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Featured Partner: Tictrac - Visualize your data to help you stay on track

We are excited to announce that MyFitnessPal is now partnered with lifestyle design platform Tictrac. Tictrac empowers people through their own data. It allows you to sync the apps and devices you already use to track your health & fitness routines and charts the data with easy-to-read, personalized infographics.

With Tictrac you can organize your lifestyle data into an unlimited number of projects, from losing weight to blood pressure management. Since Tictrac measures almost everything, it lets you take more control of your health and wellbeing by giving you the tools to make better lifestyle choices based on your data.

Now with the new partnership, all the nutrition and exercise data you enter in your MyFitnessPal diary will be available for visualization in Tictrac. Armed with personalized infographics, powered by MyFitnessPal's nutrition database, staying healthy is easier and more insightful than ever.

Interested in linking your MyFitnessPal account to Tictrac to see your personal data infographics? Go here to get started.

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lois4468 wrote 49 months ago:
Too bad it says it only works with Google Chrome. I don't want Google to have any more of my info than they already have.
sin0n wrote 49 months ago:
Hi lois4468, actually it works across all platforms/browsers (not just with Chrome) :-)
freder1ck wrote 49 months ago:
Blood Pressure tracker is a bit primitive. I expected it would be most useful for tracking sodium, but it mainly tracks calories (and thinks that 0 calories is a best day?). I did find that I can track sodium instead of calories, but all the labels still show calories, and the numbers are less than MFP shows.
freder1ck wrote 49 months ago:
sodium was fixed, thanks!
KimbersNewLife wrote 49 months ago:
I must be doing something wrong in my settings it is giving me kilograms instead of pounds and it is talking about the weather in london...strange.
hungryhobbit1 wrote 49 months ago:
Everything is off by one day, for me. It's currently showing me today's (Sunday's) food as Saturday 4/13. I did manage to correct the location in the weather tracker, but maybe it's still pulling in the wrong one for other trackers, resulting in a time zone problem?
hungryhobbit1 wrote 49 months ago:
Also, there are a number of strength training exercises that you can track through TicTrac that aren't linked to MFP. I'm not interested in recording them twice, it would be more useful if they showed up on TicTrac automatically.
ynot14 wrote 48 months ago:
Only getting metric measurements

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