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Featured Partner: Endomondo - Endomondo keeps you motivated by making your workout social

MyFitnessPal is very happy to announce a new partnership with Google Editor's Choice app Endomondo. The Endomondo Sports Tracker app turns your mobile phone into one part personal trainer and one part social motivator while you are running, cycling, walking, skiing, kayaking… heck, even roller skating!

Whatever your sport, Endomondo makes your experience even more exciting and lets you track your data and monitor your performance over time. Now with the MyFitnessPal partnership, exercises logged on the Endomondo app will sync to your MyFitnessPal account so the calories you burn and the duration of the activity will automatically be logged to your Exercise Diary. 

What sets Endomondo apart from other fitness apps is the live audio coaching and motivation feedback it provides as you workout. This feature also allows you to add a social aspect your routine. One example is the beat-a-friend feature – when competing with a friend, the Endomondo audio coach will provide up-to-date feedback on how you’re performing against them.

Another feature from Endomondo that makes your workout more fun and social is peptalk. When your friends see that you are exercising, they can send a short message to you through the Endomondo platform. These messages are then read aloud to you as peptalks a few seconds later. Both the beat-a-friend and peptalk features help keep you motivated to complete your fitness goals.

Endomondo strives to make your workout more fun by adding a social and motivational dimension easily through your phone. And now that the exercises you record through Endomondo automatically sync to your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary, enjoying yourself while getting fit is even easier!

Endomondo comes in a free and a PRO version ($4.99). The PRO version includes extra features like Interactive graphs, interval training, beat yourself, time & calorie goal and more.

Sync your MyFitnessPal account or learn more about getting started with Endomondo here.

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frogsnflowers79 wrote about 2 years:
Love using both MFP and Endomondo. I love that I can set it and forget it til I am done and no more having to calculate anything, it is all done for you!! Thanks for the article. I hope more people take up this great offer.
lovelore1 wrote about 2 years:
I've been using the Endomondo app for over a year now and was originally happy to see the ability to link the app with MFP. After linking the two and working out, I noticed the activity being logged to my Exercise Diary was not the same as the activity as I was manually logging nor the actual activity on the Endomondo app. I have since unlinked the two apps and have gone back to manually logging my activity. I will reconsider relinking the two once the "kinks" have been ironed out.
VeganFoodieMom wrote about 2 years:
I wish MFP would support MapMyFitness! None of the currently supported fitness apps have GPS tracking or elevation tracking like MapMyFitness does. I like to keep track of my pace, speed and elevation in biking, swimming and running. None of the other apps do that. None are for serious fitness folks. PLEASE MFP, integrate MapMyFitness!!!
Nobsiv wrote about 2 years:
@VeganFoodieMom ... do that all :)
MizzDoc wrote about 2 years:
I agree with lovelore1 as I am experiencing the same issues. Also thinking of de-linking the accounts and going back to manually logging in both places.
sofia321 wrote about 2 years:
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Anexa wrote about 2 years:
So does the mean the chances of having RunKeeper integration are much lower? :/ Still hoping for that onne
Anexa wrote about 2 years:
RunKepper has GPS tracking, elevation tracking etc
PrimalXT wrote about 2 years:
Add RunKeeper!
timadotcom wrote about 2 years:
I LOVE THIS APP!!! Def my fave after MFP of course!!
shivaslives wrote about 2 years:
I've tried quite a few different fitness tracking apps and Endomondo is by far my favorite because it does the best job at tracking activities other than just running & biking. I use it with a Zephyr HXM blue tooth monitor and need nothing else (besides MFP, of course). I had a few issues with the link between the apps originally but I've been able to work through those and my life is that much simpler now. Thanks to MFP and Endomondo.
mmmyotwnz wrote about 2 years:
I agree with the comment about MapMyRun, I love that app. Endomondo looks like it could be a great app to connect to. However, the recent reviews on iTunes about the new update has scored the app at a lower rate. It seems people are having a hard time connecting it MFP now and it's getting stuck on workouts. I may go ahead and download the free version and try it out, don't know if I would upgrade it or not until all the interface issues are worked out.
bena7189 wrote about 2 years:
I installed the Endomondo app and I really like it. I also purchased the interval training feature but am not happy that it is not syncing to myfitnesspal since that is the reason I installed it in the first place. Like the others, I'm having to manually enter my workouts. It's okay for now but I'm really hoping the problem is fixed.
Sox90716 wrote about 2 years:
Any plans to add Strava anytime soon? Thanks!
sammys1girly wrote about 2 years:
This app simply wouldn't connect to MFP although it was connected from both ends. So I deleted the app.
Maalea wrote about 2 years:
I used Endomondo for almost one year, but I got increasingly frustrated by their calorie calculation - it is much too high (200 cal for a 20 minute walk at about 3mph!!), so it is not a good idea to post the information automatically to MFP...
cheryl233 wrote about 2 years:
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luckless666 wrote about 2 years:
Maalea, not sure what you're on about. I just did a manual entry to check this and a 20min walk at that pace is calculated at 85 calories on Endomondo...perfectly reasonable to me...
nancy953 wrote about 2 years:
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colmck wrote about 2 years:
I attempted to sync Endomondo with MFP for the first time today only to find out that it doesn't sync. There appear to be many people becoming increasingly frustrated with this because of the long time that it has been happening. Why advertise the wonderful opportunity of being able to sync if it doesn't actually work? When will this problem be fixed or do I look for another app and ditch either or both of Endomondo and MFP?
NatalieWinning wrote about 2 years:
download the upgrades, that worked for me
elenafalzon wrote about 2 years:
Any plans to partner with MiCoach?
marry1234 wrote about 2 years:
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kennedy1212 wrote almost 2 years:
I must say that Endomondo is a fantastic application i use. I am telling this from my own experience and find this very helpful to me. Although, it's great news to hear partnership between Myfitnesspal and Endomondo. Hope they can bring something wonderful for users.
jmebert wrote over 1 year:
I still can't get MFP and Endomondo to work togtether. Each says I'm linked to the other, but nothing gets posted from Endo to MFP. It used to do so, but not now. I have a Galaxy S3.

Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong, or is it a bug which needs to be fixed. It appears that I'm not the only one with this problem.

I've unlinked, relinked, nothing. I've done that several times at different times of the days and months. Still nothing.
RagtimeLady wrote over 1 year:
I use both, and they're linked and they usually sync just fine. I wear a Polar bluetooth HRM, which works well with Endomondo. I can set my own personal zones if the standard isn't accurate for me and get a very accurate calorie burn - much more accurate than the estimates on MFP - and they are automatically logged on MFP. I'm using an iPhone. I don't know if that makes any difference. I also have both apps linked to my Facebook account. Kudos to all developers for integrating these apps!
Anonymous wrote 3 months:
Ohh Endomondo is great application for mobile. It track all physical activities get the report to the user. For this apllication we will fill healthy & fit all the time.
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