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Featured Partner: Scosche - Track your cardio with Scosche’s RHYTHM Pulse Monitor

MyFitnessPal has a new partner, Scosche! Scosche offers a unique RHYTHM Pulse Monitor – the first heart rate monitor that does not require a chest strap. The RHYTHM Pulse Monitor is worn on your arm and syncs with the Scosche app (for both Android and iPhone) to give you real-time feedback while you workout. You can now easily log your cardio exercises to your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary.

A fun feature of the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor is it allows you to control your phone’s music library wirelessly to keep you entertained as you exercise. In addition to measuring your pulse, the device also records calories burned, distance, speed, pace, and even intensity level! Any type of athlete, from casual joggers to marathon runners, can use the customizable home screen feature to display the stats they want to track.

For a real-world view of your progress, the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor offers route mapping that not only tracks your varying pulse levels but also records your start and stop points for each work out. A detailed and visual summary of your workout and a workout calendar showing past workouts also helps you track your progress over time.

Use the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor to track your cardio workout with ease and keep track o all your exercises and calorie in one place on your MyFitnessPal account. The RHYTHM Pulse Monitor costs $99.99 and available online at the Scosche website.

Learn more about the MyFitnessPal and RHYTHM Pulse Monitor integration or sync your accounts in the MyFitnessPal App Gallery.

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sandrabrown22 wrote 65 months ago:
This is simply amazing. this could easily help me reach my goal in achieving <a href="">17 day diet</a>.
marcoscu wrote 65 months ago:
I have one and it works great, I'm delighted that there is now integration with MFP.
slobkitten wrote 65 months ago:
sounds fab but not paying $99 for it lol
samantha6140 wrote 65 months ago:
keep going
KWKY wrote 65 months ago:
I have one too and I love it!!
cheryl233 wrote 65 months ago:
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janesmith1 wrote 64 months ago:
Love it. The Scosche is a great app! Can you make it go with the digifit app that is better suited to Scosche than Schosche's own app?
nancy953 wrote 64 months ago:
upto I looked at the paycheck which had said $7580, I did not believe neighbours mother woz like they say actualy receiving money part-time at their computer.. there uncle had bean doing this 4 only twenty months and just paid the dept on their apartment and bought a new Saab 99 Turbo. read more at,
kylie1303 wrote 63 months ago:
I can't get mine to sync with MFP??? Any ideas why? I also find it calculated the calories too high compared to other apps and other HRM. But it is easy to use and comfortable on my arm.
marry1234 wrote 63 months ago:
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marilynku1953 wrote 62 months ago:
I couldn't get mine to sync with MFP either. I worked great for one workout, but then couldn't get it to work with my droid for the next time. Played around with it after got back home and didn't seem to want to connect. Ended up returning it.
norm4502 wrote 62 months ago:
I returned mine. It was horrible!
MikeInAZ wrote 60 months ago:
I have to say that I tried it and returned it. It's cheap plastic, the iPad app was a joke and the data they gave was not very useful. Also, NO INSTRUCTIONS. I had to figure it out on my own. All they have is a quick start guide which doesn't tell you much.

Save your money.

I'm very interested in seeing the "Amiigo" which is coming out this summer. That promises some really good technology and data.
Anonymous wrote 10 months ago:
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