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Featured Partner: Zumba Fitness - Move to a New Beat

We are thrilled to announce another new partnership—this time, with Zumba Fitness, an effective, Latin-inspired dance fitness party. We’ve heard your requests, and you can now track the calories you’ve burned in your latest Zumba class through MyFitnessPal. Simply log into MyFitnessPal, visit your diary, add "Zumba" to your exercise list, and voila! Your Zumba calories will be added to your Daily Summary, increasing your Net Calories for the day. So be sure to log into MyFitnessPal to track your Zumba calorie burn, and take another step closer to good health and happiness.

PS – Zumba Fitness recently launched The Great Calorie Drive, through which it will donate the calories you shake off in a Zumba class to the United Nations World Food Programme and Feeding America to help end global hunger. It runs from now until June 30th, so start "donating" today!

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banshee1013 wrote 48 months ago:
Does this only work with an actual, in-person Zumba class, or does the Wii/XBox Zumba game count as well?
MissMaryMac33 wrote 48 months ago:
The default entry on MFP overestimates calories burned by almost double. This is extremely misleading as most people don't have a good HRM and a clue what they actually burn.

I have a Polar FT60 calibrated to my personal stats and know exactly what I burn for an hour of zumba -- and it is no where near what this is saying.

Hopefully people will not use this and think they have that many "extra" calories.
lionlex wrote 48 months ago:
This isn't on the iPhone app yet... I hope it will be added please?? Thanks!
jhnsnami wrote 48 months ago:
650 calories seems like a lot for 1 hour of Zumba. I agree with MissMaryMac33.
HibaIssa wrote 48 months ago:
It depends on the person banshee1013 and jhnsnami. With my weight and how much energy I put into my classes, I can easily burn 600-700 calories in an hour of Zumba.
christy180 wrote 48 months ago:
Waaaay too high. I used my HRM and it's 100 less than what MFP calculates. I hope this doesn't hinder anyone's weight loss.
WAHMto5 wrote 48 months ago:
I would not say it is high or low as everyone does Zumba different and at different paces, different instructors, ect.. I use a HRM (Polar FT4) when I do Zumba for a 1 hour class and range from 475-490 calories burned. According to just putting it into the MFP auto, it gives me 464. So for me it UNDER calculates it by a bit.
blovedzumba wrote 48 months ago:
I've never burned less than 700 calories in a Zumba class, unless it was a Zumba Gold class. As an instructor, I burn at least 850 per class. I use a Polar FT40 HRM. Everyone is different and if they want to be accurate, then people will buy the HRM and get over it.
taylorckt1 wrote 48 months ago:
Glad this option was added!
lgblack wrote 48 months ago:
I am 53 and during the time I weighed 160 to now, weighing 143, I would typically burn about 400 calories. And I was pushing it! My 21 yeard old daughter, who was 160 and now weighs 150, typically burns 550-600 calories. I agree, get a heart monitor. It is the only way. As I do weights 3-4x/week and Zumba 2x/week, my HR has become more fit and I burn less now than before :( So in order to get same burn of calories, I have to find a way to crank it up a notch. At when the joints aren't like when I was in my 20' and 30's....that is hard. :(
DOElston wrote 48 months ago:
The calories burned seems a little too high.
prgirl39 wrote 48 months ago:
The calories are correct for an hour of intense Zumba class.
gmallan wrote 48 months ago:
From my observations at a typical zumba class, there is a HUGE difference in the intensity level that can depend on the effort put in by an individual and their co-ordination and ability to keep up with the moves. It also would depend on the instructor as I've done zumba with at least 10 different instructors and there can be a massive difference in the classes depending on their style, track choice and ability to motivate participants. Like all of MFP's calorie data for exercise it is just an estimation so take from it what you will
Skeebee wrote 48 months ago:
I do Advanced Zumba 3 times a week and wear a HRM with my custom zones imported in. the MFP values are a little high. For instance, compared to an hour of Zumba, MFP is almost 150 calories higher than what I usually burn. BUT, everyone's instructors are also different. Based on what I've seen, the estimate is pretty fair for someone WITHOUT a HRM. So, I wouldn't knock it too much. Obviously, an HRM is going to be your best bet.
mrsvatitagain wrote 48 months ago:
This is great, and is only off 15 calories to the estimate using the zumbacalories burned sight. This is only at the high intensity though, where the zumbacalories burned allows an estimate for high, medium variation depensing on how hward you worked. But everything is an estimaate HRM arent 100% either....great add!!
jjscholar wrote 48 months ago:
It's about time that has added Zumba to its cardio exercise database... Hopefully, the calorie burn formula will be accurate...
jazzyali wrote 48 months ago:
Yes it just depends on how intense you are pushing- I don't do less than 700 for an hour... usually it's closer to 850.
canadianvampyregurl wrote 48 months ago:
if it's 100-150 more on MFP then simply change the calorie burn to 100-150 less than you should be good to go :)
MissMaryMac33 wrote 48 months ago:
I just hope people don't assume these numbers are accurate. I have been doing zumba for 3 years and I work my butt off and walk out of there drenched -- I still burn 150-200 LESS than what this is estimating. I trust my HRM a lot more than this.

If you are using these built in numbers, I would adjust them to 1/3rd less --- unless you are quite overweight and work pretty hard, or you're in shape and a complete maniac. This is not correct for the "average" person doing zumba.

patriciaalade wrote 48 months ago:
It's about time!
Skinnymunkii wrote 48 months ago:
Glad to see this!
CarlaBalk wrote 48 months ago:
It's not working on my iphone, please fix.
boroko wrote 48 months ago:
It's great to have Zumba listed but would be so much more useful if there was a choice of intensity as the classes and an individual's level of workout can vary greatly. I went to a new Zumba class this week and it turned out to be Zumba Gold which is aimed at older and less mobile people - it felt more like Tai Chi than Zumba and I must have burned about 50 cals if lucky.
softwind wrote 48 months ago:
Just checked it against my HRM for what I burned last night and it was almost double.. (I burned 575 and it said 930 for an hour).

Just be careful when using it so that it doesn't hinder your progress. Great idea to add it though.
ezrida wrote 48 months ago:
I love zumba too and I know it is a great way to lose weight. I lost almost 8 pounds already.
My zumba class was not enough for me so I bought the DVD set and I can practice at home as much as I want. I found a good review of the set in:
Justkeepswimmin wrote 48 months ago:
Love Zumba Fitness, have been doing it for about 2 years. I will say the calculator is a bit of an overestimate for me also. Of course instructors vary greatly, as do individual bodies, but my average for a Zumba class is currently 375-400 for 55 minutes. MFP gave me 475. To me this is a much closer estimate than many of the other insane inaccuracies that MFP gives me (like for hiking it gives me 3X too much, 2X too much for running etc.)A Zumba toning class will give me about 275-350.
CoriannMichelle wrote 48 months ago:
Thank you so much!! I love to do Zumba and this helps to have this option on the app! Thank u again!
soumont wrote 48 months ago:
i do agree with most of the comments as i know i would never burn that much. is there a way ofputting in a field for intensity - for me i tend to do moderate x
also i do zumba toning so an option for this would be good.
Nichole813 wrote 48 months ago:
I frequently as an instructor burn 850 to 1150 in calories. I've clocked it.
DOElston wrote 48 months ago:
The "calories burned" seems a little too high.

Along with this, I would welcome the inclusion of other aerobic programs such as Turbo Kick and Les Mill's Body Combat, etc.
GrannyGwen1 wrote 48 months ago:
zzfreak wrote 48 months ago:
I use a polar ft4 heart monitor and I do two different zumba classes with two different instructors and I range from 555 in one class to 515 in another so if your put all your latin sass into it you can burn a lot of calories in Zumba !!!! But yes the zumba on MFP is a bit higher :( and may affect the eating plan!!!
tiffanydogan wrote 48 months ago:
I don't think the calories burned are too high or too low. It just varies from person to person. I go to Zumba at least once a week, twice if my schedule allows me. One time a person burned 1000 in one hour and the wristband did start at 0. So it just depends on the person.
amesjo11 wrote 48 months ago:
Thanks! I'd love at some point for a partnership with MapMyFitness! That is the app I use.
KimLee76 wrote 48 months ago:
Fortunately my gym estimates my calories based on my weight and the level of effort I put forth so I update the calories based on what I do in each class. Before that and before it was a standard exercise on MFP, I was able to get a calorie estimate from the Zumba site so check it out if you think the reported calories burned are off.
vitalflame wrote 47 months ago:
what about aqua zumba?

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