspect to MFP.
cbuggin22 wrote 68 months ago:
Thanks for the information! I had never heard of Fitbit before. I checked it out and it looks amazing! I ordered one and am so excited for it to come! Good job MFP Team!
ErinBeth7 wrote 68 months ago:
This sounds great! I am thinking about getting a fidbit now. I love MFP!!
Jean1Marc wrote 68 months ago:
With all due respect, it's a $100 pedometer, and I'm going to walk those steps, and climb those stairs whether it tracks them or not, and if I start crediting myself for those calories burned, won't I be likely to exercise less?

It's nice that you're working on ways to integrate MFP with other health aids, but perhaps it would be more helpful if you could help develop a $50 heart monitor/mp3/radio that integrates with MFP, instead. THAT would be a big help, for both physical and fiscal fitness. :)
smlamb33 wrote 68 months ago:
Thanks MFP for integrating with the Fitbit! I love it!! You guys are awesome!! I love that it accuratly tracks my calories burned and poof, it magically appears in MFP!! Woo Hoo!!
mielikkibz wrote 68 months ago:
too bad the FITBIt isn't all that. . .an expensive POS. . driving int he car affects its readout. . .
sdallen77 wrote 68 months ago:
I've been on MFP since June and have had my FitBit since October. I have anxiously awaited the syncing capabilities. I LOVE MFP and my FitBit. Thank you for providing this service!
lord_lethris wrote 68 months ago:
Shadowing mielikkibz, yes, basically too much margin to cheat. I know of a few members who are kidding themselves by adding "60min brisk walk 400cal".. when in reality they have walked around a shopping complex, thats included regular stops for browsing ;) Hardy heart pumping energy burning "brisk walk" is it. And they wonder why they haven't lost weight yet.

bad idea I'm afraid.
mcarmon wrote 68 months ago:
I disagree with lord_lethris. I tracked "longer than normal" walking and it was the only thing that kept me from dropping calories any faster than I did. With just the MFP automatic calculations, I was losing far more rapidly than I was supposed to.
mielikkibz wrote 68 months ago:
yep, was told to get that to help track the calories I burn running dogs on the weekend, since i'm constantly on the move there, waht a waste of money. . the slightest jostling causes it to count steps. . thought I'd walked 6 miles one day, not realising half those miles was the thing counting steps while I drove. . .
mommyoverboard wrote 68 months ago:
I really want a fitbit, but $100 is a lot for me :( Anyone want to sponsor me to get one? :)
jtcc91 wrote 68 months ago:
99 bucks for this?? That seems like an awful lot. How accurate can it be? No thanks, I'll stick to tracking the "old fashioned" way!
jeichacker wrote 68 months ago:
I just got mine, and will be smart enough not to have it on while I am driving, unlike others here...
mielikkibz wrote 68 months ago:
even if you have it in your pocket, it will count, so not sure how much smarter you are than the rest of us jeichacker. . .your purse, your pocket, or wear it, any movement counts as a step

I need to fuss with mine and see if there's a way to add steps to include those running around int he morning before I leave, then the ones at an event. . but since it syncs when you get home, it'll count the 120 mile trip one way and back as movement. As well as use the old pedometer and see how they compare.
melbaby925 wrote 68 months ago:
Now if you guys integrated with BodyMedia, I would love you even more!
CarSidDar wrote 68 months ago:
The link you give to purchase did not work for me today. Also, mielikkibz, I think Jeichacker meant that he would turn it off, not take it off, in the car.
deanmarino wrote 68 months ago:
should absolutely partner with Polar to integrate with their HRMs too.

kip013 wrote 68 months ago:
would love a fitbit but they only seem to sell to US & UK
melisssaarielle wrote 68 months ago:
This looks really cool. Haven't seen it before. I also was made aware of Up by Jawbone but unfortunately they were all recalled recently. I think I might try this out.
dmbeckemeyer wrote 68 months ago:
I'm so glad they did this! I got a Fitbit for Christmas from my fiance and I love it :3 but I hated having to track my daily intake/exercise in two separate apps. Now fitbit talks to MFP and all the food data and exercise is in both-- much less hassle.

Now if they can just get FitBit Ultra to sync wirelessly to my iPhone via bluetooth or over wifi, so that I don't have to dock FitBit every night or have my computer up every night. That will be awesome!
ishen wrote 68 months ago:
I am not seeing the MyFitnessPal syncing with Fitbit. What am I doing wrong? I have the device connected and all that.
GraemePayne wrote 68 months ago:
I received a Fitbit device at Christmas, and have been eagerly waiting for this link. I just activated it and will be looking for the results. Now I just need to get over the self-delusion that "if I don't log a food, it doesn't count"!!
josehrivera wrote 68 months ago:
Sounds great but a bit expensive for me right now!
aunfire82 wrote 68 months ago:
Love the Fitbit! And I LOVE that it syncs up with MyFitnessPal! It has been easy for my Fitbit to sync up, it does it automatically! Thanks for getting on board with Fitbit!
fitaliciag wrote 68 months ago:
when are you going to integrate with the BodyBugg system?
turntechBiologist wrote 68 months ago:
That's awesome! I've been wanting to get a Fitbit! When I get a chance to I'm definitely gonna get one! :o)
bobdavenport6 wrote 68 months ago:
This is awesome! I've been using a Fitbit for about 5 months. My only complaint was that I was tracking things twice. I created a generic food item in Fitbit to use for my calories to make it easier for me. I was able to sync my Fitbit with MFP in seconds. The food diary in MFP is so much better than the one in Fitbit.
BodybyKnight wrote 68 months ago:
WITHINGS scale integration please. They have already made it clear that their API is public and it's up to you to add the functionality.

Optionally: Open up your MFP to an API and I'll aggregate the two API's myself. :)

long1putt wrote 68 months ago:
Can anybody help me figure this out? I was wearing my FitBit yesterday when I walked 18 holes carrying my bag. I reported it through MFP and it gave me credit for something like 1,500 calories burned. Today, I also walked 18 holes, carrying my bag but before I could enter my activity in MFP, FitBit automatically gave me 650 or so calories burned for the day just from wearing it the whole time. What's the correct number of calories burned? That's a BIG difference!
fitzie63 wrote 68 months ago:
As soon as I have the $$, I plan to get one of these so I can ramp up my fitness walk tracking much better. I turned 74 early last December so this is the big 75th year for me :)
cmmichels wrote 68 months ago:
Steps/adjustment from Fitbit just does not seem to be working at all. I only synched it for the first time last week, and have only had sporadic results. I have unhooked the two apps twice now and still nothing.
can someone please tell me what's going on??
DebDesautels wrote 68 months ago:
Love using these two tools together. The iPhone app for MFP is great, too.
mielikkibz wrote 68 months ago:
you can't 'turn it off', but am told of a way that may work, but sorry, KISS, and this isn't simple at all.
ehodges1982 wrote 68 months ago:
$99 for a pedometer????
poweredbyporkers wrote 68 months ago:
I presume no-one at MFP really gives a toss that the FitBit integration isn't working? Come on, you advertise it and then don't provide the access. Seems like false advertising to me.
Skinny_Meeh wrote 68 months ago:
I got my FitBit yesterday and I love it. Keep you posted if I continue to love it or not!

It seems to be working just fine with MFP, all my food that I log is registering on the FitBit website. What issues are going on between FitBit and MFP?
YogaRunner wrote 68 months ago:
Hoping you will partner with Body Bugg as it is the most accurate product out there for measuring calories burned.
dwaynemarshall86 wrote 68 months ago:
I like this device. I'll order one when I have sufficient cash. Meanwhile, I've been checking this site and it gives me much info about what right stuff to eat. Thought I'd share it with you. Here's the site:
IrishChik wrote 68 months ago:
That is awesome news! I was looking at this the other day. I friend has one and she loves it!
mimi67r wrote 68 months ago:
Fitbit told me I burned 544 calories getting out of bed, getting clothes out of the closet, and walking to the bathroom. I don't think so. It logged less after my hour workout class last night. Something is seriously wrong with this thing!
Janiot wrote 67 months ago:
Just bought my Fitbit ultra - via amazon as I live in Australia -should arrive on Thursday!
waboor wrote 67 months ago:
This is great news! I had been using a Fitbit, but got frustrated with their limited food database and their tracking system which seemed so slow. So when I started using MFP(which has an AWESOME food database and tracking system) I actually stopped using my fitbit. Now I can get it all charged up and start using it again! It will be great now that the two will work together!! Now, if I could only remember where I stashed it.
tekavincent wrote 67 months ago:
Fitbit and MFP not syncing today - any suggestions?
SueGeer wrote 67 months ago:
Fitbit and MFP not syncing since Saturday evening. Very frustrating.......
mike wrote 67 months ago:
Sorry folks, I think we've figured out what's wrong with the Fitbit sync. Issue was on our end. We've fixed it but need to process the backlog. Current estimate is about 12 hours to get caught up, but we're working on speeding it up and hope to finish much faster. We'll keep you posted on our progress - check the technical support forum for updates. Sorry about that!
VivianTenuta wrote 67 months ago:
Thanks, Mike. I just came here to report the problem and you've already got a fix in the works.
Randomness74 wrote 67 months ago:
can you make teh linking WORK!! it did a few days and then stopped
sutyler wrote 67 months ago:
I've linked my fitbit but it's not working at all. Please advise what the problem is. The fitbit site is so user unfriendly!!!
ColoradoRobin wrote 67 months ago:
Thanks so much for MyFitnessPal. I'm casting a vote for integration with the Bodymedia Fit or BodyBugg. That would be amazingly useful, thanks!
foursaken wrote 66 months ago:
I will also place my vote for integration with the Withings scale, and bodymedia fit or bodybugg. I would also recommend integration with bluetooth heart rate monitors. This would allow for multiple types of caloric calculation based on the users preference, and would turn MFP into a one-stop-shop of fitness information. Other programs will still be used for actual sports tracking (endo or runkeeper) but as a general fitness and nuitrition tracker, you would have far less real competition.
travelclarkie wrote 66 months ago:
Now, if you could do the same things with BodyMedia.
liesam wrote 66 months ago:
I love the fitbit integration.

The only advice I would offer is to remember that these tools are simply to help keep you motivated. Using them to calculate every single step or every single calorie is impossible and those expectations should not be placed on ANY piece of equipment no matter how great they seem to be. The fitbit allows me to see and work toward a goal; and for that, it works beautifully. Even if it overcalulated or undercalculated my steps, it is the mindful awareness and motivation to go that extra step that matters most to me!!
Edcaguy wrote 65 months ago:
I am going to buy the tracker and scale from fitbit that will ship in may. I heard the withings scale has bugs and no support.

My goal was to gain 22 pounds since I joined and with that tracking from I am just 9 more lbs from my goal.
victoriaplummo wrote 64 months ago:
Please make this available to customers around world not just USA and Canada
omstedall wrote 63 months ago:
This is great.

Add my vote for the Withings Wifi Scale to update a weight automatically in MFP.

Also please add Runkeeper integration to send our calorific intake to the Health Graph and pull our exercise activities into MFP!

There are lots of Apps that integrate with Runkeeper but they are currently lacking a decent App for calorie tracking.
lscott88 wrote 62 months ago:
Hi I have to agree with the comments made by Liesam regarding the expectations of the fitbit.
Personally I find the fitbit a fantastic motivator, It really is like having your own personal fitness trainer.
When you link it up with the myfitnesspal app then it is even better. We all carry our mobile phones on us so how easy it makes it with the myfitnesspal app to log everything we eat.
The only other thing I would like to see linking up with both is the wii fit.
I have so far lost 13lbs in 4 weeks using fitbit and MFP.

please check out my site at I would love some feedback, thanks
crystalwelshroberts wrote 62 months ago:
Please consider integration with Body Media... I love both BMF and MFP but will not track in both
tabooski wrote 60 months ago:
too rich for my blood :P
kathy3214 wrote 57 months ago:
Bella. I agree that Philip`s posting is unbelievable... on monday I got a new Car from having made $7552 this past 5 weeks and over ten-grand this past munth. it's by-far the easiest work Ive had. I actually started seven months/ago and practically straight away startad making over $72 per/hr. I follow this website,
dfs10009 wrote 44 months ago:
I just received a Fitbit Flex. I have been using MFP for months… question: do I log my exercise on MFP or the Fitbit???
ratherbeinmaui wrote 41 months ago:
It appears as though MFP website and Fitbit website have quite a bit of duplicity as far as tracking activity and food intake... am I better off using one over the other, as it appears when you add one to one site it duplicates on the other.

aorlotti wrote 31 months ago:
How do I synce my workouts with mfp? Just tracked a workout with my new fb charge and its not in my mfp diary
Anonymous wrote 31 months ago:
The link no longer works. Please help fix this.
wingt071 wrote 30 months ago:
Ive had a fitbit zip for a few yrs and 3 weeks ago bought a flex. Works a charm but the difference between remaining calories between fitbit and MFP as quite different. Don't know which one is correct. Anyone know why this is and how i can fix. Maybe im not reading things right perhaps. I only log food and exercise in MFP and fitbit records the rest. HELP.
Anonymous wrote 26 months ago:
It shows up just as MFP site and Fitbit site have a considerable amount of guile to the extent following movement and sustenance admission... am I better off utilizing one over alternate, as it shows up when you add balanced site it copies on the other.
Anonymous wrote 4 months ago:
I discovered this app called trovey: - it allows me to connect MFP, FitBit, as well as my medical and pharmaceutical records into one central app, giving me a holistic view of my health.

I haven't tried to connect other apps to it yet, but I think it connects to any tracker or health app.

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