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Featured Partner: EveryMove - Reap the rewards from your workouts!

MyFitnessPal is excited to announce an integration partnership with healthy living rewards program EveryMove, a TechStars alumnus. EveryMove offers consumers the equivalent of a mileage rewards program for their health. Through our partnership, all MyFitnessPal members will be able to leverage their healthy lifestyles to accumulate points and receive rewards from EveryMove’s health and retail industry partners.

Participants can connect their EveryMove and MyFitnessPal accounts to earn points by checking in at the gym, tracking movement, measuring miles, or simply logging activities. Accumulated points can then be applied towards rewards from businesses that applaud healthy living—including gift cards, merchandise, services, and even charitable contributions. Together, MyFitnessPal and EveryMove encourage you to stay healthy and enjoy doing it.

With the MyFitnessPal and the EveryMove program, your daily exercise routine rewards you. Start earning rewards for the healthy activities you’re already doing by connecting your account.

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rattler0812 wrote 49 months ago:
Can you keep us updated on when EveryMove would release a mobile app for the Android? This looks like great motivation to keep healthy lifestyles.
irish077 wrote 49 months ago:
Yes please let us know when available for Android.SUPER DUPER great idea and cant wait to earn rewards.
westendcurls wrote 49 months ago:
I second that. I'd love to participate but I'm a droid girl all the way. apple is cult lol.
bornbrits wrote 49 months ago:
Android user here too..Love MFP and Runtastic..this sounds like the icing on the cake!!! :)
martymum wrote 49 months ago:
android here and I presume this will only be available in the USA and not the UK?? martyxx
newdaydawning79 wrote 49 months ago:
I just signed on via their web address, even though I have an Android phone myself. Sounds like fun!
nopeekiepeekie wrote 49 months ago:
I found the website a little more user friendly than the app. However, I do enjoy the concept!
lpkitty wrote 49 months ago:
Interesting concept, but I wouldn't use any of the rewards. I think they need their rewards geared toward a wider audience.
thelittlefox wrote 49 months ago:
No Droid app? Tsk. Otherwise I'd be all over it.
TrailRunner61 wrote 49 months ago:
This sounds amazing and perfect for me! I'm walking, running, hiking and biking 1,000 miles for St. Jude's again this year and this may help me a lot! Thanks for posting!
TKRV wrote 49 months ago:
I agree with Ipkitty. I don't care for any of their rewards, but I do like that they have a charity option. I chose that one just to try it out. I wonder if you get more options the longer you use the site...
handydani wrote 49 months ago:
@tkvrba... I have been using the site for about 4 months now and they do change rewards. Once you accomplish your goal, you can choose another one based on what is available at that time. I agree that the current offers are not extremely appealing, but in the past, they have offered better discounts, such as a free Fitbit and discounts at Gymboree.
ricklperry wrote 49 months ago:
I've tried to figure out what they offer but can't really find anything. Must be one of those sites where you don't find any real info until you sign up. I'm not willing to sign up on sites until I know if I want to participate.
p1ppers wrote 49 months ago:
Joined it, we'll see how it works once the first reward gets here. Only 2 choices really, but hopefully something good will come up and you're already exercising so why not get credit for it.
swagnificent3 wrote 49 months ago:
I'm a droid user and tied to my apps and phone but I'll take a look at it online as I saw one member mentioned there was a charity option and I'm all about that!
fdmorrison4 wrote 49 months ago:
I'd love it when I can get it on my Android--please hurry.
cindiva65 wrote 49 months ago:
Joined yesterday and had some issues today with recording my cardio on the MFP iphone app. It kept disappearing after I would enter them. It seems to work now this afternoon. I think there was some connection to this new partner app since it was the last thing I connected to my MFP before entering exercise this morning. Hopefully its a glitch that is fixed. Just wanted to give others a heads up in case they are experiencing any issues.
mariah30 wrote 49 months ago:
So the rewards aren't awesome. I just signed up online cause I too am a droid girl. But really you have no compassion in your bodies anyway. I picked the Make a wish reward. I love weight and win and a child receives something. Win for both. Snooty people. :-)
mariah30 wrote 49 months ago:
sorry I LOSE WEIGHT not love,lol I actually hate my weight. haha
jacalennejax wrote 49 months ago:
They really need to release an Android version!
Liliansamata wrote 49 months ago:
Is there any chance that you will partner up with Techo Gym? The gym I attend uses this equipment.
alexroet wrote 49 months ago:
Is this along the same lines as
themedalist wrote 49 months ago:
@Alexroet, yes it's very Earnedit like.

I'm loving EveryMove! I use the website more than the iPhone app, so Droid users can certainly go that route. The integration with MFP and Fitbit has been flawless. Kudos to MFP!

Yes, the rewards are pretty limited but since Make a Wish is my favorite charity, it's an easy choice for me. I've set a goal of donating $60 a year through EveryMove, and I think that's achievable, particularly since "active days" are awarded bonus points.

Love Love Love It! I'll be more active because of it, no doubt.
odicity wrote 48 months ago:
Can't believe it lost up to 5 pounds per week with
pilarter wrote 48 months ago:
Rewards are only available for US users. Deceptive, in a global world. I hope they fix it sometime. I will have a thousand pounds by then

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