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Featured Partner: Striiv - Stay motivated with Striiv’s games, personal challenges, and social competition

MyFitnessPal has another great new partner to announce – Striiv! Striiv Smart Pedometer is a free app that tracks your activity throughout the day – including steps, activity minutes, distance, and calories. What sets Striiv apart from other fitness apps is its combination of crazy addictive games, competitions with friends, and personal challenges to keep you motivated!

With their partnership with MyFitnessPal, you will now be able to link your MyFitnessPal and Striiv accounts to automatically post the calories you burn with Striiv to MyFitnessPal.  Check out the app here

Another exciting aspect of the MyFitnessPal/Striiv partnership is the launch of a new activity tracker device, the Striiv Play Smart Pedometer, that complements the free app and allows you to keep track of your activity even when your iPhone isn’t nearby to make sure you always have a full record of your activity.  

With the addition of the Play, you will be able to measure your activity continuously throughout the day with an always-on, low energy, wireless device that minimizes the drain on your cell phone battery. It automatically syncs wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.0 with the free Striiv iPhone app to bring you fitness based games and mini-apps that get you moving more. 

If you want to see the benefits of Striiv’s motivation on your fitness routine in action and check out the new Striiv Play Smart Pedometer visit to learn more!

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Bryank930 wrote 52 months ago:
No android?? :(
crystalbluewolf13 wrote 52 months ago:
dont get me wrong all these products look amazing the same as some of the ones on the googleplay store, but for those of us with android phone and tablets they are useless! which is such a shame for so many people
ByondF1 wrote 52 months ago:
Try FitBit One, it works with Android very well and has Bluetooth sync.
rompers16 wrote 52 months ago:
How do you link it with MFP?
hello50s wrote 52 months ago:
I have same question as rombers16 - how do you link it up. It has the option of facebook email or text. I texted two friends but now cannot connect. Also, there doesn't appear to have an option to link with myfitnesspal.
lucasder wrote 52 months ago:
Rompers and Hello.
This took me a while to figure out as well. Go to your striiv app, on the main screen where you see my land charts and trophies slide them to the left. this will bring you to the next "page" and my fitness pal is on the right. click on that and you can setup the link between the apps.
KBDaukas wrote 52 months ago:
I had no problem linking it up. The problem I had is that when I put in my exercise for the day (while not "wearing" Striiv, I got a negative calorie count when I starting wearing Striiv. Why would that be?
KaonaRose wrote 52 months ago:
It's really a shame that they don't have it for Android phones. Disappointed because it looks like an amazing app!
sofia321 wrote 52 months ago:
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