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Based on popular demand, MyFitnessPal is now integrated with RunKeeper. RunKeeper turns your phone into a personal trainer in your pocket, using its built-in location technology to track your workouts and keep you motivated.

With this new integration, you will be able to track your fitness activity on RunKeeper and push that information directly to your MyFitnessPal account. By compiling all of your nutrition and fitness data in one place, MyFitnessPal enables you to easily understand your daily activity and see its impact on both your calorie budget and on your overarching health goals. You will also be able to see the total calories and weight you've logged with MyFitnessPal in your RunKeeper activity feed.

Starting today, RunKeeper's MyFitnessPal integration is available on iOS, Android, and the web. To connect your accounts, visit the MyFitnessPal App Gallery and get started.

And thank you for your continued feedback! We are constantly looking for ways to make logging and tracking your nutrition and exercise even easier, so please keep the comments coming.

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Robrowald wrote 45 months ago:
Awesome news. I just checked and it is not listed as an app yet.
thebestv2 wrote 45 months ago:
Pretty pumped for this. I already love the cross integration between UP and MFP, so this is gonna be a welcome addition.
TableForSix wrote 45 months ago:
I can't find it in the gallery
julzmm wrote 45 months ago:
where o where, ive a run home tonight and it would be fab to link it today!
JodiRae wrote 45 months ago:
This is great, but when I go to the app gallery I am not finding Runkeeper listed.
halierenee wrote 45 months ago:
Nope - RunKeeper is not yet listed on their apps page...
Jnismom wrote 45 months ago:
I just checked because I am so excited to link my accounts...and Runkeeper is not listed in the app gallery :(
HeathArrow478 wrote 45 months ago:
It's showing up now! Just resync your MFP and then go back and check the apps, once I did that is showed up. Good luck!
Racharu wrote 45 months ago:
Is runkeeper supported on windows phone, just asking for my sister?
pyrowill wrote 45 months ago:
Trying to connect account but it just refreshes the page when I click it and nothing happens.
markjfine wrote 45 months ago:
Same here. Plus, the apps list just sits there when running on an iPad.
swirlyearl wrote 45 months ago:
Same issues here. Gonna try again later today and see if it works then.
aherstein wrote 45 months ago:
Click on "Get app". It worked for me and it says the accounts are linked, but I don't see anything different in my RunKeeper nor my MyFitnessPall dashboards.
llove6 wrote 45 months ago:
have no idea how this works ? someone help
mfinch76 wrote 45 months ago:
Click Get App - it took me to my Runkeeper account and asked me to authorize it. Says it's all connected now. Here's hoping!
pyrowill wrote 45 months ago:
Does it just syn weight & calorie intake?

Cos I'd love it if it also did Bodyfat and the likes.
pyrowill wrote 45 months ago:
like macro breakdown and stuff that fitbit syncing does.
SloRunner25 wrote 45 months ago:
Fantastic news! I love RunKeeper and I am so glad you're synching it up with MFP! :D Thank you!!
ruby1387 wrote 45 months ago:
Finally!!! Was waiting for this since long..
gohorns79 wrote 45 months ago:
If I have RunKeeper and FitBit connected to MFP, how will duplicate exercise entries be avoided?
nolongerXXL wrote 45 months ago:
SonicAlpha wrote 45 months ago:
Fantastic news! :)
soonerchick14 wrote 45 months ago:
Thanks! Would love to Nike+ added as I tend to use that one more frequently.
bluiz13 wrote 45 months ago:
i could NOTTTTT be happier...i have used runkeeper since July 2009 and MFP since feb 2010....i'm soooo happy they are now linked with each other....thank you, thank you, thank you.....
julzmm wrote 45 months ago:
works a treat, ran home tonight, uploaded my run to Runkeeper and when I logged in here, it was all there! Brilliant :-)
NicoleSchimmel wrote 45 months ago:
I am so exited (non running folks have no idea)!! The one concern I see is that the calories burned on the runkeeper app are not as accurate as my HRM. Does anyone know if you can change the calories burned so that MFP has an accurate calories burned number?
julzmm wrote 45 months ago:
@NicoleSchimmel - yes once its uploaded into MFP you can change it
mrsburghart wrote 45 months ago:
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm so excited about this :D
moni_tb_192 wrote 45 months ago:
Awesome! This is so amazing, I've been waiting for this ever since I joined MFP! :D To make it work, I linked MFP to RK from RK's page... otherwise my exercise wouldn't appear on MFP.
KayakAngel wrote 45 months ago:
Yes! Excellent news! Linked to MFP through RK page, and everything is set for tonight's run. :D
pragya728 wrote 45 months ago:
I tried it and nothing happened. Does it work on the free version of the Runkeeper app? Because that's what I have.
MoJoPoe wrote 45 months ago:
MoJoPoe wrote 45 months ago:
I'm loving Runtastic to measure runs, bikes, and dog walks. It integrates, uses GPS, and is fun. I like the British accentted voice telling me my stats every mile.
SandraMartin3008 wrote 45 months ago:
This app is good. But one that I've found to be amazingly well designed for the Android phone is . I've been using it for tracking daily fitness activity and meeting weekly point targets but it also has some really interesting features like the virtual trainer that pushes you towards your goals. Here's the android app page -
blackcloud13 wrote 45 months ago:
i'm a big fan of Awesome!! very happy to hear this,as i am a big fan of Run Keeper - its a fantastic app.
Jentrin03 wrote 45 months ago:
Yay! I love Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal!!! I'm so happy they can sync now :) Thanks Mike!!
Leith52 wrote 45 months ago:
Yes! Two great apps now talking! Just tried it and they work a dream!
Many thanks to those that made this happen!
rousehouse wrote 45 months ago:
Thank you!!
simon_drake wrote 45 months ago:
One question on this integration. It does not seem to pick up data from apps that are integrated to run keeper, just the data that is actively tracked by the run keeper app, is this correct? The WahooFitness app integrates with RK but when an activity is sent to RK from WahooFitness it doesn't seem to make it over to MFP. Feature, bug or future enhancement? ;)
pinkraynedropjacki wrote 45 months ago:
I gave up. I can't even disconnect the 2 accounts. I can from here but not from Runkeeper. Nothing was being posted in my exercises for 2 days so far. I have given up...I'm going back to Endomondo...runkeeper has some gps issues as well.... 6.8km to Endomondo is only 5.3km to RK..... not worth the hassle.

When their shit gets fixed then perhaps I'll try again. But till then... Endo is my GPS of choice.
tamzinsheehan wrote 44 months ago:
I still can't seem to make this work, or find clear trouble shooting hints to make it work. when i look at my account run keeper is linked, but nothing automatically updates as it states it would in the app gallery? Help - I'm so excited about this and so frustrated.
freyaheart wrote 44 months ago:
I am so happy about this!! I use runkeeper to tack my workout for a service called gympact and now I don't have to post the workout to mfp it will do it automatically!
steve95476 wrote 43 months ago:
I'm on RunKeeper Elite and Myfitnesspal and it doesn't can't get results.
nikins wrote 43 months ago:
I have runkeeper elite, all looks fine but nothing comes through in MFP - really annoying me!
freemarmoset wrote 43 months ago:
Same thing. Apps say they are connected, but not seeing any data exchange.
cemendes wrote 43 months ago:
Same problem here
dhiresh_173 wrote 43 months ago:
can anyone help. Apps say they are connected and there is no data exchange
sevakt wrote 38 months ago:
how do you "push" data in? I am lost.
jennfind123 wrote 38 months ago:
Same here. No exercise data coming from Runkeeper to MFP. MFP food data is transferring to Runkeeper though.
jennfind123 wrote 38 months ago:
Same here. No exercise data coming from Runkeeper to MFP. MFP food data is transferring to Runkeeper though.
doppelstern wrote 25 months ago:
Exercise data comes in from Runkeeper and exports to Fitbit.

HOWEVER, during syncing the activity TYPE changes (for example, from "Yoga" to "Aerobic, general"). There appears to be no way to manually edit the activity type, other than deleting the entry and re-entering. I will have to switch off RK-MFP integration until this issue is addressed.

Integration with Google Fit would also be desirable. Thank you.

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