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As many of you have discovered, I've had a blogging feature almost ready on the site for some time now.  Member blogs have been secretly available if you knew the URL to get to them, but they were buggy and incomplete, and I just haven't had the time to finish them.

But this weekend, I finally buckled down, coded my little butt off, and launched member blogs!  I'm hoping the blogs will be a great way for all of us to share our weight loss experiences, as well as our best tips and advice.


To create your blog, just go to the "My Home" tab, then click on "My Blog" - your blog is already there, waiting for you to start writing posts.


I've also created a popular posts page to highlight the best posts from all the blogs in the MyFitnessPal community.  How do I determine what the best posts are, you might ask? Well, I don't - you do!  Each post on a blog has a small "voting" feature next to it.  When you read a post that you like, recommend it to the rest of us by voting it up.  The posts that receive the most votes will appear on our popular posts page. 

From the popular posts page, you can also see any recent posts that have been made but haven't gone popular yet.  Just click on the orange "Recent" link to see the latest posts, and vote up the ones you like to help share them with the rest of us.

If you find a blog post that contains inappropriate content, i.e. spam or advertisements, offensive material, etc., you can also vote it down.  Enough down votes will cause a post to get buried where no one will see it any longer.

As always, I've tried to do my best to find any bugs, but with any new feature, there are always some kinks to work out.  If you have any problems with your blog, just let me know on the forums or in the comments and I'll do my best to get the issues resolved ASAP.

I'm looking forward to reading all of your posts!  Hope you're enjoying the site!

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gr8bigcfan wrote 100 months ago:
Where do I access my old blogs? I set it to private, and now I can't find it as a journal. Thanks in a advance for your help!
soup78 wrote 100 months ago:
Hey Mike,
Have I mentioned that YOU ROCK lately?!
You do. Just wanted you to know.....have a great night!

Love your website and all that you do! :)
last25 wrote 100 months ago:
Yay! Finally! I was just blogging about this feature hopefully going public the other day ;) Keep up the great work Mike. And thanks for everything!!
shorerider wrote 100 months ago:
Once again, you have shown why this place is great, and why I love it so! And why so many of us have been able to stick to our goals and see success after success. Thanks, Mike!

ericarey85 wrote 100 months ago:
i love the new blog, i also love being able to cusomize it. thanks Mike for such a great website.
mike wrote 100 months ago:
@Cherpdx - You can go to the "My Home" tab, then click on "My Blog" to find your blog. Hope that helps!
Phoenix_Rising wrote 100 months ago:
THANKS MIKE!! You are the best!
Phoenix_Rising wrote 100 months ago:
... and when I clicked "Subscribe" (under your blog photo), I saw code, lots and lots of code. =\ Sorry. First bug?
jamerz3294 wrote 100 months ago:
Wow! Way too kewl, you rock Mike! Thx for contuing to make this the abso bestest site around! *fist bump*
metco89 wrote 98 months ago:
I am still trying to find out if a blog is set to private who can view it?? someone please help me thanks
Anonymous wrote 96 months ago:
I am also wondering who can view a private blog?
Anonymous wrote 96 months ago:
I love the blog and everything about this site.

Do you forsee in the future perhaps adding the option of letting people pay a small fee like ($5/year) to have the ads removed? I know you need to make money to support the site but the google ads are annoying. That way the people who don't mind looking at the ads can still have their free service but some of us could opt out of the ads by making a small donation...just a thought.
Zara11 wrote 95 months ago:
I can't subscribe to my workout buddy's blogs! If I hit subscribe I get errors. Help!
thinkpink27 wrote 94 months ago:
OMG!!! I lost 6 lbs since 3/25/2009!!! how exciting almost over that 10lbs hump. Whoo hoo!
anangel03 wrote 93 months ago:
This is my first day on a new diet, I have a long way to go to get to my goal. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!
jrs_lovely1 wrote 92 months ago:
How do I customize my blog?
Florecita1021 wrote 91 months ago:
I'm beginning to use "myfitnesspal" today...I still don't know how to do anything...I hope I'll learn with time!
Anonymous wrote 88 months ago:
The blog feature is great. When people can type out their plans it becomes all the more real, and success follows!

marjofi wrote 29 months ago:
There needs to be an easier way to add pictures on a blog. A button feature would be real nice, ty!!
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jamangie wrote 10 months ago:
OK so I joined mfp and decided to go the whole hog and paid membership and I do like the site, but a couple of things don't seem to want to work on mine ie how can I blog if I can't access the correct area, also others put the recipes on but I can't do that either, is it because I'm UK based ? Love reading the success stories I just want to post mine, smiley face, cause can't find them either
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