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Featured Partner: Fitbug - Easily track your activity with this pocket sized personal coach!

We're happy to announce our new partnership with the Fitbug Air smart pedometer, which pairs with Fitbug's online health and wellness coach to help you make realistic health choices to improve your lifestyle. The Air syncs with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and provides you with personalized weekly activity and nutrition targets, with real-time feedback and encouragement. Air currently syncs with iOS; Android is coming soon.

With the new integration between MyFitnessPal and the Fitbug Air pedometer, users will be able to push their up-to-date activity data - such as the number of steps taken, distance walked and calories burned—directly to their MyFitnessPal account. Together MyFitnessPal and Fitbug will give you a clearer picture of your overall health and habits, allowing Fitbug's adaptive coaching to provide more personalized feedback and motivational support.

Fitbug offers two pricing options: $59.99, including 12 months of coaching membership or $29.99, including first month’s coaching followed by $3.99 per month.

In the near future, MyFitnessPal will also integrate with the Fitbug Wow, their Bluetooth Smart scale, which instantly uploads your weight and blood pressure to your phone or tablet. With the MyFitnessPal and Fitbug partnership, all of your fitness and nutrition stats can be found in one place.

Interested in subscribing for the Fitbug app to start wirelessly recording your data and receiving real time advice and support? Click here. If you are all set to sync your Fitbug Air (and soon the Wow scale) with your MyFitnessPal account then head here and get started!

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EliRand wrote 47 months ago:
Awesome to see this partnership. I've been a Fitbug user for some time and love my Air. I use their website and app all the time track my activity and I stick to their weekly targets which has increased gradually over time. To now be able to get my Fitbug and MyFitnessPal data talking is great news.
xclaireyx wrote 47 months ago:
So if I was to get one of these would I need to continue paying the monthly charge for it to keep working or would it work and sync with MFP without doing so?
indisguise wrote 47 months ago:
I have the same question as xclaireyx. Do I have to have the 'coaching' or can I use it to just track my movement? It'd be nice if MFP would answer this question...
alaineduch wrote 46 months ago:
agreed....seems kind of odd to pay each month to use it. May do the Jawbone instead.
alaineduch wrote 46 months ago:
If you stop paying the monthly, what happens? You cannot use it?
LoriB0602 wrote 45 months ago:
Did anyone find out the answer about whether or not you have to pay the monthly fee in order to have it track with MFP?
Anonymous wrote 38 months ago:
Nice article, I am using fitbug product it's working awesome for more

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