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Featured Partner: Les Mills - Les Mills workouts have been added to the exercise database!

After hearing many requests from you, we are excited to announce our newest partner — Les Mills. Their exercise data has now been added to the MyFitnessPal exercise database. No longer will you have to log a similar exercise and guess at your calories burned; Les Mills has provided calculations to estimate the calories burned by their various workout programs. This makes it easy to log whenever you attend classes and reflect your correct net calories for the day.

Not familiar with Les Mills? The workout program was created by New Zealand athlete (and four time Olympian) Les Mills and has grown to become one of the world’s most popular group fitness classes and team training programs. With over 90,000 licensed instructors worldwide, Les Mills is there to guide you through a hugely motivating workout set to fun music. Les Mills wants you to fall in love with fitness.

If you are interested in joining a class go here to find one near you. And don't forget to log into your MyFitnessPal account to keep track of your Les Mills calories burned!

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Naener wrote 44 months ago:
HELL YES!! Ive been doing this program for almost 2 months and now three weeks into my first challenge. its an AWESOME program!
kaberget wrote 44 months ago:
HOORAY!!!! I LOVE my Body Pump class...been going for about 6 weeks now and I just sort of guess about the calories.
adioschubs wrote 44 months ago:
seilidhe wrote 44 months ago:
Been doing the Body Flow class for over a year and started Body Pump just over a month ago. I really enjoy the classes and I'm glad they've been added into the database!
mayerrocks wrote 44 months ago:
We want INSANITY!!
dawnleitch2016 wrote 44 months ago:
Amazing!!! I do 8 or 9 les mills classes a week! I wear a heart rate monitor for accuracy but great to see mfp teaming up with the greatest fitness classes in the world!!!
melodygold wrote 44 months ago:
Excellent, we do CXWorx!
mwheatcraft54 wrote 44 months ago:
I've been doing combat since the beginning of the year and can honestly say I have loved every minute of this program (except for the burpees) since then. Thanks for this addition!
lafaux wrote 44 months ago:
Can we get Les Mills ShBam and Les Mills Jam added as well, please :)
alikatnz wrote 44 months ago:
GO NEW ZEALAND! wooooo!!!!
rabelardo wrote 44 months ago:
good day.

do we need to wait for an update on MyFitnessPal for the Les Mills workout to be added?

still can't see the Les Mills options for the iPad app.

thistimewillbedifferent wrote 44 months ago:
I tried searching Les, Les Mills, Body Combat, and luck for any of them...
dalemckeown wrote 44 months ago:
MY Girlfriend teaches combat and attack. It seems i cannot escape the damn Les Mills franchise....
ellenvmelon wrote 44 months ago:
thistimewillbedifferent - try typing Les Mills (with capital letters at the start of each word) and you should be sorted! :)
Beautiful_Day wrote 44 months ago:
Love this!!
fgsaiffe wrote 44 months ago:
I still see no Les Mills classes in the App
britnijohnson wrote 43 months ago:
I do not see any Les Mills classes when I search the database.
weightlossdiva1219 wrote 43 months ago:
Can you add Jillian Michaels DVDs haha
bjschemel wrote 43 months ago:
Why was BODYVIVE not added??
EspoVane wrote 43 months ago:
No matter what time of day or how many times I check I'm never able to find Les Mills or any version of it on the database...I do 3 Les Mills classes a week and I'd really love to add them to my daily dairy.
tmusgrave wrote 43 months ago:
When are they going to be added??? I have tried searching Les Mills, Body Pump, Pump, Body...NADA!!
kristel1203 wrote 43 months ago:
This is great! The only class I've been able to find so far though is RPM.
stephs0214 wrote 43 months ago:
I still cannot find the Les Mills exercises in my All Exercises databases. Do I have to delete the app and re-download it?
sar226 wrote 43 months ago:
still can't find Les mills, combat, attack or pump :-(
katieholness23 wrote 43 months ago:
I still cant find body pump..or indeed any others but pump is the one I want!
LesaDave wrote 43 months ago:
I'm like Katie. I was really excited to hear about this also, but I couldn't find it. I checked:
Les Mills Body Pump
Les Mills Body
LesMills Body Pump
LesMills Body
Body Pump
And I checked under both strength/training.

But I am looking forward to using it...whenever I can find it! THANKS!!

wildcat97 wrote 42 months ago:
I can't find it either. Not Body pump or Les Mills or Body Pump les mills.
I was excited to see this announcement, but I expected the exercise to have been added before the announcement.
paulkitching wrote 42 months ago:
I found it!! This is how >> "If you login to the website with your username and password, click on the Exercise tab, click on Add Exercise under Cardiovascular and search for Les Mills you will see the exercises." < that's the answer I got via F/book and it works... both on my desktop and phone. Hurrah!
Anonymous wrote 39 months ago:
cx worx isnt in the app :(
cassd84 wrote 39 months ago:
looking for cxworx as well
Anonymous wrote 36 months ago:
I don't see cx works...see the other Les Mills classes, but not cs works
lasbury wrote 35 months ago:
still waiting on cxworx!!!
Anonymous wrote 34 months ago:
I also do not see BodyJam in the database. Am I missing it?
Anonymous wrote 27 months ago:
That is really interesting information. We provide best Fitness service to our customers in California and its' near place in United States. Please do visit at our website or contact us any time, we would love to help you.
Anonymous wrote 25 months ago:
Still no cxworx on app!!! Cmon my fitness pal - be a pal!!!
lucypoo79 wrote 23 months ago:
Still no cxworx!!!!!! Come on If your in partnership!!
Anonymous wrote 3 months ago:
Can't find body pump

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