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Good-for-you Grilled Leftovers

Got a fridge full of July 4th leftovers? Don't let those charbroiled hamburgers, grilled steaks, chicken, and fish go to waste. Here are some of our favorite, healthy ways to use up the remains of yesterday's festivities.

Fish – Shred a cooked tuna steak and whip up this avocado tuna salad (pictured) or substitute grilled salmon for smoked in this delicious, veggie-filled salmon wrap.

Chicken Breasts – Try this drool-worthy chicken salad or these tasty Asian lettuce wraps.

Steaks – Slice thin and add greens and fresh pineapple to make this delicious salad.

Burgers – Crumble beef or turkey burgers into a pot of homemade veggie chili or reheat with some taco seasoning for taco night. Top with leftover grilled veggies, fresh avocado, cilantro, and plain Greek yogurt.

Enjoy those leftovers, and have a great weekend!

Photo: Sharon Rhodes

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TinaBaily wrote 56 months ago:
What lovely, creative, and delicious sounding ideas!
Hearts_2015 wrote 56 months ago:
Thanks for the ideas... love the new recipe suggestions you've all been sharing. Thanks MFP crew :) ♥
made2wonder wrote 56 months ago:
Oh, those wraps look scrumptious.
Gidzmo wrote 56 months ago:
It all sounds good. Wish meat wasn't so bleeping expensive here.
looloo20 wrote 56 months ago:
Yum! I'm trying the smoothie recipe.
26Nirak wrote 56 months ago:
Leftovers???? :) - thanks for the ideas!
HeidiCooksSupper wrote 56 months ago:
Yup, leftover cooked fish makes great salad! I first figured that out when I had neighbors who brought me lots of brook trout from their fishing expeditions. If a can of tuna makes salad, I thought, why not brook trout salad. It indeed works like a charm. In fact, salads made from home-cooked fresh fish are much more delicate in taste than your basic canned tuna + mayonnaise.
KiwiJewels wrote 56 months ago:
We don't celebrate 4th of July here (New Zealand) but looking at those ideas makes me want to go cook that food, just so I can have left-overs to turn into those recipes! :-) Love it!

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