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Featured Partner: UCSF Delivers Health and Wellness This New Year

We've said it countless times: our users are our top priority. We are always looking for ways to make your experience even easier, and to that end, we've partnered with University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to help its more than 25,000 UCSF employees, visitors, and patients log their foods more easily with MyFitnessPal.

We're excited to announce our newest partnership with UCSF, the 2nd largest employer in the Bay Area, as part of their "Smart Choice, Smart U" program which is committed to helping people make the best choices for a healthy lifestyle. Through our joint efforts, we're able to incorporate much of the food served on UCSF Medical Center's various campuses into MyFitnessPal's existing database of more than 2 million food items.

As part of the "Smart Choice, Smart U" program, UCSF will be giving away 100 trackers from Fitbit, another great partner of ours. The lucky winners will be able to easily, and instantly, track their daily activities directly with their personal MyFitnessPal food diary. UCSF will also be hosting their Wellness Expo tomorrow, January 23rd, and will be demoing the Fitbit and MyFitnessPal products for all attendees.

It's really invigorating for us to see hospitals and organizations around the country strive to have a positive impact on their patients, employees and consumers through nutrition. UCSF is at the forefront of this mission, by providing its employees, visitors, and patients with an easier way to make more informed decisions. We're happy to be working with UCSF and supporting their commitment to health and wellness, and we hope to offer up more corporate wellness partnerships to the MyFitnessPal community in the future.

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sunraew wrote 52 months ago:
Fantastic news, Mike! Big thanks to UCSF! :)
lunglady wrote 52 months ago:
I'm a physician and I routinely recommend MFP to my patients.

Have you approached Kaiser? I used to work there. They put a lot of effort into wellness programs for their employees and their patients.
Merrywinner wrote 52 months ago:
johnnlinda wrote 52 months ago:
How do I become one of the lucky winners for the Fitbit giveaway? Would love to get one for my hubby. Thank you for being the best fitness logging site.
dhenroid wrote 52 months ago:
If you are at the UCSF Parnassus campus tomorrow, come to the LivingWell Expo in the Millberry Union gym. We will be raffling them off there.

janesmith1 wrote 52 months ago:
Wow wow wow!!! Go MFP!!! Congratulations!!! This is great news!

PS, would it be possible to add more nutrition info on MFP instead of the 4 or 5 now? There's a lot more info many of us would like to have. Thx!
tdeplanche wrote 52 months ago:
This is so wonderuful read!!!
sundinsgurl wrote 52 months ago:
How do u pick the winners?
lindama321 wrote 52 months ago:
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