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Featured Partner: runtastic - Automatically Track Your Runs, Walks, and Rides

We recently partnered with runtastic as one of the new connected apps available in the MyFitnessPal App Gallery, and so we wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about the cool features runtastic offers to make tracking your fitness activities more fun.

runtastic has two apps for your phone that help you keep an accurate count of your calories burned - the original runtastic app for tracking running, hiking, cycling, and other exercises, and the runtastic Pedometer app for counting your steps as you walk.  Best of all, both now seamlessly update your MyFitnessPal account.

For running, hiking, cycling, and other exercises, the runtastic app uses your phone's GPS tracking to automatically record your precise elapsed time, distance, calories burned, speed, and elevation.  You can set specific goals and track your progress automatically. You can even compare your results against friends!

Upgrading to runtastic Pro will turn on additional features including voice coaching, an integrated music player, live tracking and cheering, Google Earth view (Android only), and auto pause.

At MyFitnessPal, we know that we all succeed best with a little help from our friends. One of our favorite Pro features is runtastic's Live Tracking and Cheering which allows your friends to monitor your real-time progress and support you with their cheers.  You can even send them a live photo showing how awesome you are and what they are missing!

runtastic also recently released a new Routes feature that lets you create, edit, and save your own routes at and sync them to your phone.  You can also look for other public routes in your area - especially great if you are travelling - and get new ideas and inspirations for your next activity.   Android users can even retrace their route with Google Earth 3D video playback of every run.  Pretty cool stuff!

And if walking is more your speed, the runtastic Pedometer app will assist you. All you need is a smartphone and the app's on-board accelerometer will track your steps. Distance and elapsed time during your activities are clearly shown thanks to a clever built-in algorithm.  The runtastic Pedometer app can run all day in the background using little battery life.  Bring your phone in your pants, jacket, or purse, and the app will track all your steps.

runtastic's apps are available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and bada. Learn more the differences between their various apps here.

If you've tried runtastic, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying MFP!

Mike, Al, and the MFP team 

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prairiedawg2014 wrote 61 months ago:
wish you guys would include apps fpr blackberry :(
mike wrote 61 months ago:
@ prairiedawg2005 runtastic has a blackberry app!
clovercreekelmo wrote 61 months ago:
I have used Runtastic for two years no for BB. it is finally ready for primetime and definitely recommend for walkers, runners or cyclists.
pdehoog wrote 61 months ago:
Hi Mike,

I'm using both MFP and Runtastic and I really love both of them. However, at this moment the sync from runtastic to MFP is not working at all. This is a complaint also seen in the supportforum. Any idea when this will be fixed?
yabba45 wrote 61 months ago:
looks neat unfortunately just tried to d/l it to my phone and nothing, you must be having issues
Dad_To_2 wrote 61 months ago:
Any chance you guys will be partnering with MapMyFitness? It's the one app I have been using for a long time and I really do not want to switch to another.
mike wrote 61 months ago:
@yabba45 and @pdehoog - have you both connected runtastic to MFP? You need to link your accounts first before the sync will start working.
bluiz13 wrote 61 months ago:
no offense to runtastic but i really wish it had been runkeeper you link with....
ImprovingEla wrote 61 months ago:
I second the runkeeper as it already has more things in it to start with and you have not to pay for!
lilpe5512 wrote 61 months ago:
How do you link the accounts?
jwalworth wrote 61 months ago:
I use both MFP and Runtastic Pro. I synced accounts, but there is absolutely no update to MFP from Runtastic when i complete a run or walk. The only sync I see is my weight from MFP appears to have at one point been synced to the Runtastic dashboard.
LesaDave wrote 61 months ago:
This sounds so cool!!! Wish there was something else us "old-timers" could use. But if I had a phone that did this, I would surely use it!!
LizCO2DC wrote 61 months ago:
I tried using this app but switched to Endomondo after my data refused to sync to MFP. It's too bad because I really liked the app, but wanted something that would sync automatically.
happynmellow wrote 61 months ago:
I am also having trouble with the syncing function, and yes the accounts are linked. Would love for this to work!! Loving Runtastic!
stone2cut wrote 61 months ago:
lilpe5512 - you can either link accounts in the runtastic app in settings, or you can go to user settings and link it there. 'Change your settings' is located in the top right corner next in the drop down menu, then click on Social Connect.
pdehoog wrote 61 months ago:
@Mike: tried several times. Before I upgraded to the new Runtastic version it worked. After the upgrade: no way.
2rnip wrote 61 months ago:
its syncing for me, however it changes the activity name during the upload. for example every time i'm running it's being shared with mfp as "badminton" for some reason
Nobsiv wrote 61 months ago:
runtastic is great. Use it over 2 years now... best runnig app on the market.
pmazzotta4 wrote 61 months ago:
Love this app. So far it's working very well and I have no problems so far. Thank you so for adding this to the MFP line up
Destanie_Robyn wrote 61 months ago:
Just started using Runtastic and love it- I especially love the voice feature that tells you your stats every mile such as your total time, distance, pace and speed. Also love that it seamlessly syncs with MFP. The only thing I've notice is as soon as runtastic logs exercise calories my fitbit, which is also synced to my MFP, seems to simultaneously give me negative calories about equal to what runtastic has given me for the run example:
runtastic 4 mile run : 460 calories
fitbit adjustment :-415 calories

any idea why this is happening? for the time being I just delete the negative calories fitbit is giving me
Thomasm198 wrote 61 months ago:
I tried Runtastic and I didn't like it. It seems that every feature requires upgrading to the Pro version or a seperate in-app purchase.

I would have been a lot happier if it had been Runkeeper that MFP linked with.
shrooki wrote 61 months ago:
Runtastic looks great, but unfortunately it doesn't connect/sync with MFP. Just shows a whitescreen. I have a Galaxy S3. Thanks!
slashsixer wrote 61 months ago:
When I complete a runtastic run (windows phone 7), the calories don't update to myfitnesspal.
cobygrey wrote 61 months ago:
jaimesoo wrote 61 months ago:
Has anyone every bought the Runtastic HRM that does NOT live in the UK or Germany??
Ramoth48 wrote 60 months ago:
Hey, no fair. Can't buy this in the U.K!!!
seniorfaye wrote 60 months ago:
If I use my Fitbit , is there any point of having this app too?
haylz247 wrote 60 months ago:
I have the pedometer but it won't update to mfp. They are connected!
violetlight wrote 60 months ago:
I also have the problem with sync in Runtastic and mfp. I have linked the accounts, the routes I have mapped sync perfectly when I select them.

Unfortunately the Runtastic Pedometer (the very feature I wanted!) doesn't sync. Exercises recorded on the main Runtastic app won't sync either. Will this be fixed soon?
violetlight wrote 60 months ago:
Solution: you need to log out of on your pc AND myfitnesspal on the pc.

Then the workouts/pedometer will upload to runtastic and then show up in myfitnesspal.

cheryl233 wrote 60 months ago:
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kimconrad wrote 59 months ago:
I love how Runtastic and MFP works together. I've never had any problems with information downloading from one to the other, with one exception . . . I wish MFP would add some more running paces so when my run shows up on MFP it's accurate. Currently, Runtastic will record a run at 5.8 mph, but it shows up as 5.2 mph on MFP. It's not really that big of deal, I guess, but it would be nice if information would remain the same. Other than that, I have no issues and really like the time it saves me from having to record my workouts twice. Thanks!!
nancy953 wrote 58 months ago:
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Sean195 wrote 58 months ago:
It's working just get for me, no problems syncing with MFP. I really like it!
marry1234 wrote 58 months ago:
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kemmga wrote 50 months ago:
i don't understand why runtastic pedometer calculates steps when you are not moving, seems like it won't be accurate
katelschch wrote 35 months ago:
Re: Destanie_Robyn on negative adjustment from Fit Bit ..

You need the negative adjustment from FitBit otherwise MFP will calculate double calories earned for the exercise period. The negative adjustment from FitBit calculates the calories it gave you during that exercise period and takes them off, leaving you with the more accurate figure from the Runtastic exercise which calculates pace etc. If you delete it you will end up with too many additional calories from exercise for the day.

I still have the issue of my exercises syncing twice through to MFP so if I go for two walks/runs in a day I end up with 4 entries which I have to go in an delete to ensure calories are correct. This is REALLY frustrating - any ideas on how to fix this??
dwilderEFD wrote 27 months ago:
when i log a run on runtastic, the mileage does not translate over to my fitbit, shows as zero distance ran. also if i start the workout feature on my fitbit it gives me a double workout instead of intergrating with each other

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